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Music Monday :: my thoughts on A Long and Happy Life

3 Apr

Or: Give Me This Right Now Even Though I’m Betting Most Of These Tracks Will Also Be On The Next Album When It Drops. This is an EP, there are only 4 tracks, but I don’t care I’m ready.

“A Long and Happy Life.” Hello Liz! “I was raised by strongheaded women, men who tested limits.” I mean this is country. This is a country song. Moreso than some of their stuff. I’m fine with it. I’m not a big straight country person… but it’s part of these guys. It’s an element. It’s part of what raised them and what makes them who they are and I love who they are. “Make me a country bride, you’ll be my prince of tides” well that seems to be a slightly strange reference but sure. It’s still pretty. It’s wholesome. Whatever. Y’all do you.

“I Moved South.” A bit more guitar. GIRL DUET OH MY GODDDDDDD. One of the only things their catalogue has been somewhat lacking thus far. They’re singing about the nice things about Southern culture (and Southern music culture) and that’s nice. This is full of harmonies and it’s semi-autobiographical, clearly, and that’s nice too.

“No Peace in Quiet.” Oh no it’s the one that’s going to be like to make me cry. I can tell just from the opening chords. “My friends are always over so I’m not alone” oh Liz. Oh my god. This is so just… this is lonely and melancholic and beautiful and shit. “I’ll hate myself for checking as if I don’t know that it’s just the wind chimes” fuck damn you guys. “There’s nothing I hear louder than the words I never said” ow ow ow ow ow.

“Ain’t Love.” Okay, so this EP is mostly Liz. That’s fine! I love them all. “A broken heart looks good on me.” Oh, damn damn. “Ain’t love till it hurts like this.” “We only share the happy pictures we take, we put a filter on our own heartache” they’re straight owning up to things I’ve psychologically observed about other people oh my god this is. Something. This is kind of upbeat but it’s like, country angry-sad. This is not the first time I’ve felt they were kind of dissecting things emotionally and it’s interesting as hell.

–your fangirl heroine.


Marvel Monday :: Lie for a Living [a Bobbi Morse fanmix]

23 Jan



1. Run (Delta Rae)
“I wanna run to feel again, to be no one, to run under the stars of Orion, and all my life I’ve been burning by the dreams I’ve had, now I want to run, I want to run.”

2. Reckless (MS MR)
“Hunt or be hunted on the ground beneath the fuss, corrupt chemistry, that got the best of us. Want and be wanted on the ground beneath the fuss, cool complexity that got the best of us. There’s no one left to deceive, there’s nothing more to discuss.”

3. Runaway (Ryn Weaver)
“They tell me temper, temper, little lady, better bite that tongue, it is not becoming. My blood boils rapids to break the levy and let it keep on running, running. And maybe I’m crazy for claiming my freedom, for loving and leaving, I secretly hear them.”

4. Bad Things (Meiko)
You say that you want all of my love but let’s be honest, we don’t need all that. I like it better with no strings attached. Good girls do bad things sometimes but we get by with it.”

5. Generals (The Mynabirds)
“Calling all my generals, my daughters, my revolutionists, we got strength in numbers and they’re gon’ to pay.”

6. Instigators (Grace Potter)
“Shoulder to shoulder, we blow on the coals in the cold of our souls and we’re ready to fight. You, me, together we’re gonna be the instigators, revolution loves company, we are the revelators.”

7. Proud (Tegan and Sara)
“Freedom’s rough so we take our stand and fight for tomorrow. Finally we got something, something we can bring down the house with.”

8. Haunting (Halsey)
“‘Cause I’ve done some things that I can’t speak and I’ve tried to wash you away but you just won’t leave. So won’t you take a breath and dive in deep ’cause I came here so you’d come for me.”

9. The Outlaw Josey Wales (Zella Day)
“Lived forever, stripes of gold, took the living, reflect your face in every window. There’s nothing, to hold you down, it’s like no one, no one knows where you came from, it’s like no one, no one knows where you came from.”

