Things in Print Thursday :: monthly big queer book review [As I Descended]

9 Feb

So through January I was doing a gigantic reread of all of the Wicked Years books, but when I was done I thought “well. Drift partner’s library is now under the same roof as me. I should avail myself of it, and more specifically the collection of queer books I’ve wanted to read but just haven’t gotten around to.” So I decided, somewhat to make up for the fact that I wimped out of last year’s read-a-book-a-month challenge to myself, I would make a point of doing one of these queer books per month. Or other queer books, maybe, I don’t know yet. I’m starting here.

As I Descended was explained to me, by her, as “crazy lesbian Macbeth.” Adjectives such as “bonkers” were also utilized. That was pretty much all I needed as a recommendation. Plus, I’d done a bit of Robin Talley’s stuff last year, so I figured I’d be on even ground.

One nice thing about this book: the constantly shifting (third-person) POV. I’m fond of the multiple POV approach in general, but it was really interesting to see how it played out here, shifting multiple times in a chapter. The overanalytical drama kid in me says “well but that makes sense, because plays can be seen from any of the characters’ POV” but then the English major says “this is even better than complete objectivity this is a constant interplay of equally pissed-off emotional teenage narrators all with different psychoses for maximum dramatic effect.” It didn’t get confusing, it kept you constantly appraised of different ideas characters were having about the goings-on (which were, in fact, bonkers), and it gave a good sense of motivation for everyone.

Another nice thing about this book: okay, yeah, it’s a queer book, but it’s… based on a famous Shakespearean tragedy. You know most everyone is gonna die, so the queer kids are probably gonna die, but it’s not gross or burn-your-gays. Plus, the author is a queer lady, so you know she’s not doing it out of awful. Her books just have a lot of queer people in them, so what happens happens. It helped, I admit, having a good sense of who was going to die. Took some of the edge off. Also, by virtue of knowing ~the Scottish play~, I knew that everyone was also probably going to be a little bit horrible, and again, that was just how it was. No judgment.

I’m not sure how much you’re supposed to really sympathize with most of the characters, protagonists included, but there are moments where each of them invites it. I wasn’t out even to myself in high school, but it’s easy for me to imagine how that could color the motivations of especially a misanthropic queer kid. Up to a point, everyone’s motivations were pretty understandable.

Except, you know, the whole ghosts thing. That catapulted it into full-on Southern Gothic spoopy creppy nonsense land, and I am 100% in favor of that.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that this book was a bunch of my interests put in a blender, and that’s fun. Rarer than you might think.

–your fangirl heroine.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is a lot of unnecessary creeping and heterosexuality.

8 Feb

Demande is a creep: news at 10.

Such drama!

Another thing I don’t understand: why it shows Mamoru standing in the rain reading a book with glasses in on the credits when he literally almost never wears his glasses. Why in the rain of all things. Why in the credits.

“Where am I?” in a hallucination where Mamoru is apparently on a date with a teenage version of his daughter, who of course is also evil. And then, in real life, in a fucking sexy nightgown in some strange man’s bed in a room full of pedestals and a hologram of her future self. CLASSY

“Is that me?” Looks a lot like you, but slightly older and in a dress that’s different than the one you have on but similar to the one worn by the comatose crystal-encased body of your future self. CLASSY


“I wanted to prove that the legendary Silver Crystal is not the only limitless power in the universe” or you could just fuck off with your evil hipster self

Wow how dare they have a utopia that’s ACTUALLY not terrible and everyone seems pretty happy with life except you

A fucking. Flashback. To Demande creeping. “She looks on me with disdain. To her, I am less than human.” Accurate.

“I wished to make her grovel before me. I had to have her by any means necessary” STOP STOP NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO





“She is in fact 900 years old…. One day she just stopped growing.” What the fuck. Chibi-usa literally… grows up and transforms in the next season.

“Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.”

This Phantom looks like an emaciated Gothic Dr. Manhattan.

Can they telepathically communicate now?

Please stop showing closeups of the teenager’s boobs I don’t want that

“The worst part is, someone other than Mamo kissed me.” In this case, that is bad because he is Demande and he is baaaaaad

Oh look, Ami and Rei and Mako are finally back in the story. In a dank dark cave.

