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Fashion Friday :: when dub names go bad.

15 Dec


“Eugeal.” WHAT IS THAT NAME IT IS NOT. Eudial is much better. The suffix “geal” sounds like, I don’t know, “congeal.” Which is an ugly word.

cropped cardigan

Sure. I’m rearranging colors as per usual. Cropped Cardigan With Wraparound Ties, ModCloth.

skirt with

Look! This has a skirt on top of red capris. They’re not weird harem pants and the skirt is just red and not black fringe, but look!! Skirt With the Idea Leggings in Burgundy, ModCloth.


Kind of lace-up, ish? Whimsical Wingtips Lace-Up Heel, Banned at ModCloth.


And… sure, okay. That’s the theme here Fab Fanfare Statement Earrings, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: from here things get dark.

8 Dec


Because we’re approaching seasons 3-5 where it’s real messed up all the time. Starting with Kaolinite, who is not my favorite because she makes Hotaru my daughter sad, but she has a hell of an aesthetic.


This is not at all the smoldery slit-up-both-legs maxi dress but it’s got that same vixen kind of vibe going. Cropped Jacket With Retro Peplum, Collectif at ModCloth.


Balancing her black outfit and her red outfit together, I guess. I’ll Have the Usual Pencil Skirt in Black, ModCloth.


I don’t know. It makes sense to me that this extra lady would be wearing shoes she constantly had to make sure didn’t fall off of her feet. I couldn’t find any that remotely resemble her canonical shoes that vibed me the right way, so. Superlative Shine Glitter Heel, ModCloth.


I really don’t know, but let’s face it. Kaolinite is like, the stereotype sexy divorcee out to seduce her boss and this seems appropriate. (Disclaimer, if you are divorced and sleep with your boss that’s fine! I’m just talking about the aesthetic stereotype.) Wants and Beads Statement Necklace, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



Fashion Friday :: don’t f*** your father.

24 Nov


This is my message to Black Lady, aka dark!aged up!AU!Chibiusa, who definitely tried to fuck her father. Whatever it’s still a look.

rosy romance

There are no dresses I like so I’m going nonliteral. This sort of has a neckline, anyway. Rosy Romance Velvet Tank Top, ModCloth.


THIS ISN’T A PHASE MOM THIS IS WHO I AM. Edge Your Bets Pencil Skirt, ModCloth.


Matching pink velvet to pink velvet seems about right. 500 Days of Stunner Velvet Heel in Mauve, ModCloth.


The fact that the tops of these won’t be visible under the skirt isn’t the point. The point is the #aesthetic. Stocking Sophisticate Thigh Highs, ModCloth.

i'll cats

And a la Luna-P. I’ll Cats You Later Crossbody Bag, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: insert evil anime laugh here.

17 Nov


Vital to Esmeraude, which is old French for “emerald” by the way.

lady love

I’ve used this before but I don’t care this color is perfect. Lady Love Song Velvet Dress in Emerald, ModCloth.


Different kind of stones but at least they’re still stones. Braid Behavior Beaded Necklace, ModCloth.

button on

Not particularly fancy but a good color. Button on the Ritz Heel, ModCloth.

in no

And for our bit of pink, lipstick! Because, surprise surprise, there weren’t any fans to be had. In No Time Matte Mini Lipstick Set – Vol. 2, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: sure sure.

10 Nov


Petz is the older, bitterer sister of the Dark Moon Clan. That’s fun.


Not quite the same, but it’s a vibe thing. Collared Keyhole Sleeveless Top in Spruce, ModCloth.


She’s kind of the disillusioned femme punk. Ready and Rarin’ Mini Skirt in Black, ModCloth.


This screams her. Cityscape Sophisticate Collared Cape, Collectif at ModCloth.


Definitely present. Tacit Accent Belt in Black, ModCloth.


Important, cute, and they look pretty comfy, too. Boldly Buckled Knee High Boot in Black, ModCloth.


And some very vital classics. Layer It On Tights in Black, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: skulls.

20 Oct


No, really. That’s the Spanish translation of the word “Calaveras” which is the original name of the Ayakashi Sister I grew up knowing as Avery. Honestly I don’t know why they named her Avery because Avery derives from names meaning either “elf counsel” or “elf power” and like, elves have skulls but that isn’t really relevant. It has a lot of the same letters, maybe? I don’t know.

Reader, I am drink. The television show Inhumans is so bad.

get what

So this is… not a metal corset, but it’s fine. Get What Uke Deserve Top in Sunflower, ModCloth.

you sassy

This feels right! You Sassy Thing Skater Skirt in Maroon, ModCloth.

old fashioned

SURE. Old Fashioned Fab Heel, BAIT Footwear at ModCloth.


It’s a knitwear theme, or something. Hairdo The Twist Headband, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.


Fashion Friday :: silly ice birdie.

13 Oct


In the DIC dub, Berthier was called Birdie (Birdy?). I’m not sure why, other than the fact that it is more of a name than Berthier. I am genuinely not sure why that was her name originally, because it does not appear to be a rock or anything, but sure. Whatever. She’s ice but she wears a swimsuit and thigh boots in her original.


I once had a friend who bought a vintage slip or nightgown (it was debatable which) and wore it as her dress to a school event. It was adorable (although the dress she’d originally bought, also vintage, to go over it was cuter so I was mildly disappointed) and I imagine Berthier would do the same kind of thing. Luxe Lounging Nightgown in Ice, ModCloth.


Not able to do ice blue on ice blue on ice blue here, because not every shade of blue matches, so pops of white. Sheer Me Out Tights in Blanc, ModCloth.


Also these are darker blue, but they just feel correct to me. These vain space ninnies would love velvet, I’m pretty sure. Platform Sass Velvet Heel, ModCloth.


These just seem right. Fabulous Fanfare Earrings, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.