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Fashion Friday :: oh pirate queen.

21 Sep


They announced today that they’re making a Funko Pop of Yara Greyjoy, finally. (They’re also making a Rock Candy figure of actual legitimate redheaded Sansa, which is exciting because it means that maybe a Pop will follow. Finally.) So in honor of that, here’s some Yara. Sorry I’m riffing on literally the same outfit, again, because she doesn’t change and I don’t want to riff on like, sadness clothes.


Today, based on this excellent item I just found, we’re doing Yara Greyjoy: Wilderness Butch. Because one thing that season 7 did right was remind us, again, that Yara is a queer woman. That was nice. Would have been nicer if they didn’t immediately fuck it all the way up, but hey! Yara Greyjoy: Wilderness Butch. Thanks for Cabin Me Plaid Shawl in Navy, ModCloth.


Underneath! Because layers, because outside. Endless Possibilities Long Sleeve Top, ModCloth.


Ugh there’s just. No brown pants that I like for this, so here. The Berkeley Pant in Grey, ModCloth.

(Super fun sidenote, based on years of watching Project Runway: I actually 100% hate calling the clothing item “a pant.” Like, pants are two pants. You don’t wear just one pant, unless I guess you only have one leg and have your clothes tailor-made to reflect that in which case, go ahead, wear your pant. I understand this is a refined clothing term, but pants are a plural item pretty much by definition. Anyway.)

a kindred

Anyway! These are very outdoorsy. They’re distressed. And unlike the other ones I found tonight that were outrageously distressed and beautiful, they don’t have heels so high they’re unusable for an Outdoor Butch. A Kindred Stroll Boot, ModCloth.


Outdoor Butch also buys otherwise-girly thigh-high socks a couple sizes too big so she can wear them under her boots but over her pants so people see that they exist. Expect these to be halfway shredded by the end of her camping trip, or whatever. She won’t stop wearing them, though. Flirty Footwork Thigh Highs in Taupe, ModCloth.

of wondrous

I also think she has a completely non-functional ring of a mermaid showing her titties. That seems right. Of Wondrous Waters Ring, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: ride or die.

31 Aug


I think at this point, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) is mine in this show. Like, Dany’s my queen and my love, and I adore Sansa to pieces, and all of my dead girls, etc. etc., but Missandei… I dunno, man, I will go after you if you go after Missandei. She’s everything. She’s also, like everyone else this season, really leaning into the edgy dominatrix look.


Like, that is a Look. That just is. So bear with me while I attempt to come near it. First step, a jumpsuit. Slicker Than Your Average Jumpsuit, ModCloth.


The arrangement of what’s leather where obviously can’t be the same. Normal clothing websites don’t really sell beautiful chest harness things. So I’m just leaning into the vibe and hoping it works. Edgy When You Are Studded Moto Jacket, ModCloth.


She’s still a beachy girl at heart. Lighter-weight shoes suit her. She was probably wearing boots in canon but there aren’t any I like on the website right now, and this is spiritually something I feel. Turn Back Prime Vegan Flat in Black, ModCloth.


We can’t really do a pin with a studded jacket, so here, have a necklace! Sterling silver hammered necklace, JewellrybyJoBristol at Etsy.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: the best.

24 Aug


Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg) is all things that should be. She neither takes nor gives (a) shit, and she’s just a classy lady. I had POUR ONE OUT FOR OLENNA written on our in-home chalkboard for about three months after her death scene, to put it in perspective.


I sort of have a plan here. The excellent black/gold dresses are currently running too low, so I’m working with it. Sheer and Now Button-Up Top, ModCloth.


See, get it? It’s like the mod 60s because Diana Rigg was famous in the mod 60s. Mod Thoughts Mini Skirt, Banned at ModCloth.


Ah, the old standards .Layer It On Tights in Black, ModCloth.


These are also quite 60s, actually, in their way. Sophistication Showcase Tassel Loafer, ModCloth.

big bee

And of course this is the week ModCloth decides to be low on bee jewelry. Bees, get it? Because bees like flowers but also bees sting and Olenna stings too.  Big Bee Heart Necklace, CosmicFirefly at Etsy.


Fashion Friday :: a shining star.

10 Aug


That’s Lyanna (Bella Ramsey). She’s wonderful even if she didn’t get to do all that much in season 7, but then again, many of the people who did get to do things in season 7 had a horrible time so maybe that’s for the better. Long live the Queen of Bear Island.

(Sorry this is a BTS picture. All of the screenshots I was finding were from season 6 and that’s not what I wanted.)


