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Superlative Sunday :: the 2017 Grammys and my thoughts on them (in haiku)

12 Feb

Popular music is not
My known area.

Adele, Beyonce
Okay you are talented
Nothing else matters.

–your fangirl heroine.



Music Monday :: the 2016 Grammys and how I feel about them

15 Feb

I respect Taylor Swift, and I do actually really enjoy the “Bad Blood” video.

“Uptown Funk” also makes me smile.

Good for you Muse, good for you Alabama Shakes.

The soundtrack for Birdman was actually terrifying though I mean I guess it was effective but holy craaap that was nothing I would ever listen to for any reason ever.

There are also a ridiculous amount of Grammys in categories that are so specific and it’s sort of overwhelming.

But mostly, I would like to congratulate Hamilton on its very important cast recording win and its very important performance and its very important existence and I curse the fact that I live on the wrong coast and also do not have the means to acquire tickets to that anytime soon because I straight-up got shivers.

That is all.

–your fangirl heroine.


Superlative Sunday :: the 2015 Grammys and BAFTAs and my thoughts on them

8 Feb

So St. Vincent got Alternative Album, The Grand Budapest Hotel got score, and none of the other Grammys mattered.

And as for the BAFTAs… well, The Theory of Everything was lauded for Eddie Redmayne and Adapted Screenplay and Outstanding British Film, and The Grand Budapest Hotel got Costume Design, Original Screenplay, Production Design, Makeup and Hair, and Original Music.

So the conclusions I have reached tonight: Grand Budapest had really good music, I like movies that are written well, and I need to see Boyhood.

–your fangirl heroine.

hell yes capable and awesome

Superlative Sunday :: the 2014 Grammys and how I feel about them

26 Jan

The only things I even feel licensed to comment on are Lorde’s Song of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance awards for “Royals” and the Civil Wars’ Best Country Duo/Group Performance for “From This Valley.”  Neither of those are my favorite-favorite songs by the respective artists, but they’re nice songs and so I’m happy for them.  The end.

–your fangirl heroine.

lol but really

Superlative Sunday :: the 2013 Grammys and how I feel about them

10 Feb

Or, I am hideously unqualified to discuss modern pop music.  (Skipping the categories I can’t even drop a snarky one-liner about.)

Record of the Year: “Somebody That I Used To Know.” I actually… kind of want to punch someone in the face when I hear this song.  I’m sorry, Gotye.
Album of the Year: Babel.  I respect Mumford and Sons, though I don’t know most of their work.  I was voting Jack White all the way, but I’m not appalled by this.
Song of the Year: “We Are Young.”  I actually… kind of want to punch someone in the face when I hear this song, too.  I’m sorry, fun. and Janelle Monae.
Best New Artist: fun.  I don’t know any of their work except the above song, but I honestly wouldn’t have heard of any of the others were it not for SNL, so.
Best Pop Solo Performance: “Set Fire to the Rain.”  Okay.  Win all the awards, Adele, I’m okay with that.
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: “Somebody That I Used to Know.”  See above.
Best Pop Vocal Album: Stronger.  Somehow I feel like this album is much older?  Maybe it’s just that I don’t pay attention closely.
Best Dance Recording and also Best Dance/Electronica Album: Bangarang.  I don’t actually know this, but I’m okay with it, because Skrillex is dubstep and that’s a place I visit sometimes.
Best Rock Song: If “Love Interruption” had been nominated instead of “Freedom at 21,” I bet it would have won.  But then again, “Love Interruption” is less of a traditional rock song and more just a few minutes of perfection.  So.  I guess congratulations, Black Keys?
Best Rock Album: Couldn’t anyone give Jack White anything?  It’s honestly rare for me to be this intense about an album that doesn’t include one of my top 5 lady singers, but there you have it.
Best Alternative Music Album: I haven’t actually heard the newest Fiona Apple, but I voted in my heart for it on principle.  Oh well.

Wow, I know nothing about R&B.  Or rap.  Or country.  Or New Age.  Or jazz.  Or contemporary Christian.  Or Latin.  Or Americana, or bluegrass, or folk, or regional roots, or reggae, or children’s music, or spoken word, or comedy, or

Best Musical Theatre Album: Once.  Will never be the movie, but it showed nicely on the Tonys, and the music is beautiful, so I’m comfy with this.
Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media: Midnight in Paris.  I guess it was fine?
Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  YESSSSSSS.
Best Song Written for Visual Media: “Safe and Sound.”  I’m still holding to my “the mostly unused soundtrack was the best part of The Hunger Games” theory.  So I’m good with this.

