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Fashion Friday :: save her.

7 Apr


Save Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) from the disaster subfranchise she has been born into. We watched the first episode of Iron Fist last weekend while significantly hamsters and even that did not make it bearable. But Colleen is a beautiful murderprincess probably and she needs to be protected at all costs.


Nice, basic, not too fussy. Rustic Radiance Top, ModCloth.


This is a little more, like, biker pinup than usual, but oh well. It suits and it is nigh impossible to find white or silver skirts that aren’t bridal. Moto High Waist Metallic Denim Miniskirt, Topshop at Nordstrom.


With these underneath for optimal ass-kicking, though she probably rips the lace off. Across Town Shorts in White, ModCloth.


And flats for the same reason. Transcendent Splendor Flats, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: burgeoning murder princess.

20 Feb

arya stark (maisie williams)

I don’t know.  Everyone’s a princess.  Arya (Maisie Williams) is the posh uptown society daughter who’s always like “fuck this noise.”

Best is Clarinet to Come Top

She keeps it simple, Arya does.  Best is Clarinet to Come Top, ModCloth.

Cross My Hearth Cardigan

With her many shades of brown and her oversized fancy “screw it” sweaters.  Cross My Hearth Cardigan, ModCloth.

Check Mini Shorts

And conveniently, she is a shorts over tights sort of girl.  Check Mini Shorts, Topshop.

Hosiery Semi-Sheer Tights

These tights, probably.  Semi-Sheer Tights, DKNY Hosiery.

Charm Beyond Compare Bootie in Brown

And of course with boots.  Charm Beyond Compare Boots, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: a wrap-up.

30 May

My actual Mad Men wrap-up is going to be on Tuesday, and it’s probably going to be shorter than previously.  Part of this is because it was a shorter season (since it’s only the half of the last season, 7a as I’m thinking of it) but part of it is because I just… have less to say.  I’m not giddy, but I’m not as angry as last year, either.  I just sort of am.

But I haven’t done a Sally (Kiernan Shipka) post this year, and I do love Sally, so here we go.

sally draper (kiernan shipka)

I was going to do one of Sally’s outfits from the last episode, but I wasn’t finding any analogous items that I was wild about.  So here’s a cute Sally promo photo.

enthrall for you dress (modcloth)

It’s not perfectly analogous.  The flowers are more impressionist than cartoon, there’s no pink, the sleeves are shorter, it actually has a waist, etcetera.  But I think it’s cute.  Enthrall For You Dress, ModCloth.

white gothic lace tights (topshop)

It took some doing, but I managed to track down reasonably appropriate tights.  White Gothic Lace Tights, Topshop.

host of all wedge (modcloth)

Well, they’re closer to the blue in the dress than any of the greens were to the green, and they’re at least multi-strap Mary Janes.  Host of All Wedge, ModCloth.

silk headband in kelly green (l. erickson)

Good enough, it’s a headband and that will do. Silk Headband in Kelly Green, L. Erickson.

–your fangirl heroine.

presumptuous much?