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Television Tuesday :: my Westerosi dumpster isn’t on fire yet

3 May

So I came into season six of Game of Thrones pretty much like “well, I’m stuck here.”  Because, in a way, I am.  This show has done so many things that would make me ragequit another show (Sansa and Shireen last season being among them) but, because of my furious passion for the women and because it’s a thing I do With People and because I’ve committed to much of my energy and honestly my love to it, I can’t do that.

I’m here.

I’m going to grit my teeth and suffer for the small moments of beauty.  Here are a few from the first two episodes.

5. The explanation that no man can lay with a dead Khal’s wife.
This is literally the lowest freaking bar possibly set.  But considering that uh, this show and also Khals as a rule have a whole lot of rape, I was afraid that the Dany (Emilia Clarke) storyline this season would devolve into rape.  At least it (probably) won’t, given this canonical rule.

4. Dolorus Edd (Ben Crompton).
I love badass Eeyore.  That is all.

3. Asha-Yara (Gemma Whelan).
No, you guys, I don’t think you have any idea how excited I am about what’s to come with her (hopefully).  On two fronts.  And I’ve missed her.

2. Sand Snakes.
So my mom is on a message board, which led her to the conclusion that we are about the only people who’ve read the books who liked the bloody coup de grace that Ellaria (Indira Varma), Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), Nymeria (Jessica Henwick), and Obara (Keisha Castle-Hughes) pulled.  Then again, she used to lurk on a different message board, where we were the only ones who cared about Dorne at all.  I keep telling her there’s a really easy way to explain this.   Apparently it’s “not like the books” well, at this point the show isn’t. Apparently (according to my dad) they’re all evil because they murdered their uncle and that sweet little girl (I am still sad about Myrcella, but y’know) and that nice young man.  They kinslayed, therefore they “have it coming.”  My dad also thinks that Oberyn dying was his own fault and apparently doesn’t remember that the Lannisters were (as Ellaria explicitly pointed out?) responsible for the rape and murder of Oberyn and Doran’s sister, not to mention the deaths of said sister’s children.  I don’t think that the Sand Snakes are evil.  I think they got fed up with the fact that the person in charge was out of touch, wasn’t doing anything to seek rightful justice for his family, was just going to sit back and do nothing in general, and they took matters into their own hands in a way that was extreme but also my mom and I couldn’t stop grinning because oh my god and also (in my case) fuck the patriarchy a little bit.  Also, I just love them and they’re beautiful.

I haven’t talked to my dad about episode two yet, but he sure didn’t walk into the room tonight when he got home from the gym and interrupt my mother’s and my conversation to tell us firmly that a certain Iron Islander kinslayer was evil and had it coming.  Just saying.

1. Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie).
This scene was so beautiful my mom cried.  This scene was so beautiful I made drift partner go find me gifs of it (because I’m afraid to go into GOT tags on tumblr).  This scene made me so happy.

–your fangirl heroine.



Television Tuesday :: the men of the Night’s Watch as the denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood

26 Mar

(Well, the men plus one.)

I am fully aware of how ridiculous this is.  In the recent past, one of my people and I were discussing how Dolorous Edd is basically Eeyore.  And then suddenly while we were reading this weekend, I realized that if you stretch it, you can basically come up with analogues for everyone.  Which I am now sharing with you, because it amuses me way too much.

christopher robin / jon snow

As Christopher Robin, we have Jon Snow (Kit Harington).  Because “he helps the others grow and learn lessons,” said my person, and because you also cannot just say his first name.  Christopher?  Who’s Christopher?  Oh, Christopher Robin.  And really, it’s got to be Jon Snow, too.

pooh / sam

As Winnie-the-Pooh, we have Samwell Tarly (John Bradley-West).  “Despite being naïve and slow-witted, he is a friendly, thoughtful and sometimes insightful character who is always willing to help his friends and try his best. His good intentions sometimes make things worse and other times solve a problem,” Wikipedia says.  And while Sam is actually the brains of the Night’s Watch, really, he is often treated as being not so because he is cowardly and yes, naive.  He is loyal and varyingly helpful, though.

eeyore / dolorous edd

As Eeyore, yes, we have Eddison “Dolorous Edd” Tollett (Ben Crompton).  He is sorely underused in the series, but when you read his lines in the books out loud, you really have to read them in the Eeyore voice.  “I guess your ship won’t sink if I’m not on it,” woh-woh-woh.

piglet / pyp

As Piglet, we have Pyp (Josef Altin).  Mostly because I needed someone to be Piglet and also because the Wikipedia article mentioned that Piglet can sing very well, which is one of the few notable individual traits we know of Pyp’s.

tigger / grenn

As Tigger, we have Grenn (Mark Stanley).  Because I needed someone to be Tigger, because Grenn’s a bit of a ginger, and because their faces in these pictures sort of match.

rabbit / alliser

As Rabbit, we have Alliser Thorne (Owen Teale).  Because Rabbit can be a cranky jerk sometimes, and Alliser is a cranky jerk most of the time.

owl / aemon

As Owl, we have Aemon [formerly Targaryen] (Peter Vaughan).  As Wikipedia says, “Owl and most of his friends believe that he is the most intelligent animal in the wood, but he is really quite scatterbrained. He often rambles on into long-winded speeches and uses words that his friends do not understand. He is always happy to offer his opinions, advice and anecdotes, whether or not they are actually wanted.”  Aemon is wise but sometimes cryptic, and he’s definitely the intellectual figure at the head of the Night’s Watch.  Also, Aemon keeps birds so this is appropriate.

kanga / gilly

As Kanga, we have Gilly (Hannah Murray).  Because she’s really the only girl that hangs with the Night’s Watch for any period of time (later in the books, though not much in the show yet) and she has a baby.  And really, I mean, Ygritte hangs with Jon Snow, but like hell she’d be Kanga.

And alas, there’s really not anyone to be Jeor Mormont.  Which is kind of a bummer, since he’s cool enough, but his type of character isn’t really suited to a cartoon forest full of stuffed animals, so.

–your fangirl heroine.

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