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Fashion Friday :: bless you, bunny.

24 Dec


I was thrilled when Gilly (Hannah Murray) finally got a new dress, not only because it’s about damn time for the person but because it’s about damn time for styling her. Also, I love that it is Hufflepuff colors because she is the Hufflepuffiest.


This keeps her usual adorable demure pretty mumsy vibe. Curated Cartographer Floral Dress in Goldenrod, ModCloth.


Since the dress doesn’t have the vertical stripe. Sash Samba Belt in Black, ModCloth.


Texturemixing. Cable for Discussion Tights in Black, ModCloth.


And just to glam it up a bit. Truth or Moderne Hair Comb, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: look, someone else who still hasn’t changed clothes.

13 Nov

Sorry, Gilly (Hannah Murray).  See, on one hand it’s super awesome that you’re on your way to Oldtown (finally) and it’s great that your baby is actually with you.  But your baby gets to stay with you in a roundabout way because Shireen is dead and you came real close to being pulled into another needless rape scene. Sorry, honey.

So I figure modern AU Gilly who survived growing up in a polygamy incest cult is now happily going to night school and occasionally playing politely sarcastic chatelaine for her collegiate boyfriend Sam, who is in turn going to library school or something let’s be real. Also, this sweater name I am dying.  I Will Possess Your Hearth Sweater, ModCloth.

Plain underlayer.  A Layer to Love Top in Beige, ModCloth.

It’s tweedy.  That’s intellectual.  Intern of Fate Skirt in Latte, ModCloth.

Yes, this is entirely because Hannah Murray reminds me of a really adorable bunny rabbit.  Not a Hare Out of Place Tights, ModCloth.

Sure.  Model of Modesty Heel in Taupe, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

Television Tuesday :: I can’t quit Game of Thrones.

23 Jun

One, I can’t quit it because I watch it with other groups of people.  Two, because I care too damn much about my girls and foolishly pray that they’ll eventually be done right by.  Three, because at this point I’m thinking of it as being essentially a pinboard for aesthetic so I can cosplay/visualize the books.  Four, I care too much about seeing it through because of the books.  Five, because occasionally nice things still happen.


I have about fifty varieties of rage about the not-nice things that happened.  Upon repeat viewings with different groups of people, I actually just got up and left the room at the end of episode six (poor Sansa [Sophie Turner] who deserves so much better, who is still acting the hell out of it but shouldn’t have to be stuck in that shithole of a plot divergence); I spent my first viewing of episode nine repeatedly yelling the phrases “oh you evil douchebag” and “fuck you” in echo (poor Shireen [Kerry Ingram] who deserved so much better always); I cringed during the finale but understood sort of why that happened that way because of the plot divergence mess that entire line had devolved into (poor Myrcella [Nell Tiger Free, who is incidentally adorable]).  Etcetera.  The thing that made all of my people angry and/or befuddled I knew was coming, and I don’t know what its outcome will be because I’ve heard so damn many theories, but suffice to say: Kit Harington, you have consistently improved as an actor, good job buddy, Jon will forever be my boy in this series.

But in the grand tradition of this series, here is a list of 5 things that were pretty all right about this season.  Pretty much the only significant 5.

5. By the end of the finale episode, some things were actually sort of where they were supposed to be in reference to the book plotline, mostly.
Arya (Maisie Williams) had been made blind (it’ll go away, don’t worry show friends; I was about to write “it’s a learning experience” but if I do that I also have to qualify that holy shit watching the House of Black and White stuff made me so much more uncomfortable than reading it, and sorry ser who shares my roof who loves Jaqen H’ghar [Tom Wlaschiha], I kept mentally going “John Garrett?”) like she was supposed to be; Dany (Emilia Clarke) had been found by the Dothraki horde (and, book friends, can I just say how happy I am that we didn’t have to actually watch the events of the chapter preceding that in the book, which did make me physically uncomfortable to read); Sam (John Bradley) and Gilly (Hannah Murray) were finally on their way to Oldtown like they should have been oh, at the beginning of the season; Cersei (Lena Headey) had her walk of atonement and that, while horrible to watch, is as it was supposed to be; the Jon stuff resolved as it was supposed to, though it was unpleasant.  At this point the relief of things finally going back on-book almost feels like happiness.  And a different plotline was at an entirely different place than it was supposed to be and I was overjoyed, but I’m not going to talk any more about it because I don’t want to jinx it.