10. Daughters (Lissie)
“We are the daughters, we are the damned and doomed. Give us your violence, we won’t be silent.”

11. White Flag (Joseph)
“I could surrender but I’d just be pretending, no I’d rather be dead than live a lie, burn the white flag, burn the white flag.”

12. You Can’t Outrun ‘Em (Jenny Lewis)
“And will your mama pull you through? I wouldn’t wish it on my enemy now that I am living proof that history repeats.”

13. Heroes and Songs (Brandi Carlile)
“Some rights and some wrongs, some heroes and songs are much better left unsolved. Between fiction and fact, Illusion and pact where we’ve been into what we’ve become.”

Lie for a Living at YouTube.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunday :: 10 gifts that 2015 gave me

3 Jan

10. Inside Out
I wound up seeing this twice, actually, and it was just a delight.  Psychology: the animated movie!  I’m all about that.  I’m also all about cartoons that aren’t cloying, and this definitely wasn’t.

9. Jupiter Ascending
This is glorious trash and that is all there is to it.

8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
If this had come out earlier in the year it would be higher up on the list, but I haven’t had time to crest the wave of buzz yet.  I’ve seen it twice and loved the hell out of it both times.  I love the babies, I can definitely feel my five-year-old self’s adoration for Leia swelling again.  It’s not exactly an unpredictable film but it’s so pleasant.

7. Badlands
I didn’t actually review this album here, but I absolutely love it.  Evey single song is solid gold (although I admit that “Colors” makes me giggle now because of a tumblr post pertaining to SHIELD 3.05 and “Castle,” while being one of my favorite tracks, makes me giggle now because of the Huntsman trailer).  Also, Halsey seems like a super cool person.

6. Daredevil + Jessica Jones
So I haven’t actually finished Daredevil yet but we marathoned Jessica Jones for the new year and I am in love.  I mean, I’m in love with both of these shows.  They’re ~dark and gritty~ but I’m fine with that because they’re also compelling and mostly populated by characters that I actually give a damn about.  There are really important platonic (“platonic”) relationships and hetero romances that don’t annoy me and wonderful casts that do an A+ job and it’s just so important.  Also, blowback of trauma and pulling no punches regarding it.

5. After It All
I haven’t been pre-hyped for an album like I was for this in a very long time, and it holds up so well.


4. lady relationships in SHIELD
Not all of the discussion here is pertinent to 2015, and there’s more to it than was written in that pre-season 3 post, so let me add also: Daisy (Chloe Bennet) and Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) are still so important and still love each other look they hugged again finally, Jemma and Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) are so important too watch Bobbi still be one of the only people Jemma can actually talk to about things watch Bobbi have such emotion in her eyes when she sees Jemma returned from her brief kidnapping, Bobbi and Melinda (Ming-Na Wen) are so important watch Melinda test Bobbi watch Bobbi support Melinda watch them be undercover together and kicking ass together and amazing together.  Etcetera.

3. Every Open Eye
What beauty this album is.  What perfection.

2. Agent Carter
Peggy has always been my girl because vintage, but she’s also this feminine but lethal powerhouse of danger and beauty and cunning and I have a lot of emotions.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road
What a beautiful and important piece of cinema and I hope it is recognized for the masterpiece it is always.

–your fangirl heroine.




Music Monday :: 2015 in music, part 2 (10 albums)

28 Dec

Mostly without commentary.

10. Lovers Know, The Mynabirds
Just.  So.  Solid.

9. Beautiful Monster, Sky-Pony
It’s so morbid and cabaret and meta and lady.

8. Delirium, Ellie Goulding
I’m still waiting for this album to entirely grow on me, but it’s really solid and fun and yes.

