Music Monday :: my thoughts on Aurora

1 Sep

Or, go to and click on a random lady album.  I have never heard of this woman before.  But it’s a short album and it’s something to do and why not.

“Phosphoresence.”  Ambient noise overture.

“This City.”  And suddenly she’s doo-doo-dooing like she’s the soundtrack to Gilmore Girls.  I’m not complaining, I like that, but it’s not what the ambient noise overture suggested to me was about to happen, I guess is the thing.  She’s got an accent, so I’m into that.  This is kind of like… it sounds like she’s a princess in outer space.  Possibly she has magical powers.  I don’t know.  It’s a combination of vibes that adds up to that.

“Feet in the Sand.”  Yes, this is totally the song a princess in outer space would sing about being at the beach.  The space beach.  I have a great lack of articulate comments to make about this but I like it, I think.

“Pillow.”  “Did you know sometimes when you’re not at home I go over to your pillow?  I breathe you in and I smile.  When you’re here in the kitchen washing dishes I watch and I think you’re delicious.  I drink you in and I smile.”  Oh, gosh, this is lovely.  There’s a lot more (when you dream, when you’re alone) but gosh it’s so pretty.  Contextually, of course.

“Sometimes.”  This is a very eerie album but it’s not creepy.  If that makes sense.  The outer space princess is very wistful but not melancholy, too.  It’s nice.  It’s an atmosphere I don’t know how to create and I don’t know what comprises it entirely but I like it.

“Niamh.”  And listen to that instrumentation and harmonies oh gosh.  Also oh look it’s a pretty Irish girl’s name titling the song.

“Red Dust.”  The satellite phone.  Yes, space princess.  This is so that nice kind of wistful, too.  Missing you but she doesn’t sound gloomy about it, just straightforward.   That’s very welcome, I think.  It’s the Eisley kind of missing someone.  Even though tonally she doesn’t sound that much like Eisley.

“When I See You.”  This one sounds a little darker, sparer, but still not glum.  It’s the latest thing of ending on a slower, more minor key sort of track and I like it.  “When I hear your voice, rich enough to destroy though I’ve made my choice, but I want you.”  That’s cool.  I feel like she’s really made up her mind here, even if it’s still nostalgic.

–your fangirl heroine.

it's a lot worse than it sounds

Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: robot mode

31 Aug

Def.: when you do or say the same things with enough frequency over a short period of time that it becomes rather a routine, not unlike one that a simpler robot might do (think animatronic Disneyland types, maybe).

Usage: A long, busy day at my retail job is sure to get me entering into robot mode.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

30 Aug

Okay.  So Sin City was my very first R-rated movie in theaters, and that was a big deal for me.  And it was stylized as heck, and that’s fun, and I am big into Robert Rodriguez as you all know, and I do have that fondness for fictional prostitutes.  I’m a bigger girl now, and I think more about problems in, well, everything, and I know that as a writer of comics Frank Miller has many (not every woman ever needs to inexplicably be a prostitute) and etcetera etcetera and…

Well.  This is not a perfect film, and there were things I could have happily done without, but it’s… I mean, apart from the fact that I’m much more heavily invested in Game of Thrones and its world and the many what-ifs and the ridiculous amount of layers, it’s sort of like how I watch Game of Thrones.  Yeah, we don’t need that many boobies and as above probably fewer prostitutes would be acceptable and things like that, but for whatever reason I have an attachment.  I’m probably going to read someone else’s opinion of this piece of fiction someday and feel really guilty for being able to separate enough from the problematic elements that I know are there to enjoy it, but the parts I do enjoy I really quite enjoy.

By “the parts I do enjoy,” I mean, aside from the crazy human-cartoon cinematography (you don’t even want to know how many pictures I’ve Photoshopped with the strict inspiration of Sin City, honestly) and the ridiculous noir dialogue/vibe/whatever, the ladies.  She said, surprising nobody.  Gosh I love Rosario Dawson’s Gail.  I just love Rosario Dawson in general.  I can’t be bothered to look for why Devon Aoki was replaced with Jamie Chung as Miho and it’s… not great that Jamie Chung isn’t actually Japanese, but in general I like her and I enjoy watching her pretend-swordfight and stuff.  I am delighted by the fact that Jessica Alba’s Nancy was disdainful of both specific and general men and yes there was a lot of her sexy-dancing but she also got to go on the exact revenge quest that dudes get to go on when their lady is fridged and she got to succeed and she got to actually be a POV character this time and that is really cool.  And Eva Green.  I just… I love watching Eva Green so much.  I love her crazy eyes.  I love the way she talks.  I love that her character here was 50% Lorelei and 50% Cersei Lannister.  Etcetera.

