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Music Monday :: my thoughts on I’ll Be Your Girl

19 Mar

Hello my dearest Decemberists! I’m ready.

“Once In My Life.” “Oh for once in my, oh for once in my life, could just something go, could just something go right” I know that feel buddy. This has a sort of 80s jam to it, and/or driving into the sunset at the end of a dramedy film. Oh, there’s the river! What river? The river. You know. The one that’s going to be in 50% of Decemberists songs.

“Cutting Stone.” This also has some 80s, although it’s and/or D&D and/or Thor: Ragnarok. I’m so glad they’ve never lost their weird. This feels classic them but also fresh and weird and new and… yes. I’m going to be jamming to this.

“Severed.” Holy shit the synth is just +++ each track. I mean this as a compliment, it’s fun and I can jam to this super a lot. This is neat because it’s a distinct era of Decemberists songs, with the synth and the 80s, but it’s all still cohesive. That riffing! The weird vocabulary! “I was born to a jackal, I was born in a whiteout, gonna smother you all till I choke you” that’s just… a lyric nobody else would be putting in a song. But this song is still upbeat enough that I could imagine it getting airplay in quasi-normal places, because people don’t always listen to words as hard as I do.

“Starwatcher.” Odds this is going to be useful to me? Pretty good. Just given the general tendencies of what I’m into. There’s stars, there’s poison, there’s almost military drumming, there’s “hold, hold, hold your ground” yeah this is right up my alley.

“Tripping Along.” This is more the cutesy (secretly dirty) side of these guys, which is also pretty classic. And dying in your arms, that’s pretty normal here. I like the Decemberists because I like oddball old-fashioned word choices and sentiments and also lingering passages of “da-da-da” type syllables. The kind of stuff that feels like it could hypnotize you but in a good way.

“Your Ghost.” Well, we’re getting straight to it. This is some vintage perfection. “And when you close your eyes I’ll still materialize” kill me this is so much delight.

“Everything Is Awful.” Ah, yes, a classic. This is a #mood although not necessarily mine at the moment but it’s definitely someone’s.

“Sucker’s Prayer.” Also probably #mood. It’s so cheerful but it’s about, y’know. Definitely not cheerful things. It’s the Decemberists so you can probably guess what that not cheerful thing is. Hint: it involves bodies of water. “I wanna love somebody but I don’t know how.

“We All Die Young.” Pulling not a punch, I see! So chipper but yet so dire. That’s kind of #aesthetic, too, as is “screaming from the back of the room.”

“Rusalka, Rusalka / Wild Rushes.” “All that you are is a star on the water” that really hits. Not too hard, but it makes an impact. A rusalka, incidentally, is a water nymph. Are you surprised? I’m not. It’s also an opera by Dvořák, so that’s just some extra Weird High Culture. “My river bride, drag me down take me away” see the thing too is that it makes me smile when the Decemberists make so many songs about dramatic things that happen re: water and death and mystical shit because they have such a running theme but it’s never actually repetitive. This slips into something a little warmer, but it’s still cohesive and folksy and just… good.

“I’ll Be Your Girl.” Awwww. This is plaintive and simple and sweet and a good happy little conclusion. We need more songs that sound like they’re being accompanied by the bubble music in Disney California Adventures. “And you never need a guy to guide you” same.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: this one is femme.

16 Mar


CereCere is the girly one because she is pink and flowers. Also when she dresses up as a civilian she looks like she’s going to the cyberpunk version of fancy British horse racing.


For the fancy vibe. Chiffon Blouse With Bow-Detailed Collar in Pink, ModCloth.


The ruffles are like flowers and the color is a flower! There. Tiered Ruffle Pencil Skirt in Marigold, ModCloth.

put in

Holy crap these are also pink and flowers. Put In Your Lace Socks in Pink, ModCloth.


And these! Freshly-Picked Finesse Earrings, ModCloth.


I’m changing the shoes to gold because I like these a lot. Flawless Footfalls Mid Heel in Metallic Gold.

–your fangirl heroine.