7. Froot, Marina and the Diamonds
She just has the coolest sometimes-weird voice and their stuff is such dark fun.

6. Midnight, Grace Potter
The best club-rock-pop fun I’ve had in a while.

5. How Does It Feel?, MS MR
I can’t even begin to explain how many things I feel listening to this.

4. Badlands, Halsey
Or this.  This album is just so damn good.

3. What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, The Decemberists
Such storytelling such grace.

2. After It All, Delta Rae
What sweet glorious perfection.  But…

1. Every Open Eye, CHVRCHES
Yes, it did end up winning, if only for the weeks that I’ve driven around playing it on repeat/shuffle madly belting along.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: 2015 in music, part 1 (10 songs of the year)

21 Dec

10. “Where the Devil Don’t Go,” Elle King
Because this was, in part, a year of Southern Gothic barroom twang and soul.  Of ladies blasting off the roof with their angry spirited voices.  Of shutting my eyes and just going to a place that’s all drown my woes in a lake of fire, sing a song gonna take me higher.

9. “Blood I Bled” the Staves
And a year of twang of a different sort, a haunting listening-to-music-in-the-dark-with-lit-candles sort.  And harmonies.  Harmonies and come the quickening feet that fall, come the gathering rain.

8.  “She Used to Be Mine,” Sara Bareilles
It was also, like most years, a year of feelings about tragic ladies, of sometimes life just slips in through a back door.

7.  “Beautiful Monster,” Sky-Pony
And tragic ladies with utter rage in their hearts.  It was definitely a year of that, which accounts for this song ranking despite only being in my life for a couple of weeks, a year of there’ll be a dollhouse and I’ll be your toy and coming out of it beautiful and wild.

6.  “Carolina Low,” the Decemberists
It’s been a year of superb storytelling and, again, Southern Gothic aesthetic, of darkness and ghost stories and I got a little love for the offering.

5.  “Look What We’ve Become,” Grace Potter
And saying to hell with expectations, we like who we are and we kick ass and take names and also so we screamed our bloody lungs out and ran straight for the sun.

4.  “Painted,” MS MR
It’s been a year of self-reflection and looking back whether or not that’s a good idea, saying “yeah, I’m angry, what are you gonna do about it” and burning bridges from the inside-out, one day I’ll be stronger than my own doubt.

3.  “Gasoline,” Halsey
Of wondering about oneself and, again, reflecting, of making a big beautiful mess and with your face all made up, living on a screen, low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline and letting yourself feel it.

2.  “Outlaws,” Delta Rae
But there have also been notes of hope, of rebel wonder and wanderlust, of baby we can be magic, and that’s beautiful.

1.  “Playing Dead,” CHVRCHES
But in the end it’s very much a year of no more distractions and no more staying still, I am chasing the skyline much more than you ever will.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on After It All

6 Apr

Guys, I don’t think I can put into words how excited I am about this.  I found out the exact release date for this, the blessed new Delta Rae, in December, and proceeded to not shut up about it for the subsequent months, and here it is.  Here it is.

“Anthem.”  Oh, we start out with sweetsy, almost classical piano with slowly growing undertone of vaguely wistful/ominous something.  Hi, boyvoice.  I… can’t entirely tell the boys’ voices apart unless I’m looking at their faces, oops.  I feel like I should be able to, but this skill will hopefully come with time.  And this little ~one minute track swells into an epic opening.

“Run.”  And hello, one of the tracks from the Chasing Twisters EP with a completely string-heavy reorchestration.  And now the verse and it’s so much Brittanyvoice and oh the boyvoice is echoing and all the voices are echoing and the strings are swelling and my heart is genuinely freaking exploding with joy this sounds like it should be on the end of a Tinkerbell movie, but like, a Southern Gothic Tinkerbell movie (this should happen, please world get on this, even if it’s just via someone cosplaying).  But it’s so beautiful and I know all of the words but it feels like a completely new song and I’m so just thrilled.

“Outlaws.”  OH “baby we could be magic” I’m so.  This is a boy singing a song about “giving the finger to death itself, we got no one to hide from” and running off with a girl but I’m still so into it they have managed to make me do something that normally I wouldn’t be into but it’s so uplifting and everyone is singing together and “baby we could be magic.”

