Whimsy Wednesday :: in which everything is fixed very suddenly and a child has a gun for some reason.

14 Dec

I’m still not sure why this has pretentious French on the title cards sometimes.

Also, Sailor Moon, I appreciate your optimism but I’m pretty sure if you could defeat her by saying “I really want to defeat her” it would have happened before.

I’m really enjoying the epic chanting in the background music.

But of course!

“The Tower! It’s regenerating!” wow this is getting kind of spiritual and weird.

Yeah I…am not a fan of this take lol.

This is just. Fucking. Weird. Also if you could defeat Metalia by praying about it why didn’t they do that the first time?

Also, why is Queen Metalia literally a blob? No wonder she can’t win she’s incorporeal.


“It was like you had become Selene, the Moon Goddess, herself.”

And now Silver Millennium is regenerating?????????????????????????????

Literally why

“Her body is cold. Did using all her power like that -?” better heterosexually kiss her to find out, sighs.

“True love does conquer all.” I’m laughing


What the fuck

What the fuck is Mamoru doing

“It feels like… the Earth’s energy is flowing through you” funny, I couldn’t tell since he doesn’t throw any roses.

This is so weird.

Okay. so now they’re on the moon visiting the restored kingdom. How exactly is this going to help her save her friends?

“You are the master of the Moon Castle now” what

This is dumb

So she gets reincarnated-not-reincarnated and now she has a new brooch (that looks like her good old brooch from the original) and now she’s going to save her friends. This makes sense.

No. it fucking doesn’t.

She just Moon Healing Escalation’d… the entire planet Earth. What the fuck.

Big gay group hug. Can we just stay in the big gay group hug?

I think another problem I’m having is that the season skimmed over so many details prior to the conclusion and then lingered on the conclusion for almost as long as the original? It just doesn’t pace correctly. Also, the heterosexuality.

Onoes Rei just had a ~bad omen~ in the flames.


Aaaaaaaaand a surprise Chibi-Usa appears from the sky


–your fangirl heroines.



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