4.  Well, Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) was crazy and did do poison.
When they announced that Tyene was going to be utilizing “double daggers” my initial reaction was to cringe.  I absolutely love book Tyene, as I’ve said before, and for y’all who don’t read the books let me just tell you why without spoiling plot points: book Tyene is Oberyn’s daughter not by Ellaria (Indira Varma) but by an unnamed septa, and she has inherited some of her mother’s devotion, at least outwardly, as well as inheriting her mother’s blonde hair and blue eyes.  She’s feminine and septaesque in demeanor and plays it up, but she’s also devious and prone to using poison as her weapon, her only weapon in contrast to her sisters.  All I needed for the Sand Snakes, really, was for Tyene to be crazy and do poison, but when they announced the double daggers I pretty well abandoned that hope. But!  Though she was Ellaria’s short-haired daughter fighting with double daggers, she coated those with poison and did injury with them, pretty much for the sole purpose of fucking with Bronn (Jerome Flynn) in a way that did have at least some of the crazy cadence that endeared Tyene to me in the first place.  This got carried too far, culminating in objectively one of the worst lines this season, but the initial moment of crazy and poison was perfect (and Obara [Keisha Castle-Hughes] and Nym [Jessica Henwick] sitting behind her rolling their eyes as if to say “come on, Tyene, everyone has seen your boobs, honestly” was perfect too).  This is a comfort, because the entire rest of the Dorne plotline was pretty much a giant mess.  Which sucks, because the Dorne chapters are the reason that A Feast for Crows is probably my favorite of the books, but honestly, deciding not to have Arianne in the show was a terrible decision for the plotline and they didn’t invest nearly any time in it like they should have, and that’s a whole other rant.  Suffice to say, at least Tyene was crazy and did poison.  That’s something, anyway.

3.  Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) is so freaking important.
Her relationship with Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson), as I said last year, is incredibly important because asexual relationship between characters of color.  And her relationship with Dany is incredibly important because when Dany is having a crap time of it, Missandei is the one she turns to for the truth.  Missandei and Dany spent that entire time in the pit clutching each other and trying to protect each other and yeah, this did make Dany leaving on Drogon’s back a little awkward but that happened in the book so whatever.  Daario (Michiel Huisman) describes Missandei as “the queen’s closest confidante” and says “who does she trust more than Missandei?  Certainly not me” and normally I don’t give a damn what Daario says but that’s lovely and important and I’m glad.  And what’s more, watching her face during virtually any scene where you can see her face is the most telling wonderful thing.

2. Easter eggs for book readers
The scene where Jon reads the letter to Stannis (Stephen Dillane) from Lyanna Mormont (“Bear Island knows no king except the King in the North, whose name is Stark) is a favorite; Sam’s line to Olly, along the lines of “I’ve been worrying about Jon for years… but he always comes back!” is another; certain gratuitous hints about a favorite fan theory that are still not obvious to people who don’t know to be looking for them are others.

As evidenced by my loud virulent swearing through episode nine, and as evidenced by everything I’ve ever said before, I also freaking love Shireen.  There were theories I had either heard or had that Shireen could be Important, possibly because of her greyscale, so her ultimate fate disappointed me at best and enraged me at worst. But, the scene early in the season, so early that it feels like it was last season emotionally, where she was teaching Gilly how to read brought me the absolute most joy of anything I could imagine.  So there’s that.

–your fangirl heronie.

silly goose

Television Tuesday :: here we are, four weeks in.

5 May

Now, usually I talk about Game of Thrones a week or two after the season starts, and then again when it’s over.  You might be wondering why I’m waiting so long to do it this year.  Well, I said to myself, “I’m going to write about Game of Thrones once the Sand Snakes have arrived.”

This took… four episodes.

And mind, we got barely a taste of them.  But there they were.  I’m fairly sure that show!Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) is going to be… essentially a creature of B&W’s own invention, which sucks because book!Tyene is my favorite (she’s got that cadence I gravitate toward) but I could be proved wrong, I don’t know.  She’s cute, though.  So far though, Nymeria (Jessica Henwick) and Obara (Keisha Castle-Hughes) seem true enough to book.  Obara’s monologue was pleasingly familiar, and they both have their proper weapons.

