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Whimsy Wednesday :: in which the power of “best friends” saves the day. Sort of.

15 Mar

“I’m going to end it all and take all of you with me!!!”

Sailor Pluto is activating her time key in order to stop time and do that thing? The law she cannot break, “not under any circumstances,” but like, if she has the ability why can’t she use it, but also if she’s doing that now at the end of s2 what happens in s3 yike???

Somehow she stopped time but the pixie dust emanating from her key has woken up the protags so they can ???? Black Lady is also awake. The time key has fallen and Pluto has as well.

“Why is that wrong, she saved us all” same Jupiter

She’s gon’ die, Pluto is, except we know she won’t really, and Usagi is taking advantage of the stopped time to heed Pluto’s advice and get the Silver Crystals

Pluto is currently laying in Jupiter’s lap and emoting about how she always wanted to fight alongside the others  (blushblush) this is…. Kinda gay

And also she’s coughing and dying of plot device

But she’ll be back, won’t she?

She teleported Diana to thank her aw, mew, that’s sorta sweet.

Also it doesn’t look like Pluto is so much on Jupiter’s lap as she is pastede on yey

Now ~Black Lady has watched this terrible display of emotion and she’s feeling something. She is trying to remind herself she is evil and not part of anything but she remembers otherwise! She remembers stealing Pluto’s time key to go to the past

“There are many kinds of love, and many ways to show affection. […] Sometimes you cannot even show your love at all.” UM ALRIGHT

“Why can’t I stop crying” because you have a big gay love for Sailor Pluto.

And now she’s crying and the crying turns into a Silver Crystal that turns her back into being small and also good and into a sailor senshi?????

“What light is this?” Uh okay


……so Chibi-Moon could only exist through great pain? That’s dumb.

Maybe if she cries on Pluto, Pluto will wake up. That would be dumb but okay.

That’s literally how the first Pokemon movie ends

“You were given the greatest power in the universe but you threw it away” no the Silver Crystal is the greatest power in the universe though.

“Do you really think you stand a chance against me now” yes

She is Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon stands a chance against everything.

Did that attack storm work? Who knows

Demande is getting in the way somehow????

“I won’t let you take what belongs to me. Sailor Moon is mine” shut up

“If anyone walks away from this with the Silver Crystal, it’s going to be me!” sure Jan

This is sketch but Demande just got exploded into dust maybe

Good Mercury can science the distorted space

“Darkness, it’s sucking us in”

“What the hell is that” a corpse???? A skull?? “My name is Death Phantom”

“I am Nemesis! Nemesis is me!” thanks…for the tautology lesson

Jesus christ this is a lot.

–your fangirl heroines.


Spoiler Alert Sunday :: her thoughts on Logan

12 Mar

(We went to see this together, but honestly, my entire enjoyment and opinion of this film hinged on hers. She’s passionate about Laura in a way that most people aren’t passionate about anything. So I’m just letting her take this one.)

I’ve been an X-Men fan for almost ten years. I’ve read hundreds of the comics, watched all three cartoons, and have seen all but two of the movies. (I skipped The Wolverine because the first one was so bad, and Apocalypse because all it was going to do was make me rage.) At this point, I probably have a better working knowledge of the X-Men mythos than 80% of the population, and I haven’t even read any direct X-Men comics in a couple years. So it’s been personally painful to watch the movies devolve into what they’ve become, after X-Men was a decent setup movie and X2 was a solid if flawed adaptation of the spirit of the comics. I swore off the movies forever, after hearing about all the ridiculous issues with Apocalypse. But then they released the teaser poster for Logan.

I’d been dreading this movie for over a year. The tiny hand holding Logan’s either meant one of two things: Daken, his biological son via his Japanese wife Itsu, and a character which I have deep-seated contempt for, or X-23/Laura Kinney.