Also.  I… am still not used to sexy Alexa Vega, even if she was only in the background.  It’s very odd.  I don’t mind, though.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Fictional Friday :: some True Blood-related venn diagrams

29 Aug

These are by no means extensive, but highlight some different comparisons I have made.  Presented with minimal commentary.

The first compares the character of James (Nathan Parsons) to the character of Daario (Michel Huisman, now) from Game of Thrones.

The second compares the series finales of True Blood and How I Met Your Mother (which I don’t watch but heard plenty about and looked up on principle).  (The etc. notes refer to the many differences between the shows that are irrelevant to the chart.)

The next compares season two of True Blood to season seven of True Blood.

And the last compares the characters of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp).

Which is to say I’m… not sure what they thought they were doing, really.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Things in Print Thursday :: the book-show roundup oooone last time.

28 Aug

It feels arbitrary to look at book seven for this, but I did 1-6 matched up to the correct number of books so I’ll do 7 that way too.  That means I’m going off the Wikipedia summary of All Together Dead.

“The summit, which has attracted undead power players from all over the central United States, is sure to be tense, due partly to the ramping up of protests by the conservative, anti-vampire Fellowship of the Sun.”  Well, there are protests from conservative anti-vampire groups thanks to the legions of hep V vampires?  But the Fellowship has been disbanded for seasons.   “Accused of murdering her husband, the King of Arkansas, Sophie-Anne is set to stand trial at the convention. The Queen is already in a precarious position, her power base weakened by the damage to New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, and there are some vampires who would like to finish what nature started. Sophie-Anne’s main accuser is Jennifer Cater, a vampire who had been training to be the king’s lieutenant at the time of his death. Jennifer is determined to see Sophie-Anne staked in the sun for murdering the king, although Sookie knows the Queen is innocent of the crime.”  Blah blah, Sophie-Anne has been dead for seasons, murdered by Bill Compton, who succeeded her as the King of Louisiana. Arkansas?  What the hell does Arkansas have to do with anything in the show?

“Sophie-Anne plans to put Sookie’s gift to good use, having her ‘listen in’ on the thoughts of the humans working for the other vampires at the convention as well as for the hotel, as alliances are formed and allegiances tested in what can only be described as a political power struggle of potentially deadly implications.”  And (allegedly) the reason behind Sophie being murdered was that Bill wanted to keep her from using Sookie, so that’s irrelevant.  Sookie is just listening in to humans, largely her fellow townsfolk.  “The story opens with Sookie entering Fangtasia to talk to Eric and those who pay him fealty, as they discuss the accusations against Sophie-Anne. Sookie agrees to work for Sophie-Anne, despite the warnings of her fairy godmother, Claudine, that being at the convention will forever tie Sookie to vampire politics in the mind of all of the attendees, in a very public way. Meanwhile, her relationship with Quinn heats up.”  Sophie is dead, Claudine is dead, Quinn never existed.  She… entered Fangtasia while talking to Eric…?

“At the convention, Sookie meets Barry “Bellboy” Horowitz, the only other telepath she knows.”  Barry, last we saw him, was in Faery when the portal closed ro whatever.  “Soon after they arrive, Jennifer Cater and most of the Arkansas entourage are brutally murdered, which simplifies the trial for the Queen. Sookie soon proves invaluable to the Queen as she makes the great suggestion that the Queen appoint her closest friend and ‘child,’ Andre, to be King of Arkansas, and then to marry him. Sookie also finds a bomb planted outside of the Louisiana suite, and saves the Queen. She also uncovers something shocking about Quinn—as a teen, he killed a group of men who were raping his mother, and then became indebted to some local vampires in order to cover up the crime. He had to work as a weretiger/gladiator in a ring for three years, and in the process became a fearsome fighter.”  Okay… what even?  I read this damn book and I’d forgotten about all of that.

At the Queen’s trial, Sookie saves the queen yet again as, being the only witness, she applies logic to prove that the queen is innocent and that her accusers are being manipulated. In response, one of the main accusers is staked right in the courtroom. Impressed with her usefulness, Andre accosts Sookie and begins to force her to exchange blood with him, to tie her permanently and closely to the queen. She escapes this violation only by the intercession of Eric, who has her exchange more blood with him. This third, major blood exchange with Eric causes Sookie to become more powerful, and frighteningly vampiric, even though she is still human. She can feel Eric very powerfully, and he now has the power to turn her into a vampire at any time. Sookie realizes with dread that she will never be free of Eric’s control.”  La la la leading up to a potentially Eric-related endgame (ha).  The show only barely even hinted at the fact that Eric and Sookie were close this season.  There were maybe 3/10 episodes where Eric and Sookie even appeared in the same scene.  And mind you, I… am not opposed to Eric/Sookie in some contexts, I am certainly comfier with it than I am with Bill/Sookie or the like, but I wasn’t jonesing for endgame.  I don’t think that, especially in the show context, they would be a good endgame.   I do think that Eric loved Sookie (I trust Nora’s observation about this) and I do think that Sookie loved Eric, but I think they both knew it wouldn’t be a forever thing.

“Sookie and Barry the Bellboy then put together a number of clues they have had throughout the convention and realize that multiple bombs have been planted throughout the hotel by the Fellowship of the Sun, and they are set to go off during the daytime when the vampires will all be asleep and helpless. She and Barry’s quick thinking enable some vampires and some humans to get free, and Barry and Sookie team up to use their telepathy to find injured humans. Sookie finds Andre, who has only minor injuries, and watches impassively as Quinn stakes him in order to free her from his control. Queen Sophie-Anne escapes, but loses her legs. Sookie rescues Eric and Pam, and they and Bill escape with minor injuries, but the death toll for humans and vampires is very high.”   Okay.  If you try to compare the show to this it is actual nonsense.

And for the heck of it I just looked at the summary of the last book and… gosh, well, it is… well.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Whimsy Wednesday :: in which feminism destroys evil (but then more evil shows up).

27 Aug

Actually, I lied. Sort of. Tomorrow and Friday will be True Blood-themed posts, because this is my last official True Blood Week ever, but, well. There really wasn’t much this year that pinged me for Whedonverse comparisons, and there was next to nothing in this season that could be classed as whimsical (as with last season, even the clothes were distressingly… unexciting, though I’m sure that’s because there’s no place for corsets when you’re fighting a killer disease, but then again, corsets are a lot more fun than killer diseases and I am just as angry about the wardrobe-boringness as I was last year, and what I decided that seasons 1-5 were more Marvel, they knew what they were and really went for it even if it was ridiculous, and seasons 6-7 were DC, they were a lot grimmer and more “realistic” and had more manpain flashbacks, and anyway that’s just a rant

“Don’t underestimate the abilities of girls! We can do a lot more than just cry!” This episode is also called “Girls Unite: the End of Jadeite.” Sounds like violent, completely reasonable misandry! Otherwise known as the thing I’m the most in the mood for ever. But especially this week.

Omg triple spotlights. While he furrows his brow and tries to make excuses that Queen Beryl will not here. “The Sentence of Eternal Sleep,” where they are “plunged into the deepest darkness, never to awake again.” Otherwise known as… death.

“Your crushes are like bubbles in the ocean. They only last a moment.” Wise words, Luna.

Ahaha and Jadeite just appears in the sky summoning them to… the airport? Threatening Tokyo with a sea of flames.

“We must always face evil’s challenge!” “But we’d be walking right into a trap.” Rei’s overconfidence and Ami’s analytical hesitation and then Usagi doesn’t want to go.

At least everyone else saw the hallucination in the sky. And Usagi is using studying as an excuse to make everyone else not go because they want to rubberneck the disaster.

“Part of your charm is that you have your own point of view.”

And her shoe… of course her shoe hit Mamoru on the head, because in a big city like Tokyo it’s easy to run into each other constantly.

I’m so confused about why Jadeite chose to have this showdown at the airport. Like, just because the runways are large, flat areas?

Rei is just like “oh look the thing let’s go!” and Usagi’s like “no no I’m scared” and Ami’s like “let’s think about this first.” And maybe they should transform while they’re on the train to save time.