On the subject of monologues, I will say that that has been one of the things about the season so far that I’ve generally liked.  It’s as if B&W were like “oh, we’re five seasons in, better shoehorn in as much exposition as we can really really fast so we fill the show-watchers in on things they’re going to need to know that we’ve skipped in previous seasons.”  Or conversations-that-are-basically-monologues.  There have been multiple monologues per episode, the likes of which are more akin to Jaime in the baths in season three than anything else.  To wit, a list of veritable monologuers, in no particular order and doubtless incomplete:

  • Mance (Ciaran Hinds)
  • Melisandre (Carice van Houten)
  • Stannis (Stephen Dillane)
  • Shireen (Kerry Ingram)
  • Brienne (Gwendoline Christie)
  • Podrick (Daniel Portman)
  • Barristan (Ian McElhinney)
  • Daario (Michiel Huisman)
  • Obara
  • Ellaria (Indira Varma)
  • Daenerys (Emilia Clarke)
  • Baelish (Aidan Gillen)

And that’s to say nothing of the conversational exposition.  Which has been… basically everybody, and I am not going to list it all off because it would, basically, be a list of everybody in various configurations.  I’m perfectly comfortable with this.  I would probably watch an entire show that was just lengthy expositional conversations.  Sure, it’s a little jarring to go from a roundtable about Meereneese nobles to “so, Your Grace, about your father,” but I like it.  I don’t mind it at all.

Minor plot changes (having it be not-Jaqen [Tom Wlaschiha] at the House of Black and White, for example) I’m all right with.  Major plot changes (Sansa’s [Sophie Turner] line, which has elicited reactions such as “NO NO NO NO” and “nooooo, they can’t” and “Sansa just can’t catch a break” from my people who are show-watchers; the elimination of certain key characters) have been… less well-received.  But I’m not going to talk about my rage until it’s all over and done and I have concrete details to rage about.

–your fangirl heroine.

well then

Fashion Friday :: another “same costume, different twist” character.

6 Feb

This is a picture from last season, but it doesn’t matter.  Gilly (Hannah Murray) has been wearing the same thing this whole time, basically.  So let’s do something new with it.

biographical book club dress in forest (modcloth)

Continuing the theme of forest animals on clothes of characters in the far far North, apparently.  Biographical Book Club Dress in Forest, ModCloth.

detour du jour dress in olive (modcloth)

I… don’t know.  Poor Gilly deserves at least an alternate universe where she has a happy, put-together life where she gets to be hipster.  I am continuing that here.  Detour Du Jour Blazer in Olive, ModCloth.

Basic In-Syncs Socks

I.  Do.  Not.  Know.  Basic In-Syncs Socks, ModCloth.

Talking Picture Flat

These look very thrift store, even though they’re brand new.  Talking Picture Flat, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

what the fuck have you gotten me into

Television Tuesday :: another year, another… set of feelings.

17 Jun

Feelings both good and bad.  Feelings of general contentment and ones of extreme rage, caused by things that the rest of the internet has already discussed in various places, largely, this season, pertaining to derivations from the book; a thing in episode 3 of this season that was not supposed to be there, a thing in this last episode that REALLY REALLY WAS, but here is my take on that thing that I’m not referring to by name out of my respect for my friends who don’t read the books, with some of Sunday’s willful optimism: there are still… a lot of things from A Storm of Swords that haven’t been in the show and REALLY NEED TO BE, but I… well, they’ve gone so wonky with the timeline of the thing that… that those things HAD BETTER BE in the next season, because they couldn’t… do everything all at once… and they just… had to… save some things for later?  Because people think that A Feast for Crows is boring and I don’t know if other people think A Dance With Dragons is boring but I sure think it takes a long time to pick up and anyway they just needed to save… save some things for then…?  This is my giant way of saying that good freaking gods it is getting exhausting to watch this show sometimes but until they outright deny the thing I will believe that it will just be popped into the timeline elsewhere because I need to for my own mental well-being.

Which is to say.  Get it together, you guys.  But sometimes nice little things still happen, not that they excuse the horrible things at all, but I don’t particularly fancy getting into discussions of them on the internet because it will just make me sad and angry all over again so I’m just going to talk about some nice things that happened this season.

