Music Monday :: my thoughts on Melodrama

19 Jun

Hi, Lorde!

“Green Light.” Ah here is the one I’ve utilized already. Did I mostly put this on the AIDA mix because “green light” could reference the godawful teal tint in the Framework? Maybe. But also I like “you’re such a damn liar” and this has a really, idk, building optimism vibe? And while I don’t condone Ophelia’s ultimate actions, I groove on the alternate possibilities of a robot finding herself. Seizing, perhaps, on the brief moment where she was proud of how she saved Mack.

“Sober.” This is weird. It’s got shades of 80s and shades of weird experimental and shades of I don’t even know what and I like it. I really am glad Lorde has stuck it out because I like her voice and I like what she does and I like it when I like pop singers that actually are on the radio and stuff.

“Homemade Dynamite.” “Let’s let things come out of the woodwork” aw that’s also nice. All of this is really cute and chill.

“The Louvre.” This is nice. There’s noise but then there’s melody and it’s good. I’m really just content here. I’m sure most of these songs are going to smack me in the face on repeated listening, but right now it’s just pleasant and good.”Perfect Places.” “It’s just another graceless night” that’s lovely. I enjoy the symphonic nature of this. I’m comfy here.

“Liability.” I like when pop songs get verbose OH MY GOD “I think I’ll go home into the arms of the girl that I love” oh my GOD this is a gift. It’s ballady but it’s great.

“Hard Feelings & Loveless.” “Please could you be tender and I will stick close to you” awww that’s so small and soft. This has gotten grand and interesting. Lorde has this way of getting away with a very talky kind of singing that most female pop singers don’t really do I feel like.

“Sober II [Melodrama].” Ooh these instrumentals. “You asked if I was feeling it” aw that’s something that’s not in songs always. There’s a slow sort of hip-hop to this, but it works.

“Writer in the Dark.” “Break the news you’re walking out to be a good man for someone else” hmmm. That’s. “Did my best to exist just for you” ugh that hurts. This is interesting. This is… really telling.

“Supercut.” Ooh I like her voice’s way of sliding on this bridge. This is just a very nice track to listen to.

“Liability [Reprise].” I like when pop singers do reprises. It makes life more theatrical.

“Perfect Places.” “It’s just another graceless night” that’s a nice lyric. This is just a really warm song and I enjoy it.

–your fangirl heroine.



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