And the police officers have been hypnotized into attacking. “What’s wrong with our government, hiring people like this?!”

There you go, Ami. Now you transform. Now Rei. Now Usagi.

MERCURY’S SCIENCE GLASSES AND COMPUTER “they’re not real humans! They’re just clay golems!” Analyzing all the things.

“Sailor Mars, you’re so awesome!” “Well, yeah.”

Moon and Mars argue Mercury is like “nope do not do that.”

“I’ll send you pathetic kids to the depths of hell!” says Jadeite, then magicking up an airplane to drive at them.

Luna insists that they not blast the airplanes with fire because they’re too expensive to replace.

But then… Tuxedo Kamen shows up and because he hits Jadeite with a rose the airplanes stop driving. And then Tuxedo Kamen stands there with his cape billowing dramatically and he and Jadeite fly at each other in the sky. And Jadeite emerges, laughing evilly.

Jadeite: Your last hope, Tuxedo Mask, is now dead! Go on and cry! Do you need a man to do everything for you?! Women are such shallow, useless creatures.

Mars: Only old-fashioned idiots like you still believe in nonsense like that!

Mercury: Right! Denigrating women is a relic of the feudal age!

Moon: No more discrimination!

All three: All right! Let’s show that jerk what girls are made of!


And his technique is to… chase them with an airplane again. Because he can’t just do magic, he has to magic the airplane. They’re figuring that out, though! And they’re going to do the thing together!!!! TEAMWORK. Mercury’s bubbles are fogging it up so Mars can sneak up behind him and blast him with one of her paper-charms that will make the airplanes chase him because his mental powers aren’t working because of Mars’ charm



And then being banished to eternal slumber in an ice crystal thingy (that is kind of the standard punishment in this show).

And heeeere comes Nephrite.

Oh look Tuxedo Kamen isn’t dead!!! “Why do you always come to our aid?” Mercury asks. He doesn’t answer but tells them to cherish their bond before flying off uselessly into nowhere.

Evil tennis monster!

Now since we’re onto a new middle-bad we’ve got a slightly different intro. “I’m friends with the kindhearted girl genius, Ami Mizuno! And Rei Hino, the hotheaded psychic! Both of them seem to have it a little more together than I do… but, oh well, guess I just gotta do my best!”

Nephrite is planning on targeting individual victims, rather than groups. Using the energy of the starts.

Oh my god and Zoisite floating in just to taunt Nephrite and then disappearing into rose petals. I’m so excited for Zoisite that’s actually properly a boy.

Nephrite hanging out in an old mansion-sanctuary thing in the woods to do his star sign divination. He’s going to be targeting the tennis player who was running away from the paparazzi. Who actually looks a lot like Sailor Jupiter, but isn’t. Also the tennis player, Rui, is old friends with Naru-chan, which basically insists that she’s going to be monster bait.

Everyone’s fangirling over Nephrite for being so handsome but omg he actually looks like a big skeezy dick. And nobody finds it odd that he could just vault over the chain link fence, of course not. Also at least Nephrite’s fake names don’t just sound like his real name. And he’s magicking up the tennis racket and it hypnotizes her and nobody notices that the pupils of her eyes disappear momentarily or that the tennis ball burns a hole in the cement.

Awww, look at the sad little boys being defeated like hell.

But it’s a good thing they’re friends ‘cause Naru realizes something is wrong.

“The enemy’s organization.” Yes, Luna, they do work after human energy. You haven’t noticed that’s what’s going on?

And Ami’s insisting on training and things before they go fight the bad guy. And standing up for Usagi when the others call her foolish.

Yes, now Rui is all possessed and evil and Naru knows there’s mischief afoot. So much that she’s having Usagi over to worry at. And a very brightly colored adorable flashback of them as children.

Bad feelings. Leading to a plan being formulated. Leading to witnessing the possessed girl’s evil tennis. Leading to trying to stop the possessed girl by talking to her. Leading to OHNOTHEMONSTER there is a shadow baby emerging from the tennis racket and turning into a bodybuilder with stupid hair and a jumpsuit.

Usagi, I don’t know if it’s a good idea for you to take this on by yourself, sweetling.

I like that she keeps presuming that famous people would be offended.

