Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is so much drama.

30 Nov

Wheee heterosexual bullshit

I mean, I can be total trash for star-crossed reincarnated lovers bullshit, see Tolkien’s shenanigans, but. No.

Yeah. Like the premise could work. I just don’t buy the Usagi and Mamoