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Sundry Sunday :: dear friends

7 Aug

Look. I know things can be shitty. Let’s not beat around the bush about it.

But it’s been the kind of week where I have had to congratulate myself on (eventually) getting out of bed, so I’m going to congratulate all of you on the same thing.

It may not seem like much, but it’s something.

So good on you.

–your fangirl heroine.



Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: social triggers

17 Jul

Def.: Behaviors (and such) that, when one encounters them in another person, one bristles involuntarily.

Usage: When husbands speak to their wives certain ways (or men to women in general, honestly), regardless of context, or use certain language, it serves as a heavy social trigger for me.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: heterosexual oblivion

19 Jun

Def.: The state of heterosexual people’s complete unawareness of anything serious pertaining to the problems that anyone not heterosexual might face or even the existence of anyone not heterosexual.

Usage: Heterosexual oblivion has saved my ladyqueer butt at least half as many times as it’s annoyed me.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunday :: 10 things I would like to tell other wlw (especially babies)

5 Jun
  1. Your female friends are probably mostly going to have crushes on boys. You are not weird for not also having crushes on boys and nothing they say or imply changes that.
  2. And that funny fluttery feeling you get thinking about girls sometimes? That, my friend, is a crush. Nobody will tell you this, because you don’t think to mention it to them because you don’t think you can or should, but it is.
  3. It’s okay to be completely sure of yourself and who you are in terms of sexual identity but still not say anything to anyone.
  4. You are perfectly allowed to feel gross when people say words like “dyke” around you, even if it’s not to you, and them knowing or not knowing that you’d take it personal is irrelevant.
  5. You are also allowed to feel gross when people have viewpoints that make you feel unsafe.
  6. You are not obligated to be tolerant of other people’s opinions when those opinions are that you are fundamentally wrong and bad.
  7. You are not fundamentally wrong and bad, or even just a little weird.
  8. Friends you’ve known all your life may not get it like strangers on the internet do, and that’s why we have access to both.
  9. You are valid in your identity no matter how you present, emotionally or physically.
  10. The only correct way to wlw is respectfully and open-mindedly. Everything else is a variable.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: rigorous self-contemplation

29 May

Def.: This is a polite way of saying “obsessing about one’s flaws,” essentially.

Usage: Unfortunately, it is more common for girls to be societally conditioned to spend more time partaking in rigorous self-contemplation.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunady :: on self-care (a haiku)

24 Apr

Sometimes the world sucks.
Rub your own neck, eat nice food.
Ignore naysayers.

–your fangirl heroine.


Sundry Sunday :: Emerald City Comicon 2016

10 Apr

Friends, this is the longest I’ve been away from my blog… ever.  Convention was 4 days this year (and the night before was spent heavily preparing) and things got away with me, so in the interest of keeping this somewhat quick I will just post our group’s pictures.

Thursday, wherein drift partner and I were Gogo Tomago and Honey Lemon and our other friend was Maria Hill!


Acquisitions/mods, and the disc is her doing (a painted frisbee).


The purse is by other friend and the rest was acquisitions and already-haves (the sweater is that) and also those heels are in fact like 4 inches tall and destruction.  Thursday was the short day and we did this then for a reason.


Sewn by her.

Friday, in which friend, not pictured, repeated her Orange Lantern costume and drift partner and I were Isabelle Hartley and Victoria Hand because look how alive.


Acquisitions.  Look at that awesome rubber knife she found ’cause Isabelle doesn’t like guns.


Acquisitions and already-haves (the purple blouse is the latter).  The pink bits are extensions that are separately pinned in.  Also, that lipstick shade is called As You Want Victoria.

Saturday, in which friend was Rey (and how do we not have pictures? It is a mystery) and we were Nymeria Sand and Daenerys Targaryen once again, this time with modifications.


This one was overhauled.  Notable updates include the belts and the buckles (hand-done by myself with clay and paint).


Modifications include the wig (extensions were sewn in for braids) and the ring (because now that there’s been a notable closeup I felt compelled).

Sunday, today, wherein friend was Bucky, drift partner was Natasha, and I was undercover-at-Hydra Bobbi.


A new tactical suit for Natasha! Also a new wig.


So.  I have low-key been actually teaching myself escrima moves over the last few months.  My batons are actual practice batons (foam, but they’d hurt if I hit you properly with them), although I added the caps with foam and duct tape (they also have taser jewels on the tops).  The boots and jeans were already had, the tank top was acquired, the jacket was one I already had that we sewed the leather onto, and the wig is the same one I used above for Victoria and at Halloween for Wanda.  And I’m really freaking proud of this one, guys.  There’s also a baton holster on my back, not that you can see it here.

Con notes: childhood heroes (Christy Carlson Romano of Even Stevens, Linda Ballantyne [who is not Emily Ice Tits, but was Sailor Moon in the latter seasons] and Susan Roman of the original Sailor Moon dub) were wonderful, Nathan Fillion was a sweetheart, Elden Henson was also a sweetheart.  Other people were charming, though I know less about them and feel less qualified to comment.  Fun was had, many a thing was purchased.  All the usual goodies.

–your fangirl heroine.