5.  Margaery (Natalie Dormer) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) interacting.
I was discussing good vs. bad in the series with a couple of people yesterday, and one started rattling off characters he thought would ultimately prove good or bad.  It was a list of characters he liked for the good side of things, basically, but once he reached Brienne I interrupted and proclaimed that it’s pretty much impossible to determine good or bad in the series because I don’t know how things will turn out and you can never know, I suppose, though I have my opinions which I mostly keep to myself because it’s just simpler that way, but I will fight you about the fact that Brienne of Tarth is the only true knight in Westeros, because that I am sure of (or well, there may prove to be other true knights, but Brienne is unquestionably one, despite not actually being a knight).  This… has nothing to do with what I’m about to say, but I just needed to say it.  In the first two episodes, Margaery and Brienne spoke to each other.  This did not happen in the book, because in the book Jaime and Brienne hadn’t reached King’s Landing by that point in the story, but I’m totally one hundred percent comfortable with it.  And sure, one of those times Margaery and Brienne were just talking about Renly and the other of those times Brienne was politely congratulating Margaery on her wedding, but I’ll be damned if Margaery wasn’t flirting with Brienne.  See.  Maybe this is just Margaery’s way, but I’m perfectly comfortable with it.

4.  Ygritte (Rose Leslie) and Gilly (Hannah Murray) interacting.
Hardly at all, but I… liked it.  I did.  The wildlings are sacking Mole’s Town and Gilly and her baby are hiding in the back and Ygritte hears the baby cry and all she does is hold a finger to her lips and spare Gilly and the babe.  That… I don’t know why that happened, exactly, but whatever.  It was a scene with women and that was nice.

3.  Jon (Kit Harington) with Ygritte.
The death scene was handled respectfully.  I mean, I know that scene pretty much by heart (I’ve reread it an embarrassing number of times) and I definitely missed the part about “is this a proper castle” because it just hurts and I love it (also it seems like they’d have kept it since they did have the scene in s3 where Ygritte thought the windmill was a castle, but eh, whatever) but it was still overall done well enough and I hyperventilated each time I watched it.  Because

“You know nothing, Jon Snow,” she sighed, dying.

That was accurate.  And then his little private funeral for her.  My eyes watered.  It was nice.  (Because that was mentioned in the book, but not shown really.)

2.  Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson).
Show, did you… did you… is this a non-book-canon relatively healthy romance…?  Is this a… a non-book-canon relatively healthy semi-asexual (by default but whatever I will take it) romance…?  Between two characters of color?  With friendly and intellectual background…?  I… I… I’m hesitant to even type it out because I don’t want to inadvertently make it go horribly wrong, but I will say this: I was not into any romance for Missandei because I didn’t want to feel like they made her grown-up-sized just to throw her in romance but but this is lovely.  I will also say this: I and at least two other people audibly “awww”-ed at the end of their scene in episode 8.  Please don’t ruin this show this is a good thing.

1.  Dany (Emilia Clarke) WAS DOING MISSANDEI’S HAIR.
No, but I don’t think I can explain to you how important this was to me.  I had to pause it and rewatch it and point frantically at the television while squealing.  Because female friends.  Because because female friends.  Also because all the way back last season when they all showed up in episode 4 for the “a dragon is not a slave” scene and Missandei’s hair had that braid in it that hadn’t been there back when she was still a slave, I offhandedly said to one of my friends, “I bet last night after Dany was like ‘hey Missandei you have your freedom’ she was like ‘hey Missandei I’m gonna braid your hair now maybe’ and then did it.”  And then they showed her doing that.  While they were wearing matching dresses.  (Their dresses always match.  It’s great.)  It’s such a tiny little thing but it probably made me happier than anything this season.

–your fangirl heroine.

you don't say

Fashion Friday :: improvising even more.

8 Feb

gilly (hannah murray)

I’m not sure quite how to pinpoint hipstermodern!Gilly (Hannah Murray) stylewise.  Honestly, all I can really think of is that her life circumstances would be not unlike being born into a less-religious version of the film Martha Marcy May Marlene, but she’d have gotten out of it and now she’s cute and still a bit conservative but very practical.  That’s something.

tarragon to town coat (modcloth)

Since her outerwear is about the only thing you can really see in any of the photos I can find of her, that’s where I’m starting.  Tarragon to Town Coat, ModCloth.

roll the clip skirt (modcloth)

I honestly do not even know where this is coming from.  I’m just going with it.  Roll the Clip Skirt, ModCloth.

errand of excellence top (modcloth)

Also, lots of visible texture/pattern in the fabrics seems to make sense.  And a lot of layering.  Errand of Excellence Top, ModCloth.

warming noon and night leggings in black (modcloth)

And more layers.  Warming Noon and Night Leggings in Black, ModCloth.

zip right up boot in black (modcloth)

With a side of necessarily practical.  Zip Right Up Boot in Black, ModCloth.

swing into action backpack in black (modcloth)

And for all of the also-practical carrying of things that will undoubtedly happen.  Swing Into Action Backpack in Black, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

excuse me what