They’ve just realized their transformations aren’t working. Now they’re being energy-sucked. Well, at least their voices when they all say “Sailor… Moon…” in unison are correct.


“I bet you’re not the real princess,” says a faceless bully, taunting Chibi-usa.

I like Mamo shading his wife for being a crybaby teenager omg

Chibi-usa just threw her Luna-P ball at the Legendary Silver Crystal. Classy. Oh that was a flashback to what happened and she was upset and now in real-time Luna-P is talking?

Chibi-usa is now flashbacking to the forbidden door where she first met Sailor Pluto and became her friend. And clearly got a giant, but not-reciprocated of course, crush on her.

“If you ever feel sad, just cast this spell. Abra-cadabra!” says Sailor Pluto, and now there are nonsense rose petals.

“You mean my Garnet Rod?”

Always, until I journey back to the past to help fight Death Busters next season.

Why does Sailor Pluto keep fucking blushing in King Endymion’s presence that’s fucked up. Now Chibi-usa is jealous of her dad for being special to Sailor Pluto also. Fucking. This is fucked up. Sailor Pluto is gay-ace and doesn’t give a single fucking shit about King Endymion’s opinion beyond the fact that he’s married to her queen.

Now Wiseman is taunting Chibi-usa over to the Dark Side.

–your fangirl heroines.


Music Monday :: my thoughts on Memories Are Now

6 Feb

Jesca Hoop is a weirdo and I like her.

“Memories Are Now.” This song feels a little disorienting, which I mean as a compliment. Like it’s sweet but also there’s just a lot of things going on but also the lyrics are kind of going in circles, nice circles, I’m into it. This is a strange effect. She’s good at that kind of weird shit. I like it.

“The Lost Sky.” “You became the dark star and left me all alone” or maybe “dog star”  but “dark star” is creepier and I like that. “Out of our secrets we built a home” that’s also nice. This is just interesting and it’s foreboding for reasons I cannot at all fathom. Maybe it is “dog star.” I like that too, don’t get me wrong. Either way. This is nice. (I would also like to let you know, Very Certain Reader, that I instinctively typed it “Darkstar” the first time.)

“Animal Kingdom Chaotic.” Typewriter noises! “You know you wanna but computer says no” mm Jesca honey are we going to have to have to have a talk about the fetishization of computer hating? We might. It’s a pretty song if you don’t pay attention to that. I don’t know. I’m just really sensitive because like. Computers aren’t the devil, guys. It’s important to engage with living things too, but mm. Yeah. “Robots are the new exotic” on that note, y’all, don’t fuck robots.

“Simon Says.” I think part of it is that there’s always this weird lilting singsong thing to her songs, but there are also thousands of levels sometimes. It’s entrancing. It’s easy to kind of just fall in.

“Cut Connection.” This song seems sort of angry about something, which is not bad. Or maybe just vehement in a way a lot of hers aren’t. It’s interesting. Angry army war music.

“Songs of Old.” Also the songs sound somehow at once timeless and unusual, like they’ve always existed forever but there’s nothing quite like them. It’s a strange combination, but I like it. It works. This one especially feels embedded in like, legend. Maybe that’s partially the like, legendary type lyrics, rocks of ages and empires and stuff, but it also just feels that way. Solemn.

“Unsaid.” More lilting. “The night is long and the bed is cold and the heart is hard and the embers cold and the door is closed when you walk away” I think I’m fascinated by really long musical sentences that sort of blend into each other like this. Also the instruments make it sort of feel like a jig. At a Renaissance Fair. But in a good way. Not that those aren’t good, but I mean it’s not cheesy-sounding. It’s not trying too hard.

“Pegasi.” Strum strum! “You’re the envy of the sky.” Oh that is so pretty. This is so pretty. This is also (obviously) legendary. I feel like she’s trying to write songs that sound like medieval ballads, in a new way. Also props for working “supernova” into lyrics seamlessly.

“The Coming.” Lo-fi! Hello there. It sounds like a finale.

–your fangirl heroine.



