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Sundry Sunday :: Comicon 2017.

6 Mar

It’s been a convention weekend. I have pictures, but they’re just of me and drift partner ’cause while I compliment the heck out of people I’m getting worse and worse at asking for their pictures. Whatever.

Thursday, in which drift partner pulled out her Red Lantern getup and I… went as Columbia from last fall’s Rocky Horror production on Fox. I couldn’t help myself. Finally a chance to be Columbia without booty shorts! Which are fine for other people, but not for me.


(I will also brag: I spray-glittered the hat, hand-studded the bustier, and personally patched/drew on the back of the jacket [not seen in this picture] and the boots.)

Friday, we were blessed Princess Leia Organa and her gal pal Evaan Verlaine from the Princess Leia comics, which you should read if you haven’t.



Saturday, drift partner was the fabulous Jillian Holtzmann and I was big ol’ robot Aida of SHIELD, circa 4.08 when she got shot and had science gloves.



(Those science gloves, while definitely a first draft [I’d like to make them over, possibly from scratch], were a whole slew of fun modification adventures. And yes, there are tiny LED lights on there.)

And today, as before, Dany and Nym.



Anyway, it was nice and Vincent D’Onofrio and Evangeline Lilly and Terry Dodson of aforementioned Leia comic and Kate Leth of Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat are very nice. And we are now dead.

–your fangirl heroines.



Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Ghostbusters

30 Jul

Why is it that when I genuinely love movies my first reaction is a sheepish “oh, everyone else has already said everything wonderful”? I’m not sure. I feel like everyone has already said all of the great things about Ghostbusters. I feel like my list is going to pale in comparison. Maybe it’s because I hold the fandom in decent regard? I’m not sure.

Suffice to say, this movie made me smile.

If you all remember, I had not the best reaction to Bridesmaids, not because it isn’t funny (I have seen it several times since and can agree that it is funny) but because the marketing set me up for a comedy about female friendship, not about female friends being drama. I had a good feeling that Ghostbusters would not be this, and I am not disappointed.

Sure, there was a conflict in the very beginning between Erin (Kristin Wiig) and Abby (Melissa McCarthy) over their old ghost-related science book. Erin wants to be a legitimate professor and get tenure, and the implication is that sometime in between the book’s publication and the movie’s opening she abandoned her more fanciful notions in order to pursue this legitimacy. Abby, meanwhile, has continued to pursue the paranormal, somehow acquiring a Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) along the way. They have some initial drama.

And then they realize they’re in the right and ghosts exist, and the conflict is solved. They’re working together. They’re renewing their friendship. They’re supporting each other. They’re supporting Holtzmann. They’re meeting and supporting their new friend Patty (Leslie Jones). They support their new pal Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) even though he’s not exactly a clever sort of fellow. They make plans, they value each other’s strengths, they work together. They don’t give up.

And the villain of the piece is… an angry white man whose ideals are basically just that the world is horrible because it wasn’t as nice to him as it could have been. “You don’t know my pain,” he essentially shouts at them, to which they, marginalized all, reply, “Uh, yes, we do.”

Also! Kate McKinnon, quite the lesbian, was playing her character very very gay, and Paul Feig has confirmed this but said the studio forbade it from being explicit canon. And everyone else in this movie? Well, the best stories about intense female friendship can also read rather ladygay. This is no exception. Everyone was in love.

It’s just really important, you guys.

–your fangirl heroine.



Sarcastic Saturday :: 6 cousins of the Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy

27 Oct

Let me explain: fall is the best of times to go to Disneyland, because they fancy up some of the rides to be “Halloween themed.”  The Haunted Mansion goes Nightmare Before Christmas, as I said before, and this year, they did Space Mountain up with the “Ghost Galaxy.”  What is the Ghost Galaxy? you might ask yourself.  We certainly did (I was holding out morbid hope that there might be something akin to Reavers).  No, the Ghost Galaxy is (a more impressive IRL) this:

Awkward image thanks to Disneyland News Today.  The Ghost Galaxy is a glowing yellow specter that creeps at your around the corners of the ride, more projections amongst the fake stars.  Anyway, in the approximate month since we returned from Disneyland, it’s become a game amongst my people to find the Ghost Galaxy’s “cousins,” or other things that remotely resemble it.  So here are some of those things.

6. Good old-fashioned creepy ghosts.
A la Ghostbusters.  This posited by one of my people; having never seen Ghostbusters, I couldn’t say for positives, but it’s on the list.

5. Melisandre’s shadow baby.

Not that this picture shows it very well, but this guy is kind of the Ghost Galaxy’s cousin made of shadows.  Birthed from Melisandre (Carice van Houten) creepily.

4. What the internet calls “Billith.”

I mean, obviously the Ghost Galaxy is glowing and yellow, and does not have fangs, whereas reborn-of-the-blood Bill (Stephen Moyer) is bloody and red, and has fangs.  But Billith and the Ghost Galaxy make the same angry growly face, and they both have freaky blue eyes, and their textures are similar I guess.

3. The Mummy.

I think I saw this movie once.  Maybe.  This was posited by another of my people, and I’ll go with it.

2. Flayed Warren Mears.

I’m using a comics picture here because it gets to my point better and also is somehow less disgusting than actual fake-flayed person.  If flayed Warren Mears was, again, made of glowing yellow instead of bloody red, that’s the Ghost Galaxy.  Glowing viscera.

1. One of the Cabin in the Woods glass box monsters.

Presumably, this monster is some sort of shadow ghost thing.  But aside from being not glowing and yellow, it looked exactly like the Ghost Galaxy.

–your fangirl heroine.