Make-Up Monday :: the 2018 Oscars and Emerald City Comicon 2018

5 Mar

It was a long-ass weekend and we are only just recovering, honestly. So I’m initiating a new day, Make-Up Monday. That’s for when there are things that would normally go on a different day (Superlative and Sundry Sundays, in this case) but just happened to be written about on Monday because of time and life.

First: the Oscars. We didn’t watch because we honestly didn’t care all that much (and I was reminded of how much I wanted to finally watch Hellboy when I saw Hellboy cosplayers this weekend, which was overall a good choice, I think). But! I am here to give absolute mad props to Jordan Peele for Best Original Screenplay re: Get Out (which deserved a lot more awards than just that, but hey, it’s a step in the right direction and I’m fully prepared to fight the people who complained about it being not an “Oscar movie” [because I bet they didn’t whine about, like, The Dark Knight the same way when they arguably could have]) and Guillermo del Toro for Best Director and Best Picture re: The Shape of Water. Those were two of the best movies of last year and I’m glad that the Academy was willing to recognize them even though neither of them are exactly the usual. That’s different than not being an “Oscar movie” because when people say that, in that certain tone of voice, they mean that it doesn’t meet arbitrary cultural standards of dignity/relevance/high culture/lots of rich white guys everywhere. I just mean that the Academy wouldn’t usually recognize a satirical horror movie about racism or a period drama about a disabled woman who wanted to fuck a fishman.


Second: Emerald City. We did Friday-Saturday-Sunday this year, though not Thursday, and had a relatively easy schedule. Friday (during which we were cosplaying as Matt[ilda] Murdock [myself] and Elektra Natchios [drift partner] since the only way they could be gayer is if they were both actually women and anyway Matt is one of the only white boys we give serious damns about anymore, but we only got a selfie because we forgot to get anyone else to take a picture of us since we were alone most of the day) was largely devoted to walking around, scoping things out (saw lots of lovely art, found myself a Funko Pop of Lafayette from True Blood which is worth bragging about since that series was literally years ago and isn’t made anymore I’m pretty sure), and meeting Billie Piper.

Billie Piper was lovely. As y’all know, I do not Doctor Who. We watched the season with Twelve and Bill because of Bill, as you know, but I’ve never done the rest of it. I know that Billie Piper played Rose, who was a companion to Nine and Ten both; I know that people are bonkers about Rose/Ten; I know that drift partner drastically prefers Nine to Ten as a romantic partner for Rose and as a character (and at this point my only extended exposure to David Tennant is Jessica Jones, so I’m inclined to be wary of Ten as well; David Tennant was also there with a line that was absolutely mad and I’m sure he’s fine but I just couldn’t). Mostly, though, I personally know Billie Piper from Penny Dreadful. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the last episode of that show because I just… can’t, I don’t know. It was a beautiful weird headrush of a program and Billie Piper was one of my favorite parts of it, considering that her plotline, which was in the style of but not directly derived from any one particular known story, was “prostitute dies of consumption or something [I assume consumption because that’s what people die of in the olden days] and is reborn as the Bride of Frankenstein, then meets Dorian Grey and after regaining memory of her time as a prostitute decides to seek vengeance on all of London’s cruel johns, eventually recruiting other London prostitutes to join her in a vengeful and sometimes Sapphic prostitute army” and that is 100% my brand. As a result of this, I made sure to tell Billie Piper (after drift partner discussed her love for Rose and Nine) that I so greatly appreciated the wicked insanity of Penny Dreadful. She seemed to get a kick out of that, largely because I imagine most people had been talking to her about Who throughout the con and it was nice to have a change of pace.

(She also asked the girls in front of us for recommendations for a good curry place nearby, which was insanely charming.)

Here is that selfie of us of Matt[ilda] and Elektra, anyway:


Saturday was when we did Black Widow [drift partner] and Scarlet Witch [me]. My mom upgraded Scarlet Witch since our sojourn to Rose City last September, and I was thrilled to wear it; it’s surprisingly comfortable, if very very warm, and I like the mood it puts me in. The day was more looking and buying, grabbing a couple of writer signatures (Marguerite Bennett of Bombshells fame, who I was absolutely thrilled to meet because oh my god you guys that is my favorite thing, and Kate Leth of Hellcat fame, who we met last year but I wanted to meet again because she’s awesome), and meeting Sean Maher.

