Television Tuesday :: True Blood cocktails, because I sure do miss my show.

29 Jul

Remember back when there was this fun little show that was flawed, yes, but also interesting and stylish and supernatural-pulpy and full of interesting relationship dynamics and interesting characters with interesting backstories?  I miss that show.  Tonight’s alcohol theme is dead makers.


1 shot red berry liqueur
Orange juice

You don’t actually see the sangria in the picture except for in the glass mixed with everything, but it’s there.  And the sangria and orange juice should be in roughly equal parts.  I invented this drink last summer at a family barbeque; one of the guests had brought sangria and I mixed with it.  I stupidly forgot to take a picture, though, and then just… never got around to making my sangria again for a year.  So when barbeque time rolled around again I insisted on getting myself some sangria for this photograph/drink.  It’s Godric because sangria (blood) + orange juice (in this case, sun).


1 shot vodka
Vanilla extract
Cranberry ginger ale

And this one I invented… near to two years ago now, at a friend’s house who had vodka but no other mixy liquors.  Everyone else was drinking beer and tequila, but I just poured some vodka in the cranberry ginger ale and then added vanilla to make it an official cocktail.  And then didn’t photograph it until… tonight.  Whoops.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Music Monday :: my thoughts on The Voyager

28 Jul

HI JENNY LEWIS.  I am capslocking about this because I am really, really excited.  I love Jenny Lewis an awful lot (saw her live once, and it was brilliant — to this day the only concert I’ve ever attended alone, and it thus stands apart in my memory) and I have missed her.

“Head Underwater.”  This is genuinely retro, in the fullest sort of way, like an old soul-pop song sort of, and gosh I really like that!  That’s fun.  The background and the boppy instruments and gosh, Jenny Lewis’ voice is just so clear in this way that’s so singularly her.  “There’s a little bit of magic, everybody has it, there’s a little bit of sand left in the hourglass.”  That’s nice.  Also, the way she sings “baby” is very retro.

“She’s Not Me.”  And now the guitar is a bit more rock and roll.  Another thing I appreciate about Jenny Lewis is that I can understand 98% of the vocals immediately.  Because of that clarity.  But for me as a lyrics person, that’s really important.  And oh orchestra.  Orchestra + guitar.  This is interesting.  It’s sad but not… it’s not putting blame, necessarily.  It’s just saying.

“Just One of the Guys.”  I’ve already seen the music video for this and it’s the best music video I’ve seen in ever.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s got Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, and Tennessee Thomas (of the Like and also of playing the drummer for the Clash at Demonhead in Scott Pilgrim).  And they’re all wearing suits and then tracksuits and they’re amazing.  It’s very important and I recommend it to everyone.  Also the song is great.

“Slippery Slopes.”  Oh hello guitar this sounds so like the Jenny I know.  I mean, it all sounds like her because it’s her, but this… I just feel very nostalgic somehow.  It’s nice.  This is just a really solid effort of an album and I’m happy about it.

“Late Bloomer.”  Jenny Lewis just feels so timeless in a way.  Between the clarity and the way that she tells stories, it’s very… well, retro, but in a different way than I meant it above.  Like songs from the 1970s, sort of.

“You Can’t Outrun ‘Em.”  OH MY GOSH that Tarantino soundtrack intro.  This is overall a Tarantino soundtrack.  Seriously.  Jump on this song, Tarantino, this is perfect.  Or anyone.  This is soundtrack gold in general.  I’m so happy that this song exists and I am going to go out of my way to figure out a way to use it myself.

“The New You.”  And now we’re back into 1970s torch song, sort of.  In a very pleasant way that I have no particular coherent commentary about but that blends very nicely with the rest of the album.  That’s how Jenny Lewis goes, I think, a couple of songs stand out for me and others are A+ but take a little while longer to really hit me in the same way.

“Aloha & the Three Johns.”  Well!  More surf guitar, which makes sense because “aloha.”  It’s like a surf movie — even the lyrics are like a surf movie — but a bit more hardedge.

“Love U Forever.”  Oh gosh and more of that riffing.  Riffing that then completely gives way to sweet clear Jenny voice.  This is 1980s all the way and I really adore it already.  Thank you for existing, Jenny Lewis.  “We were kids then in the daisy age and we wore peace signs as the riots blazed.”  That’s a nice little thought too.  Normally I don’t condone the use of chatspeak in titles, but here it feels appropriate.

“The Voyager.”  And to finish it off, something a bit more wistful.  That seems to be the trend lately, ending on wistful/orchestral.  With a tiny bit of, like, if-Starlight-Express-wasn’t-awful in the instrumentation occasionally in this case.  I feel good about this.  I feel so good about this entire damn album.

–your fangirl heroine.

polite fuck you

Spoiler Alert Sunday :: my thoughts on Godzilla

27 Jul

I just… hadn’t gotten around to seeing this, and hadn’t gotten around to seeing it, and now it’s at the $3 theater in my town and friends invited me to go this afternoon and so I said “why not?”  It was a decent way to spend the afternoon.

