Fashion Friday :: important detective princess.

31 Mar


So here’s the thing about Misty Knight (Simone Missick). Not only does she kick ass in a beating-dudes-up way, she kicks ass with her brain in a particular way that in television is usually attributed to white men, not black women. Also in the comics she has a gold arm, which is pretty cool. (The above picture shows the actress, not in character, side by side with an image from the comics, because like last week I need to pull that up for reference for y’all.)


Hear me out: there were no red blazers I liked for mimicing Netflix!Misty’s actual style, but this sweater has red trim so it matches the pants and it’s gold like her robot arm. Antique Market Maven Sweater, ModCloth.


Because then she can kick asses. Jive Got a Feeling Pants in Red, ModCloth.


And here we have flat shoes for the same purpose. Toe-Tap Velvet Flat in Rouge, ModCloth.


There are not any hoop earrings on the website, so have these instead. Giddy for Geometry Earrings, ModCloth.


And for some extra gold for that arm. A Cuff Above the Rest Bracelet, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.



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