X-23 is similar to Harley Quinn in that she was first introduced in an animated series (X-Men: Evolution and Batman: The Animated Series respectively), but both proved so popular with fans that they crossed over into comics canon and have had multiple ongoing series featuring them. X-23 was first introduced in a miniseries called NYX, then later had two miniseries entitled Innocence Lost and Target X. The most basic explanation for her creation in the comics is that she is the result of the attempt to repeat the success of Weapon X, the program that enhanced Wolverine. A group of scientists attempted to create a clone of Wolverine, but after 22 attempts and non-viable embryos they ran out of Y chromosome. (I know, I know, just roll with it, comics are stupid.) Finally, on the 23rd attempt, they create an embryo with two X chromosomes and have one of the scientists, Sarah Kinney, carry and deliver it. X-23 was born with two bone claws on her hands and one claw on both her feet, and they coat her bones with adamantium just like Wolverine’s and begin to train her to be a living weapon. Sarah Kinney works closely with her, secretly names her Laura, and helps her to connect with her humanity. Eventually Laura breaks out and destroys the facility as she escapes, but accidentally kills Sarah in the process. Target X is about her attempts to connect with her biological family, first Sarah’s sister and niece and then Logan himself.

I read Innocence Lost when I was 16 and it was a transformative experience. Most people have one or two favorite X-Men; Laura is mine. So I was anxious about how they would adapt her character to the big screen, especially since the X-Men movies have a shaky track record with my other favorites (Rogue, hilariously incorrect; Gambit, physically spot-on but missing the accent and the charm; Nightcrawler, serviceable but missing key aspects of his personality; Shadowcat, best forgotten as an embarrassment). I don’t usually look up the plots of movies before I go to them, but this one I did, because as long as I knew what happened, I couldn’t be blindsided by any stupid plot developments.

Logan is a damn good movie. I wish I could say it was a great movie, but there’s a really glaring issue with it that spoils my enjoyment a bit. But it’s a good movie, and more importantly it’s a good X-Men movie. I feel like this was Fox’s apology to us all for the various shitty X-Men movies they’ve given us over the last decade or so. This was the X-Men movie we’ve all been waiting for, even if we’re sick to death of Wolverine (and I really am). This is gritty and violent and Logan swears up a storm and it has humor and heart and it really captured the spirit of the character. It’s set decade in the future (2029), where there are few mutants left and no mutant children have been born in decades. A dying Logan (Hugh Jackman) acts as guardian and painkiller supplier for an also-dying Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). Both their lives are interrupted when Logan meets a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen), and the three of them set out on a journey that may be a fool’s errand. I looked up the plot, but I would recommend that unless you too will start screaming in rage about deviations from the comics, you just go see this for yourself.

Things I loved, with as few spoilers as I can manage:

  • Laura was perfect. Dafne Keen’s performance was outstanding – she nailed Laura’s eerie, non-blinking stare and the way that, especially early on, she didn’t speak often and when she did it was using as few words as possible. She also nailed her hair-trigger temper, and the way that she (especially as a younger child) flew into a rage when provoked. They also chose to make her bilingual but primarily Spanish-speaking, which is interesting. She does know multiple languages in the comics (one joke in Target X is that she and her cousin go to school, only to be thrown out of French class because Laura listed off multiple gruesome facts about killing people) so this is fine. One thing I do wish they’d managed to incorporate was the trigger scent, which they trained her to automatically respond to (and which was how they forced her to kill her mother). Also I’m mildly confused because she mentions that she’s killed people before, and they were “bad people,” but I was under the impression that they didn’t get very far using the mutant children as attack dogs for hire before they scrapped that program. I think maybe a bit more fleshing out of that idea would have been good. But Keen is amazing, certainly the most subtle child actor I’ve seen since Quvenzhané Wallis, and I hope she’ll go on to do great things with this character.
  • I am sick to death of Wolverine as a character, but Jackman is playing a weathered, beat-down old man who is the last of a dying breed and who can’t find peace with himself. This is the Wolverine movie they’ve been trying to make for twenty years, and Jackman is giving his all. He probably won’t get any serious award nominations for this, but it’s a real pity, because he deserves them. I’m glad this is the one he chose to go out on.
  • Patrick Stewart is also phenomenal, of course. He’s an old man in pain and sometimes barely conscious, and letting out some of his salt while he’s at it. He and Jackman play off each other beautifully. The film teases out some of the history of what happened to the rest of the X-Men and why Xavier is mostly alone at this point, and it’s fascinating. I almost want to know more about that history, but I think that the film gave us just enough and didn’t beat us over the head with what happened.
  • Any movie that has Wolverine in it and isn’t rated R is just asking for trouble. This one goes barreling straight into the violence, with Logan and Laura slashing and decapitating people left and right. But it doesn’t really feel gratuitous; it feels like the movie we’ve been building to all this time. If you’ve read a Wolverine comic, then you know that this is the kind of violence we should’ve been getting all along. It’s been a hell of a wait, but it’s immensely satisfying to get it now.
  • SMALL SPOILER: The mutant kids were neat, though I wish we’d spent a little more time with them. We barely know anyone’s names, except for the de facto leader, Rictor. Rictor has earth-moving powers, and has been in the comics since the 80s. He’s a good character, and I’m hoping they’ll do more with him in future movies. (He has been a member of X-Force, and I keep hearing rumors that Fox is trying to make that movie. Fingers crossed.)