Sean Maher, as you know, is Simon on Firefly, aka one of my always boys, aka one of the only male characters I am hardcore about, aka the namesake of one of my parents’ cats, aka half of one of the only m/f ships I still freak out about, aka a lovely real life example of a happy gay person living a good life. He seemed very tired but we got a nice picture of him wearing a vest signed and told him we adored his character and adored his being a lovely example of gay because we too are in that. He then used the word “family” which was sweet.

Here’s a picture of us as Scarlet Witch and Black Widow, taken by a professional (?) photographer who was nice enough to indulge us:


Sunday was my mother’s very first day at Emerald City! She wore her excellent Melisandre and I wore the season 7 Daenerys she just finished for me, which is very nice but oh my god the warmest thing I’ve ever worn at a convention; drift partner wore her excellent Jessica-Jones-as-Jewel after some last-minute changes to our cosplay schedule. I decided the theme was then “women who murder rapists,” because Melisandre has certainly done (albeit maybe accidentally) and Dany definitely does and, well, Jess has also done. Yes. Our first goal of the day was seeing Summer Glau, because while we have before my mom has not. We paid to take a selfie with her, and by selfie I mean picture at the table that someone else took because it’s hard to take a selfie with four people in it, and my mom thanked her for giving her an excellent daughter-in-law (after retelling the story of drift partner’s and my meeting). Summer cooed and gave us hugs and said she was glad to be part of the story.

After that we went to go see Corinne Duyvis, who was hanging out signing books in the vendor hall. We had a very nice talk about how On the Edge of Gone had entered my life soon after I realized I was autistic and its protagonist really struck a chord with me accordingly; drift partner has known longer about autism but she agreed with the overall sentiment. Then we talked about her glasses (which were purple and pink, which matched how she currently had her hair dyed). She was very lovely and I was thrilled to get to meet her because, well, I really had never thought I’d get to because genre YA authors aren’t the people you think about as likely to come to a convention. And after that was a lot of walking around, art-perusing, and my mom and I getting our photos taken by people.

Here’s our “selfie” with Summer:


Overall, good weekend very exhausting.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: this one is butch.

23 Feb


I’m doing the Amazoness Quartet in the order that I thought they were aged. I thought Jun-Jun was the second-oldest. There does not appear to be conclusive information. That said, she’s very butch.


I don’t know. Dinosaurs are butch. Sure. Dino Identifier Graphic T-Shirt, ModCloth.

back in

Sure???? There aren’t any white pants so I’m picking up on the brown in her bikini. Back in a Sash Pants in Rust, ModCloth.


I don’t know. They match. They’re boots. Canvas on Campus Ankle Booties, ModCloth.


Sure! These just seem like her. The circular shapes and such. Baubles of Fun Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Spoiler Alert Monday :: our thoughts on Black Panther

19 Feb

It was a weird weekend and we’re posting this now so deal with it. It can’t wait.

First of all: we are not the people whose opinions about this movie matter at all. Even if we had both hated Black Panther, that wouldn’t have mattered. Black Panther is a superhero movie with a worldwide release by a major studio directed by, written by, starring, and designed by a largely black cast and crew, about a fictional African country that has never been colonized and has the greatest technological achievements of any country in the world. That is groundbreaking. (If you’re reading this and wondering why it’s such a big deal, I really recommend seeking out black writers’ thoughts on the film.)

Of course, the movie is also just really great. If you’re tired of superhero movies about the same old hero’s journey, I think you’ll be pleased with the places this movie goes. T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returns to his home country of Wakanda shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War to be crowned king after the tragic death of his father, T’Chaka. He wants to be a good king, but he is faced with a choice: keep Wakanda’s secrets and remain sequestered from the rest of the world, or use their country’s resources and power to help the oppressed around the world. Things become more complicated when a newcomer appears, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), who challenges T’Challa’s leadership

I don’t want to give too much away, but here are some non-spoilery (or the vaguest of spoilers) highlights:

