Fashion Friday :: evil alternates, part 2.

2 Feb


The internet does not disappoint: plenty of people do art of Black Lady (evil Chibiusa) and Mistress 9 (evil Hotaru) together even though they’ve never met. Some of it is not great, Bob, so don’t google probably, but it’s satisfying that multiple someones reached that obvious conclusion.


Nice and easy. Truly Trusty Sleeveless Top, ModCloth.


The maxi skirt collection is really not populous right now, so here. This flounces at least. Lacy Lady A-Line Mini Skirt, ModCloth.

those shimmer

Get it? Because this whole crew had the black stars motif going, but also space is sparkly. Those Shimmer Nights Tights, ModCloth.


These are just… I like the vibe on these. Victorian de Force Leather Boot, ModCloth.

gotta have

And you need the beads, that’s part of the vibe. Gotta-Have Glam Beaded Necklace in Ivory, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Music Monday :: on First Aid Kit Live (and Ruins)

29 Jan

I just received the album this week, and therefore figured that since we were going to see them live I’d just wait and talk about everything all at once. This means no song-by-song play-by-play, but there is still much adoration to be had.

Their opening act was a fellow called Van William, who was not really someone I’d have sought out on my own but honestly that’s mostly because I’m a musical misandrist, probably. He’s apparently besties with Klara and Johanna Söderberg, so he must be a good person.

They did play most of the new album (I’m looking at the tracklisting and only doubting if I heard a couple of them, and even then I might have done, I just don’t know them that well yet) and I was thrilled to hear. My goodness, I am addicted to these harmonies. We were seated very, very high up so I don’t think we got all of the benefits of the light show (there were projections on the back wall, but we only saw approximately the bottom fourth of them) but it was still very pretty and electric.

As for the songs I already knew, it was a good mix of things from The Lion’s Roar and Stay Gold, including both title tracks. There were no Big Black and the Blue deep tracks, unfortunately (I was really hoping for maybe “Josefin” but I knew that was the longest shot ever since it’s such a random favorite to have), but they did also definitely do “Wolf,” which I mention because in addition to “The Lion’s Roar” it’s the big one from the Game of Thrones fanmixes obviously, and also it’s noteworthy that they performed it because it’s actually just a bonus track on the album even. I feel like they might well know what’s up.

They also did a song that is unrecorded as yet, I’m pretty sure, called “You Are the Problem Here.” This is basically a punk rock feminist anthem about how abusive men can fuck off and women don’t owe them shit. It’s brill and kickass and watching men in the audience be uncomfortable when Johanna explained what it was about and why (because #timesup, y’know) was pretty funny too.

And also of note was their cover of Heart’s “Crazy On you,” which was also pretty damn punk rock. It’s fun watching these sweet girls do punk. It’s fun watching these sweet girls do everything.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: nonsense twins

26 Jan

cyprine ptilol

Speaking of bad names, Cyprine and… Ptilol. I’m honestly not sure what they were thinking when they decided to name someone Ptilol. That’s a freakety keysmash. They’re twins, so I’m going to try to do complementary outfits.


See, we start with the same skirt-dress. Overall Winner Jumper in Black, ModCloth.

chiffon brick

chiffon teal

Then we do tops underneath that are the same but in different colors! That’s how twins. Chiffon Button-Up Blouse with Scallops in Brick and Teal, ModCloth.

accent candy

accent peacock

Different colored tights. Accent Your Ensemble Tights in Candy Apple and Peacock, ModCloth.


Matching shoes! Knot Without You Flat in Black Velvet, ModCloth.

just what warm

just what cool

And necklaces in different colors! Just What I Beaded Necklace in Warm and Cool, ModCloth.

—your fangirl heroine.


Marvel Monday :: our thoughts on Runaways’ season 1

22 Jan

So we are slightly behind in writing about this (oops) but it’s very important. You guys got tastes of a lot of my general feelings about the girls in the year-end reviews, but this was a beautiful season of television that deserves a more comprehensive discussion now that it’s over.

I (drift partner) have been a fan of the Runaways characters since I was literally the same age as the characters, about sixteen. The basic storyline of the comics is as follows: a group of teens who grew up together and then drifted apart are brought back together by their parents, accidentally discover that said parents are supervillains when they witness them murder a teenager, and promptly decide they need to get the hell out of Dodge and, well, run away. Along the way they discover that one of them is a mutant with super-strength, one of them has a genetically modified dinosaur that obeys their every mental command, one of them is an alien who lights up and flies, one of them is a witch, and one of them has awesome gauntlets that shoot fire. It’s a weird book, and some of the narrative choices are a little suspect (and everything after Vaughan’s run is hot garbage), but I love it.