And the little-bad surrounded her by a tennis ball to bounce her around. Luckily Tuxedo Mask is there to say… not much and then attack her with his extendable dapper walking stick. He finally did something other than throw roses and be vague.

Oh no something mysterious made Tuxedo Kamen light up weirdly.

And now the little-bad explodes into glitter and then into a disintegrating shadow. Just as Mars and Mercury show up with Luna to observe that she did a good thing.

And all Usagi can think about is Tuxedo Kamen. Of course.

–your fangirl heroine.

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Television Tuesday :: No Trope Bingo, featuring season 7 of True Blood

26 Aug

So!  It’s time to look at the No Trope Bingo cards and this season of True Blood.  It’s… shocking, to say the least.  Almost as if Brian Buckner et al actually sat down with these cards and went “how much can we fit in?”

R1C1, Bechdel fail: the first few episodes of the season passed the Bechdel test pretty well.  Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) talking to Adilyn (Bailey Noble), Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) talking to Lettie Mae (Adina Porter), etcetera.  But… then that devolved.  Almost every conversation Sookie (Anna Paquin) had with another woman exclusively was about Alcide (Joe Manganiello) or Bill (Stephen Moyer), suddenly Jess’ conversations fell into the same trap, etcetera.  The last episode did pass thanks to a scene between Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), but.
R1C2, disregarded logic: otherwise known as everything.  But this is a good place to bring up the most glaring continuity error: in episode nine of this season, Jessica asked Bill to release her, but… Bill had actually already released her.  In season three, episode eight, “Night on the Sun.”  I’d actually recently looked this up just for other reasons and when this took place I twitched so much, then looked it up again just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.
R1C3, underused/invisible POC: well, they killed Tara (Rutina Wesley) off in the first five minutes of the season.  For some reason they spent more time with Lettie Mae than they have in the entire rest of the show, and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) did get dragged into that as well as have a… horrible bisexual love triangle, but he wasn’t hardly in the last few episodes.  All Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) did was get kidnapped and talk about being pregnant/having a baby.
R1C4, dead family manpain: primarily fulfilled by Bill’s ridiculously tedious flashbacks to the Civil War.
R1C5, invisible lesbians: or bi girls, or girls who are some stripe of queer.  Well, they killed Tara off in the first five minutes.  (They’d effectively nullified her relationship with Pam, and this also ended any potential for a relationship with Willa that was totally there, I mean seriously, just look at Willa’s face when she was talking about Tara.  Love comes in at the eyes.)  And while Pam had some lines about being queer, the closest she got to acting on it was expressing her initial approval of Amber (Natalie Hall).  Also I read an interview with Bailey Noble where she said something along the lines of “well, Adilyn was originally supposed to be a lesbian, I don’t know what happened to that idea.  (nervous laughter)”  It all adds up.

R2C1, vicious female rivalry: a little bit Amber and Sarah (though that was with reason), primarily fulfilled by Violet (Karolina Wydra) and Jessica.
R2C2, ho-yay: primarily fulfilled by Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and his completely pointless, gratuitous sex dream about Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) at the beginning of the season (despite the fact that it had been at least six months since Jason had Eric’s blood and in the past that particular effect of vampire blood had never lasted that long).
R2C3, infectious diseases: was the hep V the Big Bad of the season?  I just don’t know.  It was certainly the Big Pain in the Ass.
R2C5, dead little girls: mostly just in reference to that element of Adilyn and Andy’s (Chris Bauer) previous season’s experiences.

R3C1, sexualized violence: I am still so furious about the scenes in Violet’s sex dungeon oh my goodness.
R3C5, fridging: they killed Tara off in the first five minutes.

R4C1, gratuitous sex: Jason and Violet banging on the cop car.  Jason and Eric banging in his ho-yay dream.  Eric and his French girl banging in the flashbacks.  Jason and Jessica banging at Sookie’s party that she didn’t want to have (which could have turned out to not be gratuitous, but given the way the plot dramatically switched after that it was).  Violet blowing Jason in their house.  Bill and Sookie’s sex scene that lasted just way too long.  Jessica and Hoyt’s (Jim Parrack) sex scene that lasted just way too long.  Etcetera.
R4C2, inappropriate male attention: in addition to the sketch attention that Sookie gets from strange male vampires always, I just marked this off because Bill’s attention always feels inappropriate.
R4C4, infidelity: James (Nathan Parsons) with Lafayette cheating on Jessica.  Jason with Jessica cheating on Violet.  Hoyt with Jessica cheating on Bridget (who’s not listed on imdb, and I don’t want to go searching through articles that are just going to make me sad to find the actress’ name).