I think that’s the thing.  It was decent.  I’m not familiar with any other movie in the many Godzilla franchises, but it was pretty much exactly what I expected.  They spent more time on characters than some movies like this might, but also the complaints about there being too much of that that I overheard secondhand seem unfounded (I couldn’t tell you how Ford [Aaron Taylor-Johnson] and Elle [Elizabeth Olsen] met, or the first names of Drs. Serizawa [Ken Watanabe] and Graham [Sally Hawkins], or how the senior Brodys [Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche] came to be working on that science project to begin with, so clearly there wasn’t a lot of the depth or backstory that someone else might complain about but that I eat up).

I didn’t dislike any of the characters (though I will admit to having snarky words when my friends — avid Breaking Bad fans both — complained of Cranston’s Joe’s relatively early death, words like “if he hadn’t died imagine how much the movie would have gotten bogged down by his manpain!”) but I didn’t care a terrible lot about any of them as individuals.  We needed more of the doctors, easily, and probably less of Ford’s Odyssean quest to rejoin his wife and child amidst the monster mayhem, but overall… I don’t really know what I personally would have done differently.

In some of the moments I cared less for, my brain did wander back to Pacific Rim, though.  This is a film I’ve realized recently that I am more attached to than I ever anticipated, and maybe it’s partially because it came along at a time in my fiction-partaking life when I really needed something that made me as happy as it does (honestly, I’m still there), but it’s also because of what it does differently with the staples it used.  It’s not about “oh no, there’s a monster, let’s improvise a fix,” it’s about a world where the monsters are just part of life, where dealing with the monsters is routine.  They have to improvise details, but the action and conflict comes from something more… I don’t know.  Intimate than that.  Pacific Rim is such a gosh-darn intimate monster movie.  Godzilla was a nice monster movie, but I’m spoiled.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Sarcastic Saturday :: another passive-aggressive haiku set

26 Jul

You never quite know
Who it is you’re talking to
Or where they come from

Avoid assumptions
Respect someone’s reticence
Do not push or pry

Innocent questions
Can still make someone very
Feel sad or awkward

–your fangirl heroine.

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Fashion Friday :: …kind of.

25 Jul

Except his stripe is sort of burgundy, and that’s really close to the black/red I did for Tasha last week (and more or less others of these guys, too) so I’m going to pretend it’s properly purple like comic Hawkeye seems to be.

masuimi dress in plum bengaline (pinup couture)

It’s really important that this dress be sleeveless.  Also I mostly want to use the purple just because it’s something different and fun to do.  Masuimi Dress in Plum Bengaline, Pinup Couture.

bustling but beautiful bootie in black (modcloth)

I just… cannot imagine even pinup versions of them without at least booties.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Bustling but Beautiful Bootie in Black, ModCloth.

all accessory pass bag (modcloth)

I include a cross-body black purse because… that’s the closest thing I can get to a quiver for arrows.  I don’t know.  All Accessory Pass Bag, ModCloth.

square retro sunglasses in black (pinup girl clothing)

And Hawkeye has sunglasses sometimes, it makes sense.  Square Retro Sunglasses in Black, Pinup Girl Clothing.

ocean blue quartz, amethyst initial & arrow disk necklace (nashelle)

Mostly I’m just delighted that the example picture has an H, an arrow, and a purple stone all together. Ocean Blue Quartz, Amethyst Initial & Arrow Disk Necklace, Nashelle.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Theatre Thursday :: a Tony awards stats roundup

25 Jul

A similar stats roundup to last week.  Basically just copypasting all the stats from previous analyses (plus this year’s stats) into one convenient post.


29 out of 218 revivals nominated (or 13.3%) have been either partially written or directed by women.

9 out of 56 revivals winning (or 16%) have been either partially written or directed by women.

Special award

42 out of 158 winners or winning teams (or 26.5%) were female or part-female.


63 out of 228 (or 27.6%) or nominees have been women or teams partially composed of women.

12 out of 67 winners (or 18.1%) have been women.

Direction of a play

11 out of 223 nominees (or 4.9%) have been women.

4 out of 45 winners (or 8.8%) have been women.

Direction of a musical

25 out of 225 nominees (or 11.1%) have been women.

2 out of 58 winners (3.4%) have been women.

Sound design


Lighting design

33 out of 238 nominees (or 13.8%) have been women or teams including women.

9 out of 53 winners (or 16.9%) have been women or teams including women.

Scenic design

19 out of 301 nominees (or 6.3%) have been women.

5 out of 76 winners (or 6.5%) have been women.

Costume design

135 out of 266 nominees (or 50.7%) have been women.

36 out of 76 winners (or 47.3%) have been women or teams including women.


24 out of 253 nominated plays (or 9.5%) have been in part written by a woman.

4 out of 66 winning plays (or 6.0%) have been in part written by a woman.


23 out of 198 total nominated scores (or 11.6%) have been in part composed by a woman.

3 out of 54 winners (or 5.5%) have been in part composed by a woman.

30 out of 143 total nominated books (or 20.9%) have been in part written by a woman.

3 out of 49 winners (or 6.1%) have been in part written by a woman.


By far the highest percentages go to the costume design category; aside from that only special award, choreography, and book of a musical even go beyond 20% in the nominees category and only revivals, special award, choreography, and lighting design go beyond 10% in the winners category.  Yeesh.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Whedon Wednesday :: Probably Smarter, Technically [a Jemma Simmons fanmix]

23 Jul

probably smarter, technically (front)

probably smarter, technically (back)

1.  Now Is the Start (A Fine Frenzy)
Now, oh, now is the start, oh and it goes with where you go.  Don’t lose faith for the friends you don’t need a thing, you already know you are right as you are.

2.  Academia (Sia)
You can be my alphabet and I will be your calculator and together we’ll work out on the escalator.  I will time you as you run up the down and you’ll measure my footsteps as I pleasure this town.  The mean of our heights is divided by the nights which is times’d by the daggers and the root of all our fights, the pass of your poem is to swathe me in your knowing and the beauty of the word is that you don’t have to show it.

3.  Whistle While You Wait (Marian Call)
And although I do heartily admire folks whose natural graces seem inspired, I expect the truly confident are fewer than I am generally inclined to think and it’s worth a little effort to look ‘em in the eye, to whistle while you’re waiting, to flutter ’til you fly.  Oh, it’s worth a little effort and a lot of honesty, it’s worth some work believing, it takes a little practice to learn to be.

4.  My Best Friend is You (Kate Nash)
You are the most clever, most stupid, most whatever, you are the most honourable soldier, super hero, pretty as a cat.  You have integrity that I cannot conceive, you are opinionated, you are my belief.  You are so good, you are so bad, you have experienced things I never have.

5.  Inside Out (Sara Bareilles)
Take your best shot, here I stand, heart in hand and fearless I’m not but I am what I am and I know what I’m not and I know enough to know it’s never gonna be much more than weather.  You can’t drive me away when it’s only rain on the inside.

6.  Science/Visions (CHVRCHES)
With understanding you won’t let it cast you down, a mind full of questions­, a current to purify.  Science and vision, be near when I call your name or ask me a question.

7.  Strangeness and Charm (Florence and the Machine)
An atom to atom oh can you feel it on me love and a pattern to pattern oh can you see it on me love.  Atom to atom oh what’s the matter with me love, strangeness and charm.  The static of your arms, it is the catalyst, you’re a chemical that burns there is nothing like this.  It’s the purest element but it’s so volatile, an equation heaven sent, a drug for angels.

8.  Ready to Question (Gabrielle Aplin)
See I’ve seen devils, I’ve seen saints, I’ve seen the lines between them fade.  I’ve seen pictures with no meaning, I don’t know what to believe.  But I’m ready to question (oh, oh) that life is a blessing (oh, oh) so give me a sign, I’mma follow it blind, is there anyone listening?

9.  The Spine Song (Cake Bake Betty)
And you’re scared and you’re sure that your spine will dissolve you will fall to the floor, you will take what you need and the headaches will come but at least you can breathe.  There’s the smoke fills your lungs, we will wait for the day we’ll rejoice when it comes.  On your birthday you woke up the snow was on the ground, you opened books and peeked inside, they kissed you on your crown.  With pins in your fingers you held yourself up high, the picture peeled the person they let themselves divide.

10.  Millstone (Eisley)
I can’t find the secret to survive, to grow old safe and sound, whoa, life is sifting through like the sands in the hourglass.  There’s not a moment to relive my time and space, there’s not a moment to undo anything.  How could I have been this careless, oh whoa, I fear I’m locked inside another cage again.  Shake me from these torturous dreams where I keep screaming, can’t see how to overcome.

11.  I’m Not Your Hero (Tegan and Sara)
I’m not their hero but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t brave, I never walked the party line, doesn’t mean that I was never afraid.  I’m not your hero but that doesn’t mean we’re not one and the same, feeling like I am now lighting up the hall, I was used to standing in the shadow of a damaged heart, learning all I know now, losing all I did.  I never used to feel like I’d be standing so far ahead.

12. Bravado (Lorde)
I’m faking glory, lick my lips toss my hair and turn the smile on and the story’s brand-new but I can take it from here.  I’ll find my own bravado.  It’s a switch flipped, it’s a pill tipped back, it’s a moon eclipsed, whoa.  And I can tell you that when the lights come on I’ll be ready for this.  It’s in your bloodstream, a collision of atoms that happens before your eyes.  It’s a marathon run or a mountain you scale without thinking of size

13.  Home (Ellie Goulding)
I work until it’s late, walk in and close the gate.  I look in the window and I gaze at my face, every line and every abrasion.  This took my life to make, this took my life to make on my own.  No poison in my bones.  On my own, this is where I build my home, my home.

Probably Smarter, Technically at 8tracks.

–your fangirl heroine.

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