Things in Print Thursday :: a YA synopsis generator template

12 Jan

So in my last year’s travels through Goodreads and in my intermittent travels through YA, I’ve learned that the summaries of YA novels, much like the summaries of romance novels, are fairly formulaic. Being the overachieving weirdo I am, I decided to make a random generator based on this premise.

This will be an ongoing project, using the code listed here, but I’m going to get it started with the first of several hollow outlines tonight so we can start working to fill in the blanks.

[girl’s name] has a [adjective] life – [familial anecdote], [academic anecdote], [personal anecdote]. She even [unlikely anecdote]. Everything is going [adverb] – that is, until [boy’s name] enters her life. After [way of meeting], the two are initially [adjective] about each other, but after a [adjective] [experience] and some input from their [type of person] [girl’s name], [boy’s name], and [ambiguous name], the two will have to [activity], and it could change [noun].

–your fangirl heroine.



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