Whimsy Wednesday :: in which everything is stupid and Elektral complex.

8 Mar

“Wiseman’s true identity is revealed” what, are you going to try to redeem him too

“…and now I am Queen of Nemesis, Queen of the Dark Planet” how many times must you say you are a queen honey nobody believes it

Oh you cray, you just threw your toy away

“No trace of her remains” literally she just said who she was though so some trace of her does remain your thesis is flawed spoopy gentleman

They remixed and sped up the theme song randomly on this episode and it sounds horrible.

“…the Beast Hands are mine now!” sodifjsdofjsfodjf


Why are they imprisoning the others with giant electric crescent black moons that looks fucking stupid


“I have him, as long as he loves me that’s all I need” NOOOOO THAT IS YOUR DAD


Also Black Lady still doesn’t have lipstick on her upper lip and it’s fucking dumb

Sailor Moon is just angstmonologuing jeez

“Don’t talk to me like you know me, you don’t know anything!”

“Taking someone prisoner and making them love you, you’re wrong, it can make you happy” no Demande no, boy it’s nice that Sailor Moon is going to teach him otherwise

Is this music from Star Wars it sounds like music from Star Wars

“Damn the Moon Kingdom and its palace” stop

“I have everything that is precious to you” uh, not really, you don’t reeeally have the other four senshi or the cats or Tokyo or… food

Also I love that it’s pronounced not like, “Wise Man” but like “Weissman” like a last name.

I don’t love it. That was a lie.

(Fun fact Greg Weisman makes amazing superhero cartoons and doesn’t deserve his name getting shit on like this)

Wiseman was a corpse and now is showing himself and Wiseman is… the eye of Sauron?

So now Sailor Pluto is angsting because she is the guardian of space and time, who guards space-time

Okay but the giant crescent moons aren’t preventing them from moving just from doing things? That’s dumb couldn’t they just run and kick Demande in the head

Wiseman is Nemesis? He is consciousness merged with a planet

That’s fucking dumb

“The darkness is draining our energy” as opposed to before when it was just… sipping on your energy or something?

“We were toys, puppets you manipulated” no… shit…

Now Sailor Moon is going to… something….

Diana is coming to get Pluto to help, awww Diana is offering to sub in for Pluto so Pluto can go help because Pluto is sad, holy shit okay that’s adorable I’m okay with that.

So now we know how Pluto becomes free to get unleashed on the Death Busters next season.

~Endymion taking the crystal broke his hypnosis or something maybe?

Now Demande grabbed them? “I believe in nothing I follow no one I am my own master”

–your fangirl heroines.



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