Whimsy Wednesday :: in which only the stupidest-named attacks and plans succeed.

1 Feb

Ah yes, Crystal Tokyo is unveiled.

ALSO LIKE. Chibi-usa KNOWs WHAT HER DAD LOOKS LIKE. The fact that she STILL had/has a crush on Mamoru IS SO MESSED UUUUUUUPPPPP

King Endymion’s cape flourish is on point, though.

Tmw you realize you have a kitten 10 centuries in the future.

“What’s going on? He doesn’t have a reflection… what you see is an astral projection”

“I am Usagi Small Lady Serenity” she named her child after HERSELF. THREE TIMES LMAO

Tmw you realize you have a child 10 centuries in the future.

How the fuck is all of this a surprise????????????

“The queen rarely leaves the palace” Um ok

Also it’s pretty shitty of the Silver Crystal to… not protect any of the senshi or Endymion.

Shit “the Silver Millennium Family” that’s even dumber

Okay so he’s explaining that the Silver Crystal bestows longevity and blessings on everyone allowing them to live for centuries but ONOES the Malefic Black Crystal is causing a spatial distortion and sucking up comatose bodies. This is dark.

But also, what happened to rescuing their goddamn friends.

The planet Nemesis ok

“The Black Moon… bloodthirsty anarchists who rejected long life” ok

“Usagi’s turning invisible!”

King Endymion does not fucking know when to shut up.

Is Sailor Pluto blushing at praise from King Endymion? What the fuck?

Usagi chill the fuck out stop being jealous of your DAUGHTER

Now Chibi-usa has gone back to the past, again, to stare at everyone’s comatose bodies???

Meanwhile Demande is peeping on a hologram of Neo Queen Serenity

Code Extra: Operation Relax

Which appears to be turning her arms into snakes?


“Who’s your favorite now?” Esmeraude asks of Demande, who is not physically present

Oh now he is, and creeping.

“There they are, those fierce determined eyes, the ones that stared back at me that day,” he murmurs, spooping crepping on Sailor Moon with his random third eye.

Kidnap, and scene. Yike.

–your fangirl heroines.



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