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Music Monday :: my thoughts on Memories Are Now

6 Feb

Jesca Hoop is a weirdo and I like her.

“Memories Are Now.” This song feels a little disorienting, which I mean as a compliment. Like it’s sweet but also there’s just a lot of things going on but also the lyrics are kind of going in circles, nice circles, I’m into it. This is a strange effect. She’s good at that kind of weird shit. I like it.

“The Lost Sky.” “You became the dark star and left me all alone” or maybe “dog star”  but “dark star” is creepier and I like that. “Out of our secrets we built a home” that’s also nice. This is just interesting and it’s foreboding for reasons I cannot at all fathom. Maybe it is “dog star.” I like that too, don’t get me wrong. Either way. This is nice. (I would also like to let you know, Very Certain Reader, that I instinctively typed it “Darkstar” the first time.)

“Animal Kingdom Chaotic.” Typewriter noises! “You know you wanna but computer says no” mm Jesca honey are we going to have to have to have a talk about the fetishization of computer hating? We might. It’s a pretty song if you don’t pay attention to that. I don’t know. I’m just really sensitive because like. Computers aren’t the devil, guys. It’s important to engage with living things too, but mm. Yeah. “Robots are the new exotic” on that note, y’all, don’t fuck robots.

“Simon Says.” I think part of it is that there’s always this weird lilting singsong thing to her songs, but there are also thousands of levels sometimes. It’s entrancing. It’s easy to kind of just fall in.

“Cut Connection.” This song seems sort of angry about something, which is not bad. Or maybe just vehement in a way a lot of hers aren’t. It’s interesting. Angry army war music.

“Songs of Old.” Also the songs sound somehow at once timeless and unusual, like they’ve always existed forever but there’s nothing quite like them. It’s a strange combination, but I like it. It works. This one especially feels embedded in like, legend. Maybe that’s partially the like, legendary type lyrics, rocks of ages and empires and stuff, but it also just feels that way. Solemn.

“Unsaid.” More lilting. “The night is long and the bed is cold and the heart is hard and the embers cold and the door is closed when you walk away” I think I’m fascinated by really long musical sentences that sort of blend into each other like this. Also the instruments make it sort of feel like a jig. At a Renaissance Fair. But in a good way. Not that those aren’t good, but I mean it’s not cheesy-sounding. It’s not trying too hard.

“Pegasi.” Strum strum! “You’re the envy of the sky.” Oh that is so pretty. This is so pretty. This is also (obviously) legendary. I feel like she’s trying to write songs that sound like medieval ballads, in a new way. Also props for working “supernova” into lyrics seamlessly.

“The Coming.” Lo-fi! Hello there. It sounds like a finale.

–your fangirl heroine.



Music Monday :: 2016 in music, part 2 (10 albums of the year)

3 Jan

Posted on a Tuesday because the holidays messed everyone up and also we’ve been moving house and deal with it.

10. Wild Things, Ladyhawke
Solid synth for the year.

9. case/lang/veirs, case/lang/veirs
This album was classic from the first time I heard it.

8. The Bride, Bat for Lashes
And this? This is the kind of epic creepiness and melancholia that we all need in our lives.

7. Jessica Rabbit, Sleigh Bells
On this album, Sleigh Bells gets a bit more lyrically cohesive than usual and to emotionally devastating effect while continuing to bring the electronoise delight.

6. Beyond the Bloodhounds, Adia Victoria
The perfect mix of twang and devastation and blues and gloriousness.

5. Citrine, Hayley Kiyoko
The only badness is that this is so short. Otherwise it’s perfect ladygay delight.

4. In Loving Memory Of When I Gave a Shit, Lolo
My beloved, darling, deep-voiced and furious and glorious princess.

3. Good Grief, Lucius
Ah these blessed weirdos. I adore them and everything they do.

2. I’m Alone, No You’re Not, Joseph
As mentioned on Saturday.

1. Love You To Death, Tegan and Sara
As also mentioned. Bless.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: 2016 in music, part 1 (11 songs of the year)

26 Dec

11. “Mustang Kids,” Zella Day
So this is from last year, but I discovered it this year and this particular video came out this year so it sort of counts. Her whole vibe is very trancey and odd and I can’t tell, there might be Sapphic chicks in this music video. Maybe. Good enough for me.

10. “Milk and Cookies,” Melanie Martinez
This album also came out last year but the music video is really recent and it’s been in my heaviest rotation this year. I’ve spent weeks just driving around wailing along to this like an emo teenager, it’s great. I love the entire album (more on that next week) but I special-pick this song because it is explicitly about tweeishly murdering a sexual predator with cookies and the music video made that even more explicit.

