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Fashion Friday :: skulls.

20 Oct


No, really. That’s the Spanish translation of the word “Calaveras” which is the original name of the Ayakashi Sister I grew up knowing as Avery. Honestly I don’t know why they named her Avery because Avery derives from names meaning either “elf counsel” or “elf power” and like, elves have skulls but that isn’t really relevant. It has a lot of the same letters, maybe? I don’t know.

Reader, I am drink. The television show Inhumans is so bad.

get what

So this is… not a metal corset, but it’s fine. Get What Uke Deserve Top in Sunflower, ModCloth.

you sassy

This feels right! You Sassy Thing Skater Skirt in Maroon, ModCloth.

old fashioned

SURE. Old Fashioned Fab Heel, BAIT Footwear at ModCloth.


It’s a knitwear theme, or something. Hairdo The Twist Headband, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Spoiler Alert Sunday :: our thoughts on Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

15 Oct

So I will begin by saying: gosh, we enjoyed this movie. I mean, that should be kind of a gimme, considering it’s about the bisexual triad responsible for creating and inspiring Wonder Woman, who is a wonderful and kickass character and a feminist inspiration. But I went in expecting to go “oh, that was really good,” not necessarily to feel as many things as I did.

Here’s the thing. A lot of what I felt was deeply personal, and not necessarily the sort of personal I want to or can find words to describe in detail. There was a quiet beauty to this story and its telling, though, that I can explain.

Let’s start with Rebecca Hall, portraying scholar of psychiatry, wife, and muse Elizabeth Marston. I have always been very fond of Rebecca Hall but this performance was poignant and sometimes painful but thrilling. (I’m not great at award predictions, and I doubt this will garner the proper attention to secure her any nominations, but I’d be very much supportive of it if it did come to pass by some miracle.) She was this fascinating balance of caring and heartsick and abrasive and vulnerable and angry and just so many things, and it’s not just the “true story” aspect of things that made this character seem very real, real in a way a lot of female characters don’t. It was a thoughtful portrayal that was full of nuance and flaw and dimensions. Also, she’s gorgeous and incredibly electric to watch.

Bella Heathcote, as the student who became the Marstons’ lover and mother of two of the triad’s children Olive Byrne, was decidedly more openly caring and vulnerable most of the time and yet perhaps the figure with the most ultimate power in the situation. She naturally has a sort of unusual porcelain doll quality to her, which worked to her advantage here for certain (one of the first scenes is the Marstons discussing the psychological advantages or burdens of Olive’s physical beauty, which was itself fascinating). But she was also so, so good at the moments where more steel was required of her.

Luke Evans was the titular Professor (William Moulton) Marston, and quite good as well. I haven’t seen him in many things, but what I have seen has been… well, a Fast and Furious film or something, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from him. It was interesting to watch a movie in which he was the protagonist, technically, and the guiding figure of the story, but he as a character was quick to ascribe more importance to the two women in his life and he as an actor was quick to let the two actresses take the spotlight much more often as it suited. He was a framing device sometimes more than a character, but he was also, I must say, a very good ally. The construction of the story (scenes from the trio’s lives intertwined with an interrogation by, essentially, the old-timey morals police) provided him ample time to elaborate on his psychological theory and the motivation behind his creation and handling of Wonder Woman as a character.

But honestly, there’s a lot that can really only be experienced for yourself. It’s possible that it’ll hit some of y’all differently than it hit us, because not everyone is us (and let’s not mince words, I’m sure being Sapphic women made it hit us more strongly than it might hit others), but it’s small and beautiful and wholly worth it.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: silly ice birdie.

13 Oct


In the DIC dub, Berthier was called Birdie (Birdy?). I’m not sure why, other than the fact that it is more of a name than Berthier. I am genuinely not sure why that was her name originally, because it does not appear to be a rock or anything, but sure. Whatever. She’s ice but she wears a swimsuit and thigh boots in her original.


I once had a friend who bought a vintage slip or nightgown (it was debatable which) and wore it as her dress to a school event. It was adorable (although the dress she’d originally bought, also vintage, to go over it was cuter so I was mildly disappointed) and I imagine Berthier would do the same kind of thing. Luxe Lounging Nightgown in Ice, ModCloth.


Not able to do ice blue on ice blue on ice blue here, because not every shade of blue matches, so pops of white. Sheer Me Out Tights in Blanc, ModCloth.


Also these are darker blue, but they just feel correct to me. These vain space ninnies would love velvet, I’m pretty sure. Platform Sass Velvet Heel, ModCloth.


These just seem right. Fabulous Fanfare Earrings, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Television Tuesday :: a haiku

10 Oct

Dark is fine, I guess
But lately I’ve been about
Silly shows with heart.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: these shallow space ninnies I love them.

6 Oct


To be fair, the Ayakashi/Spectre Sisters are not my favorite bunch of female middle-bads, but that’s mostly just because I love the Witches 5 and the Amazoness Quartet a lot. Here is Koan! Who singlehandedly earned them the nickname “the bad kink sisters.”

classic striped

Stripes! Classic Striped Button-Up Top in Wine, ModCloth.


Space because space sisters. None of the tulle coordinated with the shirt. Supernova Twirl Skater Skirt in Lilac, ModCloth.


Eh, good enough they match part of the outfit. Accent Your Ensemble Tights in Grape, ModCloth.

take your

Sure. Switch the colors. Take Your Dances T-Strap Heel in Taffy, BAIT Footwear at ModCloth.

how shard

And… you know, why not. How Shard Can it Be? Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: to Isabelle

1 Oct

Def.: Casting an actress who is at least semi-prominent in a television series for a role that is presumably meant to recur and then killing her off in the first episode in which she appears. Etymology re: Isabelle Hartley of Agents of SHIELD.

Usage: To hear tell, the new Star Trek definitely Isabelled the character played by Michelle Yeoh.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: sure yes this needs doing.

29 Sep


Objectively I care the least about An as far as female villains in Sailor Moon are concerned. But completism.

the embolden

My goodness an actual burgundy jumpsuit. The Embolden Age Jumpsuit in Burgundy, Miss Candyfloss at ModCloth.


Get it. Because they work for a tree and trees are plants and so are flowers. Plus, you need heels with pants like that. Charming Capers Mary Jane Heel in Gold, Ruby Shoo at ModCloth.

touch of

All the golden flora! Touch of Tranquility Belt, ModCloth.


And since purple-blue was the complementing color in the scheme, some earrings. Artful Analysis Earrings, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.