No but bear (ha ha) with me here, what I’m going with is brown and textures and something you could go riding/etc. in. You can’t tell me that present-day Lyanna would never wear overalls. It’s just not true. She lives in the middle of nowhere and does outdoor things. Fall Potluck Overalls in Chocolate, ModCloth.


The top can be dressed up or down, which I imagine Lyanna finds quite practical. Hosting for the Weekend Tunic in Taupe, ModCloth.


Ankle boots are kind of the best I can do at this juncture, guys. But I think these are cute and practical at the same time, so it works. Alllll the shades of brown! Apparently. Happily Hosting Ankle Boot, ModCloth.


And to break up all the brown, a purse in Mormont green. Stow it Goes Crossbody Bag, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: I would call her crazypants but she doesn’t wear pants.

6 Jul

And “crazyskirt” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Galaxia is an antagonist who I’m sure will grow on me when I rewatch season 5 but for now, again, I have kind of minimal feelings about. Whatever here she is.

Here. It sure is yellow. Yellow is a pain in the ass. Collared Charisma Knit Dress, Smak Parlour at ModCloth.

These are gold. They are not boots but they sure are gaudy. Patterns at Display Metallic Heel in Gold, ModCloth.

Because so much of her outfit is so geometric. Echoing Deco Belt, ModCloth.

This is also gold. Crafty Carrier Bag, ModCloth.

So are these. Markedly Sparkly Earrings, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

Fashion Friday :: the most baffling dominatrix.

22 Jun


Because she dresses like one but really, really isn’t one. Oh, Sailor Tin Nyanko. The most confusing of the Animamates (and that’s saying something).

any day

But ModCloth is not really a purveyor of dominatrix fashion, so I’m going to slant toward the cutesy kitty cat angle instead! Because this sure exists. Any Day Meow Jumper, ModCloth.


There was also the thing of her becoming halfway a white kitty cat partway through, so. Here. Glam Garnish Sleeveless Top in White, ModCloth.


She had strappy hosiery, sure. Strappy to Be Here Tights, ModCloth.


Oh my god I love these. I have similar shoes because I am the world’s biggest sucker for saddle shoe riffs and yes. These are fabulous. Oh-So-Upscale Heel in Black, Chelsea Crew at ModCloth.


Obviously. Steal a Kiss Sunglasses, Quay at ModCloth.

must have

And because they’re like she has (and they didn’t have any jingle bell jewelry). Must-Have Minimalism Earring Set, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: the dapper butch with a strange copper color scheme?

15 Jun


A story for you all: when I was really little and still learning how to use the internet, as I’ve mentioned, I would do websearches for Sailor Moon websites. This was back in the olden days, so these would be essentially encyclopedia-format websites, 12-pt Times New Roman font on a background that was either plain white or a stock image of outer space, detailing the characters, locations, episodes, plots, etc. from the show. This was back in the day, so the only seasons that had aired in America were the first season, which I had seen probably ten or fifteen times in pieces, and gradually the first part of the second season (up until Rubeus’ exit, because they didn’t air the last bit until later in this period of my life and they called them the “lost episodes” and it was a big deal). This meant I learned a lot of details of episodes and seasons that hadn’t yet aired in America: I learned about the lesbians that were to become cousins, I learned about how Sailor Saturn was awesome, I learned about various plots and villains. Among those were the Sailor Animamates, though I don’t think I registered that that was their collective name. I had no idea what a “nyanko” was (it’s a kitten, basically) or that “siren” referred to a creature and not the thing on top of police cars (for some reason I found the idea of an aluminum police siren side-splittingly hilarious, although I honestly couldn’t tell you why, and sometimes drew pictures of this – “LOOK IT’S FUNNY” I would insist to my father, who shook his head and went back to drawing Magnificat, his somewhat blasphemous church-themed superhero cat) or that “lead” meant the metal and not, essentially, Sailor Boss Crow (this was also funny, though I didn’t know how to draw this as well and therefore did not as often).

Now, of course, I find Sailor Lead Crow funny for a different reason, which is that she is the Boss Crow in the lesbian relationship that she has with Aluminum Siren (feudal lord, handmaid, know your culture).


charter school

They have like no shirtwaist vests, which is what she actually wears as a human, so here. Charter School Short Sleeves Sweater in Hazel, ModCloth.

off to

Then worn over this you get more or less the same effect! Off to a Good Start-Up Short Sleeve Blouse in White, ModCloth.


Sure. Set Sailorette Jeans in Black, ModCloth.


This is not even remotely akin to the stupid hat Lead Crow wears as a human, but it’s a hat and she feels like she needs one. Cloche to Home Hat in Tan, ModCloth.


And finally: dapper away. Talking Picture Oxford Flat in Rich Caramel, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.