The show is… different, although from what I (the original) can tell anyway still true to a lot of the best things. The characters are all exactly as lovable as I expected from what I’d heard. Gert (Ariela Barer) still has a dinosaur that obeys her every mental command. Karolina (Virginia Gardner) still lights up and flies, and is probably at least half alien although that hasn’t been particularly explained yet. Nico (Lyrica Okano) is still a witch. Chase (Gregg Sulkin) still has awesome gauntlets. Molly (Allegra Acosta) still has super-strength but considering the MCU isn’t allowed to have mutants proper because of the split rights between studios she might be an Inhuman or she might be something else and we don’t really know. And then there’s Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), who doesn’t really have any special tricks but is still important and good.

The parents, meanwhile, aren’t quite supervillains, though they definitely veer toward that. The parents are basically stock villains in the comics – they’re on-page for maybe 5% of the total run, and their main roles are to chase after the Runaways and like, commit murder and do crimes. I don’t even remember what ends up happening to them, that should tell you how little they matter. In the show, they’ve given them a significant amount of screentime and more personality. I can see why they did this, especially since TV demands more emotional grey areas now than simply “parents are evil.” However, I still find them to be a bunch of insufferable bastards. Tumblr did pretty much universally declare Robert (James Yaegashi), Nico’s dad, to be “the hot dad,” which I completely agree with, but not in the way that anyone I’ve seen has more sympathy for him because of it. Just in the way of, well, if you had to choose one. He hasn’t really been in a lot of things of significance, which is a shame, so I will say that I hope to see him in things where he isn’t playing an asshole.

The biggest names among the parents (biggest being debatable) are James Marsters as Victor Stein, Chase’s dad, and Kip Pardue as Frank Dean, Karolina’s dad. Victor is without fail the absolute worst of the parents, which is saying something, and objectively Frank is a little less bad than the rest of them, at least for most of it, which is interesting. And all of the other parents (played, respectively, by Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, Annie Wersching, Ever Carradine, Brigid Branagh, Kevin Weisman, and Brittany Ishibashi) do good jobs of acting, too, but damn. They’re all still a variety of kinds of loathable.

The strength of the show is, of course, the kids. There’s the balance of their regrowing friendship with their high school drama (since they don’t actually, well, run away until the end of the season) with their powers with the situation with their parents with their own interpersonal relationship drama with everything else, and all of the actors handle this very impressively.

They also the characters’ ups and downs impressively. Nobody here is perfect, but they’re all still ultimately people you like and want to root for. Alex is the most “normal” of all of them, the one who naturally tries to step into the leader position and the one who most wants them to remain friends. I always thought he got a bit of a raw deal in the comics because [SPOILER] so I’m glad that the show went to the effort to make sure you care about him. He just wants to play video games, you guys. Gert has been updated a little, but mostly only in the ways that she’s anti-establishment and outspoken – she starts a feminist club on campus and uses words like “heteronormative.” She can come across as a little “old person trying to sound like a hip young thing,” but I knew what they were going for and I think the actress does a lot to make her charming. Molly is the youngest of the bunch, aged up from her comics self (twelve) to fifteen, and just wants to be on the dance team and hang out in her rainbow-colored room wearing as many bright colors as possible. She’s adorable. (In the comics she insists on being called Princess Powerful and I’m waiting for them to make that reference.) They also raceswapped her for the show to be Latina, which I think was a good decision, and they do let her speak Spanish at points, so it’s not for naught. Chase is the hardest sell, as the bonehead jock who you slowly warm up to once he proves that he’s not just a meathead. But he’s kind and brave and loves his friends, and they also managed to work in his daddy issues without making it maudlin, which is what I was afraid of. He’s a good boy. Nico can best be summed up as this sentence from the comics: “Mom, why did you throw out my black nail polish? Now I’ll have to mix all the other colors to try and make black!” She is a baby goth witch who mostly hates everyone and I love her. They did change stuff around with her powers, which is probably fine – in the comics the Staff of One requires bloodshed to work, and I can see why they’d want to avoid cutting imagery in a teen show, but it means they lose my favorite joke in the comics which involves a menstruation reference. Alas. (This is also one of a handful of comics that idly mentions menstruation more than once! It’s very exciting, especially since it was written by a cis man.) Karolina’s gone in an interesting direction, as they’ve changed her parents from mid-level actors to “church” (read: cult) leaders, and that naturally changes her from bubbly Hollywood girl to still fairly bubbly devout follower of her mother’s cult. That does mean that her personal revelation partway through the season has more layers to it, though it’s not really addressed how the church deals with sexuality at all. Anyway, they made her a little sadder and darker initially than she was in the comics for a bit, but I think it works.

