Spoiler Alert Sunday :: our thoughts on Hidden Figures

8 Jan
  1. We are not black people.
  2. That means there are more important voices out there talking about this that do belong to black people, black women specifically, that we will tell you to go find.
  3. But all that being said, seriously this is a wonderful film.
  4. You need to go see this movie.
  5. You will not be taught about this in history class or anything (unless you have a really awesome history class, and guys, my US history in high school was rad but we didn’t even get to the 1950s let alone the 1960s, and it wouldn’t have been in the textbook anyway) so you need to go learn about this. These women were/are amazing.
  6. Someone give Mahershala Ali an award. (Maybe not for this movie but for something.)
  7. The three main ladies – Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae – all should have awards for this movie, though.
  8. Also gosh their outfits and the little things they said about the characters were fun.
  9. Boy it was nice to have an inspirational historical movie where none of the known characters died.
  10. Jim Parsons is in this movie as a terrible person and watching him accordingly get his ass kicked (metaphorically) every ten minutes was great.

–your fangirl heroines.




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