9. “Supermoon,” Case Lang Veirs
Grindhouse Gothic perfection, of which there was plenty this year but this is exemplary.

8. “Holy,” Zolita
YouTube has started recommending me random pop music videos that are about Sapphic girls, and this one came up. It’s interesting, because it’s a good song but I don’t know if the song would have stuck with me as much as it has if it wasn’t such a gay video, but it’s the gayest video. There’s a lesbian cult at what seems to be a private school prelude to The Handmaid’s Tale.

7. “And Then You Die,” Adia Victoria
The vibe on this entire album is so intense. It’s worth many, many listens.

6. “Hatefuck,” Cruel Youth
Teddy Sinclair, once Natalia Kills, helms this project, and it’s glorious. It’s like a dirtier angrier version of the 1960s girl group songs I grew up hearing on the radio.

5. “Daughters,” Lissie
Because everyone needs a Wild West feminist ballad in their lives sometimes.

4. “Gone Insane,” Lucius
As I observed, this is a harmonious ballad about gaslighting and it’s brilliant. The music video is a little body-horror, though, so be careful friends.

3. “Sweet Dreams,” Joseph
I have basically been playing this album every time I’m not playing Cry-Baby in my car, and it’s brilliant and wonderful, but this track stands out as the most epic and glorious.

2. “Gravel to Tempo,” Hayley Kiyoko
Because lesbians. It’s a great song, but let’s be real, it’s important as it is because lesbians.

1. “Dying to Know,” Tegan and Sara
For you, love.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on Jessica Rabbit

21 Nov

I think I’m in the emotional space for Sleigh Bells this week.

“It’s Just Us Now.” This is like a girl pop band sung over Green Day and therefore oh it’s luscious. “And when you die I wanna die, I wanna die with you, lay us down for good, lay us down for good” ughhhh delicious.

“Torn Clean.” This feels like I feel when I look at collages of screencaps from Twin Peaks (which I have not actually seen, but which I admire the screencaps of regularly).

“Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold.” I think this album is overall a bit less… trance than previous Sleigh Bell efforts? Which I love in the right place, but these lyrics are a little bit more coherent. “I was dreaming on the dead-end street that we used to run down.”

“I Can’t Stand You Anymore.” “Who died and made you boss?” This whole thing is great because I love fuck-off songs.

“Crucible.” I’m just smiling. This is oddly pleasant. I like Alexis Krauss’ voice a lot.

“Loyal For.” This is a bit more like their usual, I think. Repeating and eerie but with a side of “atomic deals like a waterfall over us all.”

“I Can Only Stare.” “Why are we sharing the breath till there’s nothing left but carbon dioxide” goddamn y’all you’re killing it tonight.

“Throw Me Down the Stairs.” Oh look another fuck-off song literally. “Fuck you people, I’ve had it up to here.” It sounds like the girlpunk rage music I tried to embrace in my adolescent angst phase, and I mean that nicely.

“Unlimited Dark Paths.” Is this about emo Daisy? I think it is. This is angst pure and simple.

“I Know Not to Count On You.” This is some video game delight. 8-bit beauty.

“Rule Number One.” Ass-kicking!!!

“Baptism by Fire.” My jam!!!!

“Hyper Dark.” I’m getting into the zoning out part of the listening experience but I like that.

“As If.” Well, I’d like to stay here.

–your fangirl heroine.



Music Monday :: my thoughts on La La La

14 Nov

I like Priscilla Ahn and I am not in the headspace for the new Sleigh Bells tonight so here. Twee little songs.

“Body Sounds.” Is this an album of songs for children? I feel like it could be but also this is really soothing so I’m fine with it.

“Elephant.” This is also very cute. This is different than the songs of hers that I’m more familiar with, which are more clear and delicate and wistful-melancholy.

“All by Myself.” This is a little closer to that, but better.

“Forever and Forever.” Oh. This is the right thing.

“Vampire.” Hee this is probably cutesier than it’s got any right to be.

“Leaves.” Yes. This is pastel.

“Des Jeunes Filles Et Des Fleurs.” The young girls and the flowers! That’s a nice thing that I would like to stay in please.

“Dust Bunny.” I’m so??? Why is this so charming I don’t know I made a good choice tonight. Thank you Priscilla Ahn this is good.

“Little Boat.” Soothing. I’m staying with that.

“In My Bed.” I think I’m just going to stay here forever.

“Desert Lullaby.” Nice good thank.

“Oyasumi.” This is is Japanese for “good night.” This is gentle as fuck and I love it.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on Citrine

7 Nov

So okay, it’s been a few weeks since this  came out, but it’s been some busy Mondays.