“The Dream.”  Oh oh this is the one that was in the eerie-ass promo clip for the album that released in December “pretty red rose pinned to my clothes, I had the dream as always” it’s

“Scared.”  And this is the one that they released the music video for where Elizabeth and Ian I think were criminals (?) and sold paintings of cats (?) to the mafia (?) that was run by Brittany the vampire (?) mob princess with a throne and then Elizabeth might have been a call girl (?) and it had literally nothing to do with the song and the elements by themselves made no sense at all but gosh it was fun (especially for Brittany’s vampire [?] mob princess glares) and it’s a good song, it really is, and I really like all the gospel-chorus oohs in the back of all of these tracks.  I really do.

“Chasing Twisters.”  Another familiar song completely freaking reorchestrated.  This one is now… wistful Western maiden instead of like, full-out pounding pissed-off cowgirl.  I think both have their uses and it’s getting fuller as it goes on but it’s still different and it’s beautiful it’s freaking beautiful feel the lives that I have taken, what little soul that I have left” oh god this damn band is reducing me to convulsions of feeling.  Girl harmonies.  GIRL HARMONIES.

“Bethlehem Steel.”  Oh!!  I remember this song from the concert.  It was such a good show such a good show god I’m getting so nostalgic about Brittanyvoice and Brittanyface and everyone else rocking out and jumping around and sometimes concerts are just among the best nights of my life, you know?  “He grows up fast” oh gosh that was a beautiful little twist on that word gosh what a good.

“Dead End Road.”  Well this is a very cheerful start for a song with the word “dead” in the title.  I think this is Elizabethvoice!  Hello!  She’s lovely to listen to, too.  She really is.  “Tell me honestly what you came here for, when you’ve heard enough but you beg for more, when you talk so tough but you can’t ignore” oh my.  Oh this is the nicest little stripe of Americana.  Oh I’m so happy.

“You’re the One For Me.”  This seems like it might be really nice.  “We’ve been walking down this open road for way too long, I don’t wanna lead you on, I don’t wanna lead you on.”  This just… sounds like it should be the song on the end of a romantic comedy that the male protagonist sings to the female protagonist at a… county fair karaoke party, idk… except there was just an “I don’t wanna fuck it up the first time” so maybe it would have to be a really sassy romantic comedy, one with a very indie sensibility.  But this is just so uplifting.

“Cold Day in Heaven.”  Oh oh it’s wistful and melancholy and voices “we said it’d never happen to us” this is going to make me feel a lot of things isn’t it.  Yep.  I’m feeling a lot of things.  “Your kisses are poison and all your words are treason.”  Oops.  I don’t even know what I’m feeling but I’m feeling everything.

“I Will Never Die.”  Oh oh last year’s #1 song.  How has this one been reorchestrated?  The drum sounds a little different and her voice is echoing a little more and the raw power is still there oh god I can just feel this song building up through my body oh and the orchestration feels a little fuller, but it’s not too different but I don’t care it’s perfect it’s perfect I love this freaking song this is why I don’t usually liveblog songs I’m super familiar with because I just turn into a fast-typing mess of nonsense and ecstasy I know even the damn drumbeats of this song inside-out I can recognize each and every harmony I know when Brittany revs her voice kind of OH electric guitar that is not particularly new but it is beautiful and oh oh oh oh here comes the swelling-up harmonies chorus this is ecstasy chains percussion harmonies the perfection of this song is unbridled and sometimes I listen to it and just wish I could have a time machine to go back in time and watch it live again.

“The Meaning Of It All.”  Ooh, introspective piano.  That’s pretty and nice.  An abrupt change from the last, honestly.  Your anger has such beauty underneath and we all wanna know” oh oh.  I’m getting legitimate shivers, which is super weird because this is boyvoice but oh god cellos they know my weakness???  “‘Cause I’m breaking down and I can tell it’s deep, I try to dream about the future when I dream” that’s — oh my.  This is just a conglomeration of feelings.  A feelings amusement park.  It’s not even just one rollercoaster, it’s the whole park.

