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Fictional Friday :: 5 f/f ships around me before I started seeking f/f ships.

10 Feb

In chronological order.

5. Carol and Susan (Jane Tibbett and Jessica Hecht, Friends)
So I never really gave these two any actual thought. But Friends was always on when I was a kid, it seemed like, and my parents were never shy about what was going on. In fact, when an acquaintance of the family came out my parents explained it as “you know, like Carol and Susan on Friends.” And I said..

4. Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Moon)
“Yeah, I know, like Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. I read about them on the internet.” I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but I learned how to internet via Sailor Moon fansites (terrible ones, black Times New Roman on white backgrounds, or worse, Angelfire or Geocites pages with pixelated star backgrounds) and I knew all about the lesbians in Sailor Moon before they came to the US. And were “cousins.” “Mom, this is dumb,” I said. “They clearly are not cousins.” And my mom shrugged and nodded. America?

3. Columbia and Magenta (Little Nell and Patricia Quinn, The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
This was a little different, because these two? They were already in relationships. Columbia was sort of in two of them. But yet, there they were playing voyeur (another thing I learned about from this movie) in their jammies and rolling all over on top of each other. And hey, if boys were kissing boys, girls could be kissing girls! Everyone was kissing everyone in that movie. And even though Magenta’s incest brother accidentally lasered Columbia to death at the end of the movie, they were still more fun to write about for me than Columbia and Frank (since he was, you know, an asshole bordering on emotionally abusive to her) or Columbia and Eddie (he was fine, and clearly she liked him, but it was just really hard for me to get into it, for reasons that are now clear to me).

2. Mary Elizabeth and Alice (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)
Later that same school year as I discovered Rocky Horror, I chanced on a copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not only did I fall hopelessly in love with its protagonist Charlie, as I’ve before said, I was delighted by the overlap of it including Rocky Horror as a frequent plot point. It never said who played most of the characters in their shadowcast, but I assumed that as the other girls, Mary Elizabeth played Magenta and Alice played Columbia. As a result, I shipped them. I had very little reason to, but I did.

1. Maureen and Joanne (Rent)
And then I saw Rent that following summer, and there were Maureen and Joanne, and they weren’t the happiest all the time but suddenly I was on my way to Officially Starting To Wonder About Myself.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: consider this a form of nostalgia and absurdity.

15 Feb

columbia (little nell)

Much like Spring Awakening was my senior year of high school, Rent my sophomore year, Phantom and Wicked my freshman year, Rocky Horror was my eighth grade year.  I realize that this seems out of order (shouldn’t Phantom come before most other things?  Really how can Rocky Horror define a thirteen-year-old?  Etcetera) but that’s how it was, in the most abstract terms possible.  I don’t know why Columbia (Little Nell) was always my favorite; she’s not really “to type” for me on the surface (I’m really more of a Magenta at first glance, which I’m totally okay with; I’ve probably actually grown into more of a Magenta just wholly) but back in the day, man, I adored her for reasons I can’t really explain.

bright this way jacket (modcloth)

Anyway, I’d gone into the jackets section of ModCloth to look for other things (as per my ongoing Friday night Dollhouse rewatch, which tonight began the end-of-series three-episode parade of the death of everyone I am the most attached to on weird personal levels [and also Paul, he dies too], I was thinking it would be good to just put together fake outfits) and then I saw this.  It’s currently out of stock, but I remembered seeing it in the past and thinking “oh, I should completely pull something together with this,” and then I decided, why the hell not?  Bright This Way Jacket, ModCloth.

edge of the coastline bustier top in magenta (modcloth)

Except I am doing this way nonliterally, like I usually do.  I’d like to think that a brave soul (braver than me) would actually consider wearing this somewhere, completely knowing they were alluding but embracing it.  Anyway.  Edge of the Coastline Bustier Top in Magenta, ModCloth.

one faux the road shorts (modcloth)

But see that’s the thing: even brave souls don’t often wear head to toe sequins on a daily basis.  So, adaptation.  One Faux the Road Shorts, ModCloth.

paisley pump (mossimo at target)

And this was my other impetus.  I saw these in a Target recently and proclaimed to the person with me, “that right there is literally everything my thirteen year old self wanted in a pair of shoes.”  Except not Mary Janes, and not tap shoes, but the blue glitter thing did it for me.  (I think that was a big part of it: I honestly don’t remember if my tap dancing thing slightly preceded my Rocky Horror thing or vice versa, but it was nonetheless a little bit of a thing.  Oh, artsy charter schools that actually offer [tap] dance as a viable elective.  I enjoyed you so.)  I didn’t buy them, because I don’t actually have much of a use/need for sparkly blue shoes (now, if they were Mary Janes, it would have been a different story, probably) but I remembered them for these reasons.  Paisley Pump, Mossimo at Target.

dream seam tights (modcloth)

Yes, these will do.  (While I’ve never been able to figure out if my Rocky Horror thing led to my corset thing or vice versa, much like tap dancing, I do know for a fact that it is 100% responsible for my fishnet tights phase.)  I can’t find appropriate blue socks, but for the brave soul wearing this out of the house, I don’t think that’s going to be a dealbreaker.  Dream Seam Tights, ModCloth.

I’m also forgoing equivalencies for the top hat (because while I did find a gold sequin beret, the jacket here is multicolored sequins, so that would drive me nuts) and the bow tie (well, there’s detailing on the top at the neck, so it’ll have to do).

–your fangirl heroine.

gods protect me