I have a few complaints, though. Some of them are nitpicky and some of them are not. SPOILERS for major plot points.

  • The single most frustrating thing about the movie is that about two-thirds of the way through it, a Wolverine clone shows up. No, not Laura – Laura has been there for an hour by this point. We already love tiny murder machine Laura. This clone is a full-size Hugh Jackman Wolverine clone with a flat-top haircut who basically runs on rage for…some reason? This is deeply stupid. This doesn’t make any sense, even if you divorce it from the comics. There was no reason to have a Wolverine clone in this movie. No reason. It cheapened the movie for me, and even though most of the scenes with the clone were good, there was really no damn reason for it to be there. True, part of the reason I’m annoyed is because of the comics canon – it has been established that they can’t make a male clone of Wolverine, and their attempts to copy the success of Laura were first destroyed in Innocence Lost and then recently again in the new Wolverine comic starring Laura. (She currently has one biological “sister,” Gabby, but all the other “sisters” have died.) There has never been a male clone of Wolverine in the comics, because that defeats the entire purpose of Wolverine – he is the best at what he does. The clone in the movie is called X-24 (I’ll get to why that bothers me in a second), and its only purpose is to act as living hubris for the scientists who created not only Laura and the other mutant children (again, getting there). Oh, and to beat Logan to a pulp of course. The fight scenes with it are pretty good, but it was just so unnecessary. Anyway, the reason why it shouldn’t be X-24 is that X-23’s name in the comics comes from the fact that she is the 23rd attempt at the Weapon X cloning program. There is a direct line in the comics about “X-24 through X-50,” the other viable embryos that were created after Laura – which Laura destroys along with the rest of the facility. There should be no “X-24.” If there were no cloning attempts before Laura, then why make Laura female? And if they could make a male clone all along, then why didn’t they before? It was ridiculous and pissed me off every time the clone popped up.
  • I am also deeply annoyed about their choice to call Laura and the other mutant children they created in the lab “the X-23s.” Why bother calling them that? Without the Weapon X context, the name X-23 is completely arbitrary. It’s fanservice but it’s fanservice that’s doesn’t actually make any sense and will probably piss off more fans like me, who actually care about the reasons behind the codenames. (Laura’s code is “X-23-23,” which is so stupid I can’t handle it.)
  • I hear that Caliban (Stephen Merchant) was in Apocalypse. For some reason he was in this movie too. I’m familiar with this character from the comics and, while I understand the logistical reasons for him being there (his power is to find other mutants, so they needed him to track Logan and Laura), I’m still upset at how incorrect he was. In the comics, Caliban lives underground with a group called the Morlocks, the “undesirable” mutants that can’t live amongst regular people because of their hideous or abnormal appearances. He is an empathetic, shy person in the comics, who helps Shadowcat after she becomes ill and falls in love with her, but allows her to return to the surface when he realizes she does not love him in return. He also speaks in the third person, which isn’t a huge deal but is just annoying to change because it’s a distinctive part of his character. And his skin doesn’t get burned by the sun. I get why they made these changes but as a low-key fan of the character I’m just annoyed. I would’ve preferred they just make up a random mutant-tracking character and given him the same role.
  • I understand for plot purposes why they had the biological mothers-slash-carriers of the mutant children be Mexican women, and it’s actually a really interesting bit of meta-commentary, but considering how important Laura’s mom was to her in the comics, I’m not very happy that they’ve just erased her like this. I’m guessing maybe they will call her Laura Howlett in the movies now, which. Whatever.
  • At one point Logan and co. help a family, the Munsons, and end up staying with them. They are, of course, slaughtered by the X-24 clone. They happened to cast a black family, and while there are a handful of other black and brown characters in the movie (mostly unnamed children), they are the only named characters of color besides Laura’s nurse Gabriela and her friend Rictor. I wish they hadn’t been black; there are unfortunate implications there.
  • The head of the program is called Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant). Zander is actually from the Innocence Lost series, but he’s different, aside from being the son of a man who worked on the original Weapon X program. He’s been aged up, and his role in Laura’s development has actually been replaced by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). In the comics, Zander treated Laura as subhuman, openly sneering at her and assuming he could control her; Pierce takes on this role in the movie. It’s not a huge issue but for someone who knows the original miniseries as well as I do it was jarring.
  • This is a stupid personal hangup, but Laura calls Logan “daddy” as he’s dying and I have an in-joke about that word so it kind of spoiled the emotional effect they were going for. Oh well.


There’s a good amount for me to bitch about, but the fact is that I enjoyed myself in this movie immensely, and it is the best X-Men movie since X2. Maybe it’s the best X-Men movie period? Anyway, I recommend it.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which everything is stupid and Elektral complex.

8 Mar

“Wiseman’s true identity is revealed” what, are you going to try to redeem him too

“…and now I am Queen of Nemesis, Queen of the Dark Planet” how many times must you say you are a queen honey nobody believes it

Oh you cray, you just threw your toy away

“No trace of her remains” literally she just said who she was though so some trace of her does remain your thesis is flawed spoopy gentleman

They remixed and sped up the theme song randomly on this episode and it sounds horrible.

“…the Beast Hands are mine now!” sodifjsdofjsfodjf


Why are they imprisoning the others with giant electric crescent black moons that looks fucking stupid


“I have him, as long as he loves me that’s all I need” NOOOOO THAT IS YOUR DAD


Also Black Lady still doesn’t have lipstick on her upper lip and it’s fucking dumb

Sailor Moon is just angstmonologuing jeez

“Don’t talk to me like you know me, you don’t know anything!”

“Taking someone prisoner and making them love you, you’re wrong, it can make you happy” no Demande no, boy it’s nice that Sailor Moon is going to teach him otherwise

Is this music from Star Wars it sounds like music from Star Wars

“Damn the Moon Kingdom and its palace” stop

“I have everything that is precious to you” uh, not really, you don’t reeeally have the other four senshi or the cats or Tokyo or… food

Also I love that it’s pronounced not like, “Wise Man” but like “Weissman” like a last name.

I don’t love it. That was a lie.

(Fun fact Greg Weisman makes amazing superhero cartoons and doesn’t deserve his name getting shit on like this)

Wiseman was a corpse and now is showing himself and Wiseman is… the eye of Sauron?

So now Sailor Pluto is angsting because she is the guardian of space and time, who guards space-time

Okay but the giant crescent moons aren’t preventing them from moving just from doing things? That’s dumb couldn’t they just run and kick Demande in the head

Wiseman is Nemesis? He is consciousness merged with a planet

That’s fucking dumb

“The darkness is draining our energy” as opposed to before when it was just… sipping on your energy or something?

“We were toys, puppets you manipulated” no… shit…

Now Sailor Moon is going to… something….

Diana is coming to get Pluto to help, awww Diana is offering to sub in for Pluto so Pluto can go help because Pluto is sad, holy shit okay that’s adorable I’m okay with that.

So now we know how Pluto becomes free to get unleashed on the Death Busters next season.

~Endymion taking the crystal broke his hypnosis or something maybe?

Now Demande grabbed them? “I believe in nothing I follow no one I am my own master”

–your fangirl heroines.


Sundry Sunday :: Comicon 2017.

6 Mar

It’s been a convention weekend. I have pictures, but they’re just of me and drift partner ’cause while I compliment the heck out of people I’m getting worse and worse at asking for their pictures. Whatever.

Thursday, in which drift partner pulled out her Red Lantern getup and I… went as Columbia from last fall’s Rocky Horror production on Fox. I couldn’t help myself. Finally a chance to be Columbia without booty shorts! Which are fine for other people, but not for me.


(I will also brag: I spray-glittered the hat, hand-studded the bustier, and personally patched/drew on the back of the jacket [not seen in this picture] and the boots.)

Friday, we were blessed Princess Leia Organa and her gal pal Evaan Verlaine from the Princess Leia comics, which you should read if you haven’t.



Saturday, drift partner was the fabulous Jillian Holtzmann and I was big ol’ robot Aida of SHIELD, circa 4.08 when she got shot and had science gloves.



(Those science gloves, while definitely a first draft [I’d like to make them over, possibly from scratch], were a whole slew of fun modification adventures. And yes, there are tiny LED lights on there.)

And today, as before, Dany and Nym.



Anyway, it was nice and Vincent D’Onofrio and Evangeline Lilly and Terry Dodson of aforementioned Leia comic and Kate Leth of Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat are very nice. And we are now dead.

–your fangirl heroines.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which we are kinkshaming this entire episode.

22 Feb

How many times can they say “space-time” in the next episode

I’m going to count

This isn’t the time!

Or is it…the space?


Oh Mercury. I’m not sure your glasses are going to help



Also, the In-Between

Same, y’all, with your O_o at Sailor Moon talking about Mamoru

Oh no! Luna-P is malfunctioning. There is a wrong happening.

Sailor Moon just passed out from sadness?


That is so much boob

Why does evil Chibi-usa only have lipstick on her bottom lip

“I never realized you had your own dimension”

Okay but why does Demande care what happened to Rubeus this is why it sucks when the bad guys are concurrent they’re not supposed to give shits

“The only man I love” my father


I’m kinkshaming this episode

I’m kinkshaming evil Chibi-usa in general honestly.

Now suddenly they’re back in the real world and talking about


“We thought we’d come back here for a bit so you could recover”

“As a disembodied spirit I can hardly do anything!”

Ah Diana, there for chirpy kitten exposition.

“A blood-red sunset is a bad omen” thank


The space-time key dropped out of nowhere and “it feels like it’s ripping my body apart” and now we’re hearing the angelic chorus heralding demonic activity?

“It’s me… Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity” no

Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity is fucking bonkers

“I’m not the little girl I used to be” I GOT TIDDIES NOW

“My name is Black Lady, Queen of Darkness” fuck

–your fangirl heroines.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Saphir throws a fit.

15 Feb

“Someone who wants you, someone who needs you” Wiseman, I’m kinkshaming

Aw shit, Chibi-usa going dark made her mommy’s crystal coma coffin go dark too.

Okay. That library is pretty boss.

Death Phantom. “Considered one of history’s worst criminals” etc etc yikes.

That’s a nice prison planet you have there…sure would be a shame if something…happened to it

Also. The planet is called fucking. Nemesis. The fuck you think was gonna happen?

Also, have the respective inner senshi literally been in less than five episodes this season??

“What is this dark chamber” “none of us want to go near the dark chamber”


That’s what Lance Hunter said at the Hellfire Club.


Blah blah exposition Saphir blah blah

Whine whine Wiseman is bad I am a boy

“He’s possessed, and he doesn’t even realize it!” uh. Do you usually realize when you’re possessed?