“Gravel to Tempo.” As before, beautiful and luscious. “Thinking I’m a monster in disguise.” Someone attributed this to Daisy Johnson on a gifset and is there anything more perfect right now? Also the meta upon meta from tomboy-butch queer girls about the music video, which I don’t exactly relate to being femme as fuck but which I appreciate wholly.

“Ease My Mind.” This is downright funky. I don’t know. Hayley Kiyoko just makes me really happy. It’s not always entirely perky stuff but I just have such a nice feeling about it.

“Pretty Girl.” Obviously, this song is so outrageously gay. It’s really interesting, because from a boy this could be weird, overbearing and sketch, really posturing, maybe because we know better than to expect most boy singers are that earnest, but Hayley Kiyoko is so self-effacing and Sapphic and wonderful so it’s really cute! Also, c’mon we all know this feel.

“One Bad Night.” So I’m just going to put this here. “We play with fire, these yellow marks get glowing, ember on the wire, I’m burning with you on this black tar road, when it feels this good, you don’t let go.” Yes good.

“Palace.” Yes, I’d like to be inside this. “So this is where I leave you” this is yes. This is glorious and “on a bed of roses” makes me think of Margaery, of course it does, and Margaery also likes girls and that’s wistful and boy, it’s so nice Margaery kisses girls and is definitely not dead. That is a rousing tune, Hayley Kiyoko. A+.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: a love letter to Tegan and Sara’s live shows

10 Oct

So, I’ve (drift partner) been in about a thousand church services and worship sessions in my life. I grew up going to church once a week and my entire school career was spent in religious schools that had at least weekly chapel services. I say this to highlight the fact that this concert felt more like a religious experience to me than any of those services. There were hundreds of queer women in this building, all singing and dancing their hearts out, and even though I didn’t know all the words and I hate dancing, I felt like I was part of a community. I felt at home.

And while I haven’t got exactly that same frame of reference (my church history is slightly more sporadic and the majority of my church experiences were more, being quite honest, tame boring white people stuff) I can wholeheartedly agree. Concerts often have a sense of belonging involved (hey, isn’t it nice? We all like this!) but it’s rarely been this personal. It was a huge theater but it felt remarkably intimate.

We are talking about Tegan and Sara.

This was the single gayest space I (drift partner) have ever been in, and I went to Pride earlier this year. (Which was also great! But not as condensed.) There were so many wlw! All over! Wearing plaid flannel and vests and patches and mohawks and literally any other article of clothing you associate with lesbians. (There was also a small dog with a pink mohawk, which I wanted to get a picture of but couldn’t manage to.) And every single one of them knew exactly what was going to happen the instant Tegan and Sara got on that stage.

Hilariously, there were also some (by all appearances) cishet men in the crowd as well, most of whom looked as if they were dragged by their girlfriends, wives, and/or daughters and most of whom looked mildly puzzled by it all. The gentleman seated next to me seemed to get into it eventually – he started tapping his foot about ¾ of the way through the show. His female companion, on his other side, was totally engaged, so it was obvious which of the two actually wanted to come. I don’t mean to be rude, but the palpable sense of “huh?” was awfully funny.

There were definite moments. With some Tegan and Sara songs, you can (sort of) forget they’re outrageously lesbian people. They’re just songs. “I Was Married,” for goodness’ sake, written well before the recent uptick in the notability of queer weddings. But with some songs, it’s like they’re just slamming you over the head with how absolutely gay they are – and it’s the most beautiful thing. Rainbow lights flashing in squares on the stage floor and in the background as they bounce around and the lyrics go “all the girls I loved before told me they signed up for more, save your first and last chance for me I don’t need a white wedding,” particularly, felt like this glorious wlw version of what the proverbial teenybopper is meant to feel at a boyband concert. It was unapologetic and colorful and upbeat and the presumably cishet men looked so uncomfortable. Exactly, I imagine, what I look like listening to a lot of pop songs written by cishet men, in fact. It was a super fun concert, but the role reversal aspect also made it fascinating.

Shura opened for them, and I was only familiar with one of her songs (this one), but I’m interested in checking out the rest of her album based on the live performances. I think maybe her stuff plays better if you’re closer to the stage, because it seems to be pretty lyrics-based and I couldn’t make out very much of it, but I enjoyed listening to the live stuff anyway. She seems charming and British, so.

Also, Tegan and Sara’s backup band was definitely all dressed like Todd Ingram. It was mildly distracting at points, though in a funny way.

Also, boy it’s fun to be all snuggly on one’s lady friend at a concert and not have the vague sense that the disapproving mother of twelve-year-olds is glaring at you.

–your fangirl heroines.