R5C1, conscious irresponsibility: I also mark this square off just because Bill.  He’s willing to say to Sookie, “I hurt you,” but he doesn’t ever actually say what else he’s done wrong.  Allegedly he wrote a book, and other characters mention things from it, but it seems mostly to exist as a way for characters to know things that happened previously in canon that they weren’t present for.
R5C2, narrative neglect: THEY KILLED TARA OFF IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES.  Also, once the plotlines they’d been dragged into wrapped up, any notable number of characters just… weren’t present anymore, or were only present in a sideline/background context, despite there being every reason for them to be (the most obvious victim of this is Willa, who was only in about half of the episodes this season; this also happened to Lafayette and James, somewhat to Adilyn and her stepbrother-boyfriend [confession: my DVR’d recording cut off after a proper hour of programming, shortly after Nicole and Sam’s [[Sam Trammell]] daughter disembarked from their van, so if anything happened after that I don’t know and I don’t care enough to go looking]).
R5C4, narratively excused sociopathy: another one I mark off largely just because Bill, honestly.
R5C5, love triangles: AHAHAHAHA.  Alcide-Sookie-Bill.  There’s the everpresent tease of Eric-Sookie-Bill.  Jessica-James-Lafayette (which is my least favorite of them, because honestly, throwing the bisexual guy into the love triangle is actually the worst).  Violet-Jason-Jessica.  Jason-Jessica-Hoyt(-Bridget who then – back to Jason).

R1C2, narratively excused intolerance: well, there’s plenty of narratively discussed intolerance, but also… not.  The whole thing with the fellowly WOC townswoman goading Kenya (Tanya Wright) into doing violence against supernaturals by saying that Sheriff Andy disrespects her for being a black woman didn’t sit well with me, because the handling made it feel like it was trivializing the issue of such biases, for example.
R1C3, lack of POC: again, killing Tara off is a big part of it.
R1C4, general male brooding: see also, Bill Compton.
R1C5, lack of queer people: again, killing Tara off is a big part of it.

R2C1, narratively enforced gender policing: primarily fulfilled by the ways that Violet taunted Jason about how in her (vaguely historical) time men were men, men didn’t feel things, he was being too soft.
R2C2, compulsive heteroeroticism: see also, the finale in which inexplicably everyone was married and/or having babies.  Somehow a vampire drama turned into my Facebook newsfeed.
R2C3, crazy inbred hillbillies: well, not hillbillies, but definitely bigoted townsfolk were the little-bads for a couple of episodes.
R2C4, slut shaming: primarily fulfilled by comments thought about Sookie by townsfolk and said about Adilyn by Holly (Lauren Bowles) (who then did apologize, but still).
R2C5, children as plot devices: primarily fulfilled by Nicole and Sam’s unborn baby and then by… the finale in which inexplicably everyone was married and/or having babies.

R3C1, police brutality: primarily fulfilled by the aforementioned instance of Kenya being swayed to the dark side of bigoted townsolk.
R3C2, love interest syndrome: poor Sookie, the protagonist of the show, was narratively treated as little more than who she was banging.

R4C2, excused unwanted overtures: also marked mainly because Bill.
R4C3, forgive your abusers: Sookie and also Jessica re: Bill.  The entire plotline with Lettie Mae and Tara’s “ghost” (which, are you kidding me, seriously, no that is not the thing).  Etcetera.
R4C4, compulsive motherhood: the finale in which inexplicably everyone was married and/or having babies.
R4C5, “don’t do the brave thing”: somewhat Alcide re: Sookie.  Somewhat Nicole re: Sam.

R5C1, (evil) white guy redemption arc: see also, Bill Compton.
R5C2, narrative double standard: there are also ways to apply this to Bill Compton, I’m sure.  And so many other things.  I’m too tired to get into it.
R5C3, women as plot devices: Nicole.  Adilyn.  Amber Mills.  Poor dead Tara.

There were 6/24 squares free on each card.  So 3/4 of each card was filled.  Seven bingos were achieved.

–your fangirl heroine.

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