“He lost his mind and it’s all your fault!” whoa Saphir chill the fuck

Oh my god noooooooo Black Lady with a sexy voice nooooo

“Don’t accuse me of trying to wreck history!” valid.


Sailor Moon is awakening her friends with… golden light reaching into the floor

Now they’re transforming

Thank fucking christ

Now they’re…. Sending glitter through the floor of the library and exploding out of the ceiling???? What the fuck I mean I grew up with this shit but like, that’s a little much

No Demande




It’s a good thing that sometime in the future, Usagi hits a growth spurt and gets taller than 4’11”

“Peace and harmony are illusions”

Christ Demande just stop already


“Time to show them your EVIL SIGHT”

“I see through your camouflage” Rubeus says to Wiseman. He is an expert because of his camouflage pants.

You’d better telepathically give Venus a call in the kickass library y’all

Why does the castle on Nemesis vaguely resemble the British House of Parliament


Awww Venus is so happy about her girls “I knew we’d be together again”

–your fangirl heroines.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is a lot of unnecessary creeping and heterosexuality.

8 Feb

Demande is a creep: news at 10.

Such drama!

Another thing I don’t understand: why it shows Mamoru standing in the rain reading a book with glasses in on the credits when he literally almost never wears his glasses. Why in the rain of all things. Why in the credits.

“Where am I?” in a hallucination where Mamoru is apparently on a date with a teenage version of his daughter, who of course is also evil. And then, in real life, in a fucking sexy nightgown in some strange man’s bed in a room full of pedestals and a hologram of her future self. CLASSY

“Is that me?” Looks a lot like you, but slightly older and in a dress that’s different than the one you have on but similar to the one worn by the comatose crystal-encased body of your future self. CLASSY


“I wanted to prove that the legendary Silver Crystal is not the only limitless power in the universe” or you could just fuck off with your evil hipster self

Wow how dare they have a utopia that’s ACTUALLY not terrible and everyone seems pretty happy with life except you

A fucking. Flashback. To Demande creeping. “She looks on me with disdain. To her, I am less than human.” Accurate.

“I wished to make her grovel before me. I had to have her by any means necessary” STOP STOP NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO





“She is in fact 900 years old…. One day she just stopped growing.” What the fuck. Chibi-usa literally… grows up and transforms in the next season.

“Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.”

This Phantom looks like an emaciated Gothic Dr. Manhattan.

Can they telepathically communicate now?

Please stop showing closeups of the teenager’s boobs I don’t want that

“The worst part is, someone other than Mamo kissed me.” In this case, that is bad because he is Demande and he is baaaaaad

Oh look, Ami and Rei and Mako are finally back in the story. In a dank dark cave.

They’ve just realized their transformations aren’t working. Now they’re being energy-sucked. Well, at least their voices when they all say “Sailor… Moon…” in unison are correct.


“I bet you’re not the real princess,” says a faceless bully, taunting Chibi-usa.

I like Mamo shading his wife for being a crybaby teenager omg

Chibi-usa just threw her Luna-P ball at the Legendary Silver Crystal. Classy. Oh that was a flashback to what happened and she was upset and now in real-time Luna-P is talking?

Chibi-usa is now flashbacking to the forbidden door where she first met Sailor Pluto and became her friend. And clearly got a giant, but not-reciprocated of course, crush on her.

“If you ever feel sad, just cast this spell. Abra-cadabra!” says Sailor Pluto, and now there are nonsense rose petals.

“You mean my Garnet Rod?”

Always, until I journey back to the past to help fight Death Busters next season.

Why does Sailor Pluto keep fucking blushing in King Endymion’s presence that’s fucked up. Now Chibi-usa is jealous of her dad for being special to Sailor Pluto also. Fucking. This is fucked up. Sailor Pluto is gay-ace and doesn’t give a single fucking shit about King Endymion’s opinion beyond the fact that he’s married to her queen.

Now Wiseman is taunting Chibi-usa over to the Dark Side.

–your fangirl heroines.