Sundry Sunday :: a haiku.

5 Feb

The world sucks a lot.
But meliorism, guys!
Be the better thing.

–your fangirl heroine.


Whimsy Wednesday :: in which only the stupidest-named attacks and plans succeed.

1 Feb

Ah yes, Crystal Tokyo is unveiled.

ALSO LIKE. Chibi-usa KNOWs WHAT HER DAD LOOKS LIKE. The fact that she STILL had/has a crush on Mamoru IS SO MESSED UUUUUUUPPPPP

King Endymion’s cape flourish is on point, though.

Tmw you realize you have a kitten 10 centuries in the future.

“What’s going on? He doesn’t have a reflection… what you see is an astral projection”

“I am Usagi Small Lady Serenity” she named her child after HERSELF. THREE TIMES LMAO

Tmw you realize you have a child 10 centuries in the future.

How the fuck is all of this a surprise????????????

“The queen rarely leaves the palace” Um ok

Also it’s pretty shitty of the Silver Crystal to… not protect any of the senshi or Endymion.

Shit “the Silver Millennium Family” that’s even dumber

Okay so he’s explaining that the Silver Crystal bestows longevity and blessings on everyone allowing them to live for centuries but ONOES the Malefic Black Crystal is causing a spatial distortion and sucking up comatose bodies. This is dark.

But also, what happened to rescuing their goddamn friends.

The planet Nemesis ok

“The Black Moon… bloodthirsty anarchists who rejected long life” ok

“Usagi’s turning invisible!”

King Endymion does not fucking know when to shut up.

Is Sailor Pluto blushing at praise from King Endymion? What the fuck?

Usagi chill the fuck out stop being jealous of your DAUGHTER

Now Chibi-usa has gone back to the past, again, to stare at everyone’s comatose bodies???

Meanwhile Demande is peeping on a hologram of Neo Queen Serenity

Code Extra: Operation Relax

Which appears to be turning her arms into snakes?


“Who’s your favorite now?” Esmeraude asks of Demande, who is not physically present

Oh now he is, and creeping.

“There they are, those fierce determined eyes, the ones that stared back at me that day,” he murmurs, spooping crepping on Sailor Moon with his random third eye.

Kidnap, and scene. Yike.

–your fangirl heroines.


Television Tuesday :: a haiku.

31 Jan

Supergirl‘s unseen
By me but Alex made me
Greedy for queer girls.

–your fangirl heroine.


Superlative Sunday :: the 2017 SAG Awards and how I feel about them

29 Jan

Hidden Figures (Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture)
Get it, girls. (I mean, there were men in this movie, but they were there either to support the girls or hinder the girls, or hinder and then support the girls, while the girls, which is to say Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, and Janelle Monae, did the lion’s share.) I am so proud of this movie. I am so glad that this movie has had the success it has had, especially now of all times, and I am so glad that this movie is in the mainstream, because it’s terribly important and also wonderfully made.

Stranger Things (Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series)
Yeah, I’m okay with this! While I wouldn’t have been upset about Game of Thrones winning this year, they probably don’t need to because they’ve won before and they always seem to win when it’s at its worst because critics are dark and hate women being happy. Or something. But this makes more sense to me if just for use of the word “ensemble”: while everyone in Game of Thrones continues to give good performances as individuals, it’s still a lot of little stories with one or two people working together that sometimes intersect. Stranger Things was a few different groups of characters closely interrelated working together to achieve one goal, ergo they did more things together, as an ensemble. And that was really the beauty of it. The kids are all fun, of course, but they work wonderfully together. The adults balance each other. The teenage boys… well, they exist while Nancy is sweet and sad. It’s more of an ensemble piece.

Game of Thrones (Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series)
Sure. I still haven’t seen Daredevil season 2 (I have heard enough to be willfully procrastinating, even though I’m hungry for Elektra) but it would have kicked major ass to see Luke Cage win anything here; that said, this is fine. I’m fine with this.

And A+++ good job to Denzel Washington, Mahershala Ali, and Viola Davis, whose things I have not watched yet! Also good job to Sarah Paulson, whose thing I will never watch.

–your fangirl heroine.