Whimsy Wednesday :: in which what. (And also kinkshaming.)

29 Mar

“You want the Earth? YOU’LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME!”

Now everyone is standing around befuddled, wondering where Usagi is, and Tuxedo Mask’s hands are glowing and he just went poof???

Inside the Crystal Palace, Neo Queen Serenity awakes and goes to the comatose body of her husband, kissing him and making his illusory self also vanish from the outside. “Someone’s… coming out,” Sailor Mars says. “It’s Neo Queen Serenity!” “Mommy!”

“It’s not your fault. You did make a few mistakes, however, you have learned from them and grown as a person.” At which point Neo Queen Serenity asks her daughter to join her as a guardian…

“My dear Pluto. From this day forward, you will rest in peace, forever enshrined in the Crystal Palace.” Um, this feels like it’s going to get severely in the way of later seasons.

“You and you alone are capable of finding Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask” way to put pressure on the child.

Now Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon are floating through space in a bubble

“This planet, my host body, will be your GRAVES!”

This is so fucking overdramatic Jesus

She’s going through an existential crisis holy shit

“I’ve never been able to use the crystal’s full power unless you were nearby!”

“We’re more than soulmates! You and I are one!” This is fucking dumb

“I may be small, but I can help.”

“She, Tuxedo Mask, and Small Lady combined their powers.’

“I shall now bestow on you new planet powers.”

This is just an excuse to show artsy-ass pictures of them and now they’re getting “warm” “overflowing” new powers… which, I’m guessing, are their s3 abilities. Which… is not how that works? I’m pretty sure it’s just a natural evolution of things??????????? What the fuck

“It is forbidden to meet one’s past self. Such an encounter could alter history.” What the fuck is this, Doctor Who?

“Sailor Moon the Guardian of Mystery” um. s that mean she’s the Guardian of Agatha Christie or

“My new brooch, how did I get this?” The queen, obviously.

“Pluto may be gone, but I’ll guide us back just like she showed me!” OR WE COULD RESURRECT FUCKING SAILOR PLUTO ALREADY

“I want to talk to her… even if it does change history!” And now they’re meeting, making these ridiculous hearteyes like what the fuck you’re staring at yourself stop being gay what are these soft-focus bubbles up in here

Everyone is seeing their future selves! Surprise: everyone else’s future selves look… exactly like they look now because the other Guardians never get outfit upgrades to that degree

“Was it all just a dream?” No, there’s Chibi-usa to go back to the future with a backpack full of stuff and now Usagi is all sad and it’s emotional and shit and

“I wish I could stay longer, it’s not like I don’t want to” but you have to come back next season

“I’m not crying, you’re crying” THAT LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED

“Be a good girl” NO MAMO NO

“Oh, I’d better hurry up! Mommy and Daddy are calling me!” NOOOOO

Chibi-usa just gave her a new moon rod to go with her new powers like jesus no that’s not how this works that’s not how any of this works I’m so holy shit

“Don’t cry, we’ll see her again!” ……when she pops out of Usagi’s vagina?

Why did it just show a montage of people hanging out? Rei and her ghostbuster friend, Mako and the rando boy, the cats, Motoki waving at Minako and Ami it literally makes no sense there is no joining thread between these images

Oh look Chibi-usa is back already announcing she’s here to train. That’s correct.

–your fangirl heroines.



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