“My Whole Life Long.”  Oh, and now we’re grooving in a much more retro sort of way, with a certain vintage whatnot to it, and that’s nice too.  More boyvoice, but also girlvoice! Hello Elizabeth!  Oh this is a duet is this a duet that would be lovely.  HARMONIES YEP.  Oh this is so cute and “I wanna love you in the darkness with the night rolling in like thunder” goooooosh.  This is beautiful.  And also sounds like the end of a romantic comedy, but it is a testament to the blessed magic of Delta Rae that this does not make me run away and instead makes me smile.

“After It All.”  IT SOUNDS LIKE “BLACKBIRD” BY THE BEATLES that is another weakness.  It’s so soft and pretty gosh harmonies harmonies galore and twang and suddenly everything is so peaceful and I feel very at one with the universe.  AND SUDDENLY a sweeping epic of instrumentation and uplifting whatever and harmonizing and voices and it feels triumphant and I’m getting shivers again.  But it comes back to the single twang and gooooosh I am so happy about things.

–your fangirl heroine.


Music Monday :: 2014 in music, part 1 (10 songs of the year)

22 Dec

10.  “Cabin Fever,” Lily and Madelaine
Because everyone always needs something that sounds like a femalecentric 1960s spy movie.

9.  “Line of Fire,” Sucré
Beautiful fairy princess Stacy with your twee little battle cry, I adore your work and your everything.  The end.

8.  “Death Defying Acts,” Angus and Julia Stone
Still holding up as the standout track on this album, because goodness, but it’s something.  Dark and melancholy and whatnot.  And also familiar, which was a nice thing.

7.  “Half Hero,” Oh Land
I wasn’t sure which song to pick off of this album, but I realized the verse of this song is the one that most often pops into my head.  And it’s just delicious.  I think it’s the edgy echo trick, maybe.

6.  “My Silver Lining,” First Aid Kit
The first song I heard from this album and my favorite, I think.  This year has been one-half twang and one-half vaguely Nordic female singers, all with a side of drama, and this song fills those boxes nicely.

5.  “Child in a Seacave,” Bitter Ruin
So what happened with these guys is I wrote down one of their songs that I heard on an 8tracks mix, then probably a couple of months later I was like “I should go track that song and that band down and see what’s going on.”  And so I stumbled onto Spotify and… have been playing this album at least once a day pretty much every day since.  They are just so weird and theatrical and I recently learned that they’re compared to/friends with the Dresden Dolls which is to say Amanda Palmer and that makes so much sense to me.  Also I watched a video of them performing and they’re now on my need-to-see short list.

4.  “1 2 3 4,” Mirel Wagner
So this album as a whole is actually responsible for my current Spotify habit, because there was a period of about two weeks where I was just listening to this album (or both of Mirel Wagner’s) via Spotify over and over again.  Crafting or baking or just being, it was there and it was moody and it was vibey and it was beautiful.

3.  “Salt of the Earth,” Elizabeth and the Catapult
Really, there are a few songs off Like It Never Happened that nearly made this list, but of them this is the one that I have the least idea of what to do with it on a mix or something, so since I probably have reasons to make fanmixes about girls poisoning people and I don’t know what to do with this one at all but it’s ridiculously sexy and beautiful here we go.

2.  “I Choose You,” Sara Bareilles
Technically The Blessed Unrest was released last year, not this, but this, but I figure I can include this song on the list because I saw her in concert this year and also… reasons.

1.  “I Will Never Die,” Delta Rae
Technically the Chasing Twisters EP was released last year, not this, but I figure I can include this song on the list because I saw them in concert this year and also good freaking gods but this year was just me playing this song loudly while baking cupcakes and stomping around my kitchen and playing this song loudly while driving home and growling at my rearview mirror and playing this song on repeat because I can’t get tired of it because it’s perfect and incredibly applicable to so many things.

–your fangirl heroine.