Whimsy Wednesday :: lots of people like puppies, right?

17 Sep

I mean, if you’ve had a bad experience with one you probably don’t, and in that case I’m sorry, I hope you don’t click on this and I’m sorry, but I just looked and realized that as far as Sailor Moon episodes go, I really need to slow my roll because not all of them have been released yet and I’m fast catching up to where they are with the subtitled episodes on Hulu.  SO.  There will be lots to talk about next week when Agents of SHIELD starts up again and lots to talk about in the weeks to come with that, but for the time being… I don’t know.  Puppies.

dog park party sweater (modcloth)

dog on it sweater (modcloth)

Someone decided it would be a cool idea to put dogs on sweaters.  I personally wouldn’t wear them, probably, but they’re cute for what they are.  Dog Park Party Sweater and Dog On It Sweater, ModCloth.

graceful greenery dress in dog park (modcloth)

all play no work dress (modcloth)

places to go people to see dress in scottie (modcloth)

Someone also decided to print an entire dress with dogs.  That’s just absurd enough to work, and I salute anyone who chooses to wear this.  Graceful Greenery Dress in Dog Park, All Play No Work Dress, Places to Go People to See Dress in Scottie, Modcloth.  You know what, everything here is from ModCloth.  That’s all there is to that.  I especially like that red one.  When I was a kid my bank’s mascot (why did my bank have a mascot?  Beats me) was a scottie dog, so I’m still sort of fond of them for that reason even though that’s dumb probably.

bulldog in a china shop necklace (modcloth)

And in true ModCloth fashion, it all has puns for names.  Bulldog in a China Shop Necklace.

prehistoric occasion pet toy (modcloth)

Okay, this is not an item with a dog on it, but it is an item for a dog, and look it’s so cute it’s a dinosaur.  Prehistoric Occasion Pet Toy.

year of the critter 2015 calendar in corgi (modcloth)

I also enjoy how cheerful those cartoon corgis look.  Year of the Critter 2015 Calendar in Corgi.

daily lunch date top in corgis (modcloth)

I’m not sure quite what the obsession with corgis in particular is, or how you tell that those tiny dogs that look more like messed up bows at a distance are corgis specifically, but oh well.  Daily Lunch Date Top in Corgi.

look at this phonograph shaker set (modcloth)

What do a dog and a phonograph have to do with each other?  I don’t know.  That’s just so ridiculous that it works, too.  Look At This Phonograph Shaker Set, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

you don't say

Television Tuesday :: two Game of Thrones shots, because why not.

16 Sep

The theme here is… there is no theme, really.  “Things that ladies are called because of things they did partially to ensure their own survival,” maybe.


Caramel vodka
Créme de cocoa

In equal parts, because it is a shot and it is small.  This is the sweeter of the two.  There’s still a sort of innocence to it.

mother of dragons

Mother of Dragons
Cinnamon whiskey
Créme de cassis

Also in equal parts.  This one will punch you in the face right quick.  Also this one is… pretty literally fire (the first ingredient) and blood (the second).

–your fangirl herone.

you're shitting me

Music Monday :: my thoughts on Hey Hey

15 Sep

I’ve recently realized that I’m really into Swedish female pop singers.  I’ve never heard of Mapei before, but she’s a pop singer and she’s Swedish(-American, but) and she’s friends with Lykke Li and NPR said one of her songs is about the power of friendship basically.  So.

“Don’t Wait.”  This is more R&B than what I usually gravitate toward, but it’s pretty.  I like her voice and this is a really up song and it’s the one about friendship and that’s exciting.  I could get into this.

“Change.”  Ooh, and this is interesting!  There’s some hints of rap in here too (apparently she used to do rap more uniquely) and I also really like the instrumentation.  The full band-y quality of it.  Cymbals and stuff.

“Blame It On Me.”  Oh!  This sounds like a synthesizer at Disneyland, kind of, which I mean fondly.  It’s cheerier than the title might imply, but I feel like that makes sense, given some of the social contexts in which someone (especially a girl) might say that.  Which is to say that it’s maybe making a point.  Or maybe it’s just a sunshiney sort of song for the hell of it, I don’t know.

“Come On Baby.”  Oh oh marching band (or, I mean, they might not be marching, but it’s that sort of instrumentation).  Marching band leading into more pop/R&B delight.  This is a really delightful album thus far.  I kind of enjoy that the individual elements of this feel familiar but the overall product feels sort of fun and different.  Oh, here’s some proper rap!  And then chorus.  And then more marching band.  And record-skips.  I would not have imagined that these things work so well together, but they do.

“Things You Know Nothing About.”  And that sounds like it should be the intro to a Shins song.  I feel like this song is going to be very useful someday.  It’s got a good helping of “you’re an ass”/*punching you in the face* vibes too.

“As 1.”  This has jazzy piano that sounds like it should be on a Charlie Brown cartoon and I like it, too.  But it also sounds like it should be in the 1970s and/or a Tarantino film.  And suddenly there are raindrop noises.  That’s kind of fun.  So it also sounds like Disneyland.  (California Adventures more specifically, since there’s the section that plays old Beach Boys songs reinterpreted with bloopy raindrop music.)

