Whimsy Wednesday :: in which everything has gone bananas.

28 Dec

Oh okay, so Chibi-usa’s gun was a toy, BUT STILL.

We’re skipping the Makai Tree entirely.

And it looks like the bad guys are going to be in a weird order with the NOPE Saphir and Demande and Esmeraude and Rubeus are all in the same room at the same time at the very beginning fuck that

/snaps “the misandry sisters are here to play”

“What if she’s our new enemy” “let’s not jump to conclusions” uh Mamoru she had a toy gun and threatened y’all. She’s not the enemy, but seriously.

“Well we were at the park and she kinda just fell out of the sky” USAGI GEEZ

Chibi-usa just brought out her hypnotism umbrella. Class.

“There’s something about that little girl that bothers me.”

“Not having to fight anyone is awesome,” says Mako, making it perfectly clear that they’ll have to fight someone in the next few minutes.

“Our moon princess needs protecting~” “It’s a pretty thankless job~” “But someone’s got to do it~” good grief.

“Look, the pretty one with buns in her hair” WHY IS THIS WEIRDLY GAY

And the whole – “he’s got a man crush!” A random has a crush on Mamoru.

“Supernatural Research Club”

“She’s so beautiful” OKAY SERIOUSLY

I like this random like, bunch of baby Ghostbusters. Gaying it up.

MRAUUUUU (I am a cat)

I like that their Catholic school is totally cool with fortune telling.

I ship it.

This is bananas

I wonder how much time could be saved in their battles without such elaborate transformation sequences.

Whoa. Creppy mannequin-head monsters.

“I am Koan, the youngest and most extreme of the Spectre Sisters” ok Anastasia Steele you keep on saying that

I also fucking hate how they’re drawing Koan’s hair. It’s supposed to look like cat ears. Not bunny ears like Chibi-usa has.

“What is that?” the glowing power of heterosexuality

So the Moon Rod…appears because they combined their powers…I can’t quite get to the joke here but

Christ almighty “Crimson Rubeus”

Is kidnapping Sailor Mars????

Did Koan just poof??????? Wtf the bad BDSM sisters get a redemption arc

–your fangirl heroine.



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