And the relationships between characters are some of the nicest I’ve seen in a new property in a while. You get the six of them being friends (often the kind of friends that bicker, but they always ultimately make it up), you get Gert and Molly as devoted adopted sisters, and you get a love-shape that involves all five of the older kids. Gert likes Chase who likes Karolina who likes Nico who is also liked by Alex and entertains the possibility of him for a while, and also Chase eventually realizes Karolina’s not into him and sees Gert for the awesome person she is for him and when Nico says nope to Alex (for different reasons than the comics, and they’re still able to coexist at least on a basic level) she (unlike in the comics, given the differing reasons) actually responds to Karolina’s advances and they kiss more than once. Happily. With the implication that now they’re going to be A Thing.

I don’t think we should need to explain to you why this is so damn important. Not only does it mean we ultimately get to avoid the Sad Lesbian (™), which is always good on principle and also because Karolina deserves happiness, but it means that we have our first non-fucked-up Sapphic relationship in the MCU, and it’s interracial to boot! It’s also great because Karolina is very, very gay but Nico is (although she hasn’t used the word yet) bisexual so you get both kinds of rep. And plus that, they hit all the cutest relationship tropes: Karolina is a tol while Nico is a smol, Karolina is very much a Little Miss Sunshine sort while Nico is as mentioned a little gothic darling, they’re both apprehensive but willing to be affectionate, they protect each other, they’re just everything you want in a relationship, especially one between two girls on television.

Those two aren’t comics canon, but Gert and Chase are, and I was a little worried about how they were going to write them in the show. In the comics, Chase basically acts like a doofus because he doesn’t know how to feel about how he feels about Gert for awhile, and then finally they get together and everything is fine. He gets over his little crush on Karolina a lot quicker too. Then in the comics they become one of the longest-lasting relationships between comics people who aren’t like, longstanding Marvel characters. They have such a strong bond that when Gert dies, she passes her psychic bond with Old Lace (the dinosaur) to Chase. Anyway, so this show had a lot to live up to in that regard, and I was really pleased with how they handled it. It could have come across as really cheesy (Gert is, especially in the comics, overweight and not supposed to be particularly conventionally attractive, and Chase is a hot jock boy I guess) but it’s just kind of slow burn and sweet. Basically, Chase comes to realize that even if Karolina isn’t into him, he’s definitely into Gert, and Gert has a giant crush on him that she tries to pretend isn’t there. Then they end up making out at a school dance in front of a bunch of bat mitzvah decorations, which is cute because they’re both Jewish. They’re very cute and if the show fucks them up someone at Hulu will die.

Of course, there are some imperfect things about this show, but it’s ultimately very enjoyable, very sweet when it needs to be, appropriately serious when it needs to be, and a solid addition to MCU canon as well as a solid standalone project. You don’t really need the context of the greater Marvel universe for it, it’s pretty much Teens With Superpowers And Magic, but I also like realizing that these stories still do exist in the greater scheme of the MCU even when it’s dark and confusing in so many other places.

–your fangirl heroines.


Spoiler Alert Sunday :: our thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

21 Jan

We finally went a second time!

So, I absolutely get why people dislike this movie, or have problems with it. I’ve read multiple people’s takes on why it’s not good, and/or why they found it harmful or hurtful, and/or why they think it shits all over established Star Wars canon (it doesn’t). I think many of them are valid interpretations. I’m also really not interested in debating the merits of it. I had fun, I like it, I think it’s a pretty good, flawed movie, and I’m not really interested in fighting about it.

Having said that, here is a spoiler-minimal list of things that are (in our opinions) good about this movie.

  • Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) is a great character and I’m going to fight anyone who says otherwise. She’s brave and clever and loyal and has the best scene ever, where she basically turns into the audience surrogate fangirling over Finn (John Boyega). It’s adorable. I’m very mad I can’t find a T-shirt with her on it because I love her.
  • Rey (Daisy Ridley) is still also a great character. She’s stubborn and determined and optimistic and she try. Also it’s fascinating because you can read every emotion on her face and the progressions of those are everything. (Regarding something Kylo tells her about [spoiler], I’ll be very interested to see if the third movie addresses it, because I don’t believe it but I also don’t not believe it. Kylo is a liar and I want to see this plot explored a little more because I don’t know that Rey’s emotional arc re: this thing is done yet.)
  • Leia (Carrie Fisher, bless her) is practically perfect in every way and there is pretty much nothing that can stop me loving her aggressively. Of course, the movie yanks you around with her at a few different points, which is particularly heartwrenching now, but you also do have the security of knowing: she is in IX. That helps. Pretty much everything with her causes, if not tears, then watery eyes, at least. The strain of the instrumental theme is officially a killer of my soul. But I’m proud of our space mom, and I will say I pretty much cheered the first time around when she used the Force. Because, to hell with you, fake nerd boys. Leia’s got the damn Force.
  • Finn (John Boyega) continues to be a good man who is doing his best and who loves Rey very much. He’s not in it as much as he should be, but he’s wonderful anyway. The saddest thing about this movie is that Finn and Rey spend most of it apart.
  • I am also very proud of Amilyn Holdo (Laura Dern). Also, Amilyn is a beautiful name, if kind of born of modernist nonsense etymological conventions, but I don’t care I still like it. But the point is, Holdo is great. Also, Holdo is canon bisexual (thanks to some of the literature). She’s this beautiful soft colorful light in the darkness of this war who does what she can and takes no shit and her moments with Leia killed us hard.
  • It is also nice to see so many girls in the (quasi-)background of the Resistance scenes! And a few in the First Order, too (my mom was especially thrilled about Kate Dickie, which was charming), but that’s not as exciting. There are some characters you see semi-regularly (Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix [Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s daughter] gets more screen time this go-round, serving as a strong auxiliary member of the Resistance and its new guard; there’s a pilot named Tallie [Hermione Corfield], who mostly factors in the first fight scene but is definitely there; Rose’s sister Paige [Veronica Ngo] has a moment in that scene as well; Commander Larma D’Acy [Amanda Lawrence] seems to be one of the primary officers of the ship and does a lot of explaining) and a lot of other semi-regular background characters.
  • Finn and Poe (Oscar Isaac) continue to be extremely gay, although they don’t interact as much as in the first movie. Poe is fond of referring to Finn as “buddy” and “pal,” and when Finn first wakes up from his coma and he is wearing next-to-nothing, Poe definitely sneaks a peek south before leading him off to get changed. They also touch way more times than is strictly necessary. The m/f also continues to be very good, particularly Finn/Rey, as those two spend a decent chunk of the movie worrying or thinking about each other.
  • There are many excuses to laugh one’s ass off at Kylo (Adam Driver) and/or Hux (Domnhall Gleeson). This is very good.
  • The porgs are cute and all, but I love the vulptex (crystal foxes) and I want a plushie.

–your fangirl heroines.


Fashion Friday :: nonsense girl?

19 Jan


This is a nonsense outfit, moreso even than usual. Sorry, Viluy. Your name is also nonsense.


So we start with a leotard, basically. Share and Sheer Alike Velvet Bodysuit in Black, ModCloth.


Then look, a skirt. It’s a slightly different shade of blue but it’s blue. This really isn’t the season for powder blue, or whatever. Swingy Mini Skirt With Pockets in Blue, ModCloth.

layer it

Taking the tights to grey instead because it’d be hard to match blues. Layer It On Tights in Graphite, ModCloth.


This has nothing to do with anything. It just completes things well. Also there aren’t any white shoes that remotely worked. Dashing to Dinner Wedge in Black, ModCloth.


Sure! Hat. Era Intrigue Fascinator in Black, Collectif at ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Spoiler Alert Sunday :: our thoughts on Proud Mary

13 Jan

Basically, there is no good reason to throw a fit about this movie.

It’s the exact same revenge fantasy we’ve seen 20 times before, but instead of starring some middle-aged but trim/fit white fellow it’s got Taraji P. Henson being the one taking down all the bad guys. And she does, spectacularly. It doesn’t end up being much of a bloodbath, in that you don’t see all that much blood, but the kill count is high.

It doesn’t pass the Bechdel test (there are no scenes that are just between two women, let alone where they speak to each other about something other than a man) but it definitely passes the Mako Mori test (“a) at least one female character; b) who gets her own narrative arc; c) that is not about supporting a man’s story”) so that’s definitely good.

The only love story in the film is a platonic/familial one between Mary (Henson) and Danny (Jahi Di’Allo Winston), the adolescent boy she ends up taking in. They learn how to trust each other and forgive each other and do good for each other despite neither having a good track record with people or specifically families and it’s very touching!

The style is also on point. Not only is Mary a stylish lady (understated but clearly sleek) but there’s just a really good overall vibe, one that respectfully edges toward blaxploitation without veering into anything sketchy.

It’s kind of nonsense in parts, but you know what? It’s the kind of nonsense that I will gladly watch a million more hours of.

–your angirl heroines.