Music Monday :: my thoughts on Standing Stones

27 Feb

After all, Marian Call is drift partner’s most beloved singer. And I’ve grown quite fond as well.

“Bones.” Oh oh here comes a beautiful contrast of lyrical lady voice and industrial noise. Those are things I like together very much. The industrial has somewhat subsided giving way into a more traditional melody but it’s beautiful. “So imagination took the hand of memory” that’s the most lovely thing. She does definitely have a way with poignant lyrics and a matching delivery.

“No Paper.” This has a cuter tone. I will also acknowledge how good Marian is at using things in ways that aren’t even that weird but are at least different enough from a lot of pop singers. And just twisting things in unique ways, “treasure map of bones” and stuff.

“Oregon Trail.” Hee. But also it’s not actually funny at all, it’s more of that poignancy, it’s simple and sweet and thoughtful in a way that you really should just try to let come over you. “And digging in the yard we found somebody else’s bones” ow but in a nice way? There’s a really interesting melancholy undertone to this, without it being too overly sad.

“Standing Stones.” Confession, I have been halfway-hearing most of this album all week through drift partner’s headphones, but I’ve been trying not to properly listen until now so I could express feelings articulately. This is a damn anthem, this track.

“Hope.” This is less of a production of a track, but that’s by no means lessening it. There’s guitar that sounds very classic, and it’s thoughtful.

“Like This.” “Send me your criteria and I’ll design the perfect night for you.” This is cute but also it feels kind of tongue-in-cheek. “I imagined me like this.” Well. Then. I feel that this is. Pointed. Is it supposed to? I’m not sure. That might just be me.

“Mediocre Algorithmic First Date.” Wait wait you guys it just got even more what I just was thinking. “He brought a story for me, he had it custom made” UHHHHHHHHHHHH. Wow, I am just falling all over myself about how… very. This is. “It was much too small for me but if I work for it maybe” oh my GOD I am just. Flails someone finally is talking about this.

“Independence.” There’s something almost slinky about this and I like it, but also her slink is never just straightforward. Her slink is very, very intelligent. Which regular slink can be, of course! But this is somehow beyond that.

“Vespers.” These lyrics are so wordy, I love it. I think the thing is that she doesn’t pull punches, and that’s cool, because a lot of songs feel like they’re, I don’t know, in boxes. There are no boxes here.

“The Devil.” I have been prealerted to this one. It is also slinky. “Fear is my old friend, we dated for a while and she still calls me now and then.” So!

“Grandpa Had It Right.” Mm, poetic! And more of that vague melancholy but it’s still not sad it just is. “I never saw stars like that before.”

–your fangirl heroine.




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