And I know nothing about any of the rest of it, either.

–your fangirl heroine.

in the damn zone

Superlative Sunday :: the 2012 Grammys and how I feel about them

12 Feb

La, la, la.  Adele won all the awards.  Adele deserved all the awards.  I really do like her, even if I wish people would stop misusing her songs in advertisements and television shows.

Best New Artist: to Bon Iver.  I’d… sort of been voting Skrillex in my not-so-secret secret dubstep heart.  Mostly for those apocalypsey reasons.  Bon Iver isn’t exactly my thing, and out of curiosity I just Google image searched: 3 of the top 5 images included flannel shirts.  Somewhat irrelevant, but true.
Best Dance Recording: but the apocalypse did prevail here.
Best Dance/Electronica Album: and here.
Best Rock Performance/Best Rock Song: I don’t even care.  I recognize that sometimes the Foo Fighters are good.  But my babies.  The Decemberists.  (Although I think it’s funny; I read in some review of The King is Dead that someone was saying that “Down By the Water” was one of their most commercial songs in a while.  It’s the one that got nominated for Grammys.  Gooo figure.)
Best Alternative Music Album: unsurprisingly to Bon Iver’s self-titled album.  My heart was with my other babies, Death Cab.  ‘Cause I’m that predictable indie Pacific Northwest girl.
Best Country Duo/Group Performance: “Barton Hollow” by the Civil Wars.  YES.  SUCCESS.  That’s one out of howevermany that I celebrate.
Best Folk Album: Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars.  Two out of howevermany.  I’m so proud of these guys.  (Though I will admit that Fleet Foxes wouldn’t have saddened me too greatly.)
Best Musical Theater Album: The Book of Mormon.  Man, I really need to actually get around to acquiring this album, don’t I?
Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media: Boardwalk Empire, Vol. 1.  Just like last year, I’d have been more than okay with True Blood getting this (so much Neko Case!!).  But I’m into this choice, too.
Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media: The King’s Speech.  I honestly don’t remember this score at all.  Is Girl With the Dragon Tattoo not going to be eligible until next year?  ‘Cause as much as I love everything about it that gets nominated for things, I just… I want the score to win for something more than anything else.
Best Song Written for Visual Media: “I See the Light” from Tangled.  Well, okay.

S’yeah.  There’s that.

–your fangirl heroine.

Superlative Sunday :: the 2011 Grammy Awards and how I feel about them

14 Feb

This will be a short post (I’m working on tomorrow’s already, so that’s reasonable) because I really do not listen to contemporary pop music.  Contemporary doesn’t fuss me.  I’m all about the wacky indie subgenre stuff.  But if it’s played on a radio station that isn’t the local “alternative” station, the odds are about 85 to 1 that I recreationally listen to it or know it at all.  (And even then, half of that 1 is just ’cause I heard it on Glee.)  I don’t know if this makes me a snob or just… not into pop music.  It’s not that I refuse it ’cause it’s cool.  I just don’t care for a lot of it.

So, the only awards I can veritably say something about:

Female Pop Vocal Performance: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga.  Well, okay.  A good example of the ’cause I heard it on Glee syndrome.  But of the songs I’ve heard of hers, I like this one best, I think?
Rock Album: The Resistance, Muse.  Even if people only really know of them ’cause of Twilight, props to them.
Electronic Dance Album: La Roux, La Roux.  I’ve heard… one song of hers on Pandora?  And it’s fun?  (It’s sad that that amount of acquaintance with a thing on this list earns it a mention.)
Musical Show Album: American Idiot.  Not that I have this album, not that I’m actually acquainted with it at all, but Johnny Gallagher, Brian Charles Johnson, and Gerard Canonico get my automatic hearts.
Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television, or Other: Crazy Heart.  Yeah, it was a music movie.  Yeah, I sort of rooted retrospectively for Glee, but Crazy Heart was good too.  I’d have been okay with the sexy bluegrass/soul of True Blood, too, but that’s just me.
Score Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television, or Other: Toy Story 3. I don’t actually remember the score that well, but I liked the movie, so good for them.  (Personally, I’m all about The Social Network in terms of movie scores, but that’s just me.  It wasn’t even nominated here, so.)

Those are literally the only awards in the bunch I feel qualified to comment on.  /needs to know more about modern music (yet is okay with it, too).


–your fangirl heroine.