“Second to None.”  More rap!  I’m just sort of spacing out and listening to this.  I get that reaction sometimes when I listen to girls rap.  I just have to shut up and listen to it.

“Believe.”  Rap with a little bit of Sleigh Bellsesque noise followed by lyrical “why succumb to the pressure, go where you belong” and the like.  This is kind of sweet!  Rousing and positive, possibly.  This is a very positive album.  It’s fun and that’s utterly welcome.

“Step Up.”  More horns and percussion, that’s fun.  “Make it happen ’cause I’ve foreseen it,” that’s nice.  This one’s definitely more on the R&B too so far. And it’s just buzzing through me very nicely.

“Keep It Cool.”  Ooh, now this… sounds somewhat sneaky.  I don’t know why that’s how I always relate to instrumentation like this but it is.  And suddenly there’s choral harmony.  Oh, that’s lovely.  “You can make plans but you’ll never know if the tide is high or the tide is low.”

“What’s Innit 4 Me.”  This is bringing a smile to my face.  It sounds like there’s a xylophone or something and that’s fun.  Hip-hop and electronic delight.

“Baby It’s You.”  Oh gosh!  Closing on a cover.  I’m fond of this song in its original because I associate it with Death Proof, so this makes me smile.  It still has a lot of the fun vintage elements, too, but with just enough twist.  And suddenly there’s a rap break in the middle!  Whee.

–your fangirl heroine.

mannerly snark

Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: stealth characters

14 Sep

Def.: Those fictional characters who you don’t dibs as your favorite or present as overmuch but that possibly sneak up on you or definitely still rank in notable importance to you.  They’re not the ones that you cosplay, but they might be the ones that you have extensively meta thoughts about or smile upon seeing or some such.

Usage: 1) Willa Burrell wound up being one of my stealth characters, despite or perhaps in revenge for the way the show neglected her, so I really, really want Amelia Rose Blaire to come to a con near me someday.  2) Tyene Sand is definitely one of my stealth characters, and I am very passionately hoping the show does her and her nuances right.

–your fangirl heroine.

oh really

Sarcastic Saturday :: 6 more real life lessons from the corner of internet fandom I inhabit

13 Sep

A belated sequel to this post, and in that spirit presented without commentary.

6. There is no such thing as objective humor.

5. Appreciating something’s good points does not cancel out its weaknesses.

4. Some weaknesses cancel out good points, but as long as the former are acknowledged this is a matter of personal threshold.

3. Distancing yourself from things that make you unhappy or anxious is completely valid.

2. Stand up for groups that are marginalized, but make sure the members of those groups have their voices heard.

1. Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

–your fangirl heroine.

valid optimism

Fashion Friday :: reigning badass.

12 Sep

Reigning… over what, exactly?  That remains to be seen.  But if there is something to be reigned over, Maria Hill has the capability to reign over it.

ashley dress in navy sateen (pinup couture)

I guess I’m going for a vaguely quasi-uniform/military vibe here.  That suits Maria.  Ashley Dress in Navy Sateen, Pinup Couture.

a lotus to love bootie (modcloth)

I also… cannot resist.  These are vaguely boots, and in that way uniform, but they have velvet ribbons that are blue to match the dress.  A Lotus to Love Bootie, ModCloth.

undisputed class watch in gold/black (modcloth)

I feel like Maria is the one who always has a watch and everyone’s always asking her for the time and she rolls her eyes like “why don’t you get your own damn watch?” but tells them anyway because she was expecting it.  Undisputed Class Watch in Gold/Black, ModCloth.

every day, everywhere bag in black (modcloth)

And Maria is, as I have said about others in the past, also The One Whose Giant Purse Carries Everyone’s Lives In It.  That just makes sense.  Every Day, Everywhere Bag in Black, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

innocent face forever

Things in Print Thursday :: lusting after another other English department’s courses.

11 Sep

So I did some research, and the popular opinion seems to be that the University of Berkeley has the best English undergraduate program in the country.  I’m sure a lot of this comes down to the professors and the individualized aspects of the class, but I got really curious — what are some of the special topics that they have to offer?  What might I, as an English major, have had there that I did not have at my significantly smaller and less fancy university?

Well, they have a Shakespeare course, who doesn’t?  They have several Shakespeare courses, including a Shakespeare and Film.

Literature of American Cultures, African American Literature and Culture, and Chicana/o Literature and Culture are things that my university definitely did not have.  Which doesn’t surprise me, sadly.  And there are a variety of these courses, too.

Children’s Literature… if there was a class like that, it was for the education department and I didn’t know about it.  My upper-division British literature class focused on novels about children/young adults (bildungsroman stuff) but.

Introduction to Old English is something I spent about a week doing in my first term of survey-level Brit lit, but I’m the person who would enjoy it as a whole class, too.  That’s not quite special topics but it seems that way to me.

Writing courses devoted to specific forms of storytelling.  That sounds enviable.  I don’t know if we had those, either, but it’s noteworthy.

Literature and Sexual Identity.  Literature and Psychology.  Literature and Disability.  Literature and Popular Culture.  I’m melting.  Those all sound brilliant.

–your fangirl heroine.

horrible stories


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