Whimsy Wednesday :: in which heterosexuality is bad and plot development doesn’t exist.

11 Jan

The fuckery continues, presumably.

This just in: Chibi-usa cares more about her Luna-P doll than Usagi or the fact that Usagi’s friends are missing.


Why the fuck are they blushing

Also like. From a storytelling standpoint. They are already at the season endgame and it is only 3 episodes in. so what the fuck.

“I just caught a summer cold” if it’s summer shouldn’t they be on vacation?

Also like. All of this is just an endless parade of why. I don’t even know.

Also. Minako stands right in front of the Sailor V poster and nobody goes “oh yeah that’s weird.”

“So now you feel better” why the fuck should she two of her girlfriends are still kidnapped into space of course they’re not fucking all right they’re kidnapped into space.

Every single glasses-wearer in this canon has polycarbonate lenses.

“Don’t make me beg” don’t make me kinkshame you Tsukino-papa.

“As soon as I touched her I had a vision” and you Mamo-chan just stop everything

“I sense that there is no need to be hasty” what are you, an Ent

Petz is literally no fun without her misandry.

Why are we wasting time tangenting on a random boy?

This dude touched Makoto even after she said she gets “staticky” when she’s not feeling well and got shocked. Dumbass.

This dude looks like Motoki but younger and stupider.

“In other news, more mysterious crop circles” are you shitting me.

Also, here’s something. Are laws about independence of minors different in Japan? Because. Mako is 14 and lives in an apartment alone with her parents’ inheritance.

“I can’t lie to you when you look at me like that.” Mako stop


Okay but how do you know this fool is not a puppet of the Black Moon????????

Why is he swearing to protect her do they even know each other beyond a passing acquaintance? Who is this fool and where did he come from?

Ok so the original series is set in the 90s/earlier and presumably this one is too if it’s closer to the manga~ but Mako has an LCD flatscreen television. It’s barely plausible that she would have one of those living by herself on inheritance money in the present day but in the 90s/earlier?

“[Jupiter] was a droid” ………what

“I’ll fill you with regret, it’ll leave you numb”


Another thing that is annoying me about Crystal is that it isn’t actually making the girls discovering they have new abilities a thing. They just suddenly have new attacks and shrug.

I still do not appreciate the Spectre Sisters’ demotion to little-bad. Even if it is truer to the manga.

–your fangirl heroines.



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