  • Shuri (Letitia Wright) is the smartest person in the world, and she’s a sixteen-year-old princess who loves her brother and gives him lots of shit. She is probably going to be my favorite character of 2018 and if we don’t get a movie about her I will flip a desk. She’s this weird ball of teenage girl energy and the absolute pure essence of the Afrofuturism that this movie is bringing to the forefront (check that out, it’s super interesting), from her clothes to her multitude of inventions to her attitude to her technology.
  • T’Challa himself is a great character, much more dimensional than the (delightful) glimpses of him we got in Civil War as a quiet but skillful warrior trying to avenge the death of his father. His arc in this movie is a bit different from the typical superhero arc, and it’s wonderful to watch.
  • Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) fills the “love interest” role, but oh, thank goodness, there’s a brief glimpse of good het in a Marvel movie again, because she and T’Challa are great. It could be a dangerous setup, the exes who work together (goodness knows Marvel has messed that up before), but they work so well together. They’re still obviously on good terms despite the ambiguous breakup in their past; she can fight alongside him, he can confide in her, she protects him and his with all of her heart. She’s also incredible in her own right, multitalented and fearless and outspoken.
  • Then there’s Okoye (Danai Gurira) and the Dora Milaje. They’re Wakanda’s elite all-lady warrior group, but that even seems like an understatement. They’re just fantastic at everything. Okoye is their general and she’s very driven by tradition and justice but also capable of snarking. (Ayo [Florence Kasumba], who had one little moment in Civil War, is still around as well, so that’s nice.)
  • Also on the kickass women front is Ramonda (Angela Bassett), T’Challa’s mother and Wakanda’s queen (mother). She gets to grieve for her husband without it being treated as a weakness, exemplify what it means to behave like royalty, have a great relationship with both of her kids… she’s pretty damn awesome.
  • ALSO M’BAKU (Winston Davis). I don’t want to spoil anything but he has one of the best lines in the movie and I love him.
  • W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) is an interesting character that I wanted to see more of. He went in a different direction than I was expecting, but Kaluuya does incredible things with his face and there’s one particular scene that is iconic.
  • Erik Killmonger is a great villain, one of the best the MCU has had, and Jordan gives an incredible performance. He’s also a terrible person, but at least he’s more interesting and fun to watch than most of the villains have been.

Go see this movie as soon as you can. It’s worth it.

–your fangirl heroines.


Fashion Friday :: my childhood is a lie.

16 Feb


Namely, that the Sailor Moon wiki says Vesves is the youngest of the Amazoness Quartet and I could swear she was the oldest. But she’s apparently in the anime the most so maybe that’s why I thought that. I don’t know. Some weird pretend games I played as a kid just got retconned.

so red

As usual I’m sort of mixing-matching what colors go red, but this has a kind of sixties vibe, which the dresses they wore when they were pretending to be regular people had as well. So Sixties A-Line Dress in Scarlet, ModCloth.

city adventure

I… don’t know. She’s a little athletic, leggings are good? And these are pink velvet, which is pretty much irresistible. She’s kind of dressed like a Valentine, but a really sarcastic one, I guess. City Adventure Velvet Leggings in Cerise, ModCloth.

salt water

Close enough! Leather Sandal in Red, Salt Water Sandals at ModCloth.

geo stampede

And here! She’s the beast trainer, so. Geo Stampede Pendant Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: the genderfluid one counts for this series.

9 Feb

fish eye

I’m talking about Fish Eye, who, as you know, is genderfluid. Unless it’s in the DIC dub when they’re just a girl. But for realsies they are both!

that seventies

These stripes are vertical, not horizontal, and they’re a pattern on the fabric, not weird Michelin man puffiness. That Seventies Swank Jumpsuit in Stripes, ModCloth.

simple is

Eh, sure. This is there. Simple Is In Keyhole Top in Navy, ModCloth.


Fish Eye’s shoes are actually pastel pink pumps. Since I changed from light blue to navy for this, here are red pumps. Bedecked with Bows Heel, ModCloth.

fab final

There is a pink fish on Fish Eye’s jumpsuit, so here’s a red belt to update. Fab Final Touch Belt in Ruby, Banned at ModCloth.


These are actually a really similar shape to Fish Eye’s actual earrings, although blue instead of orange and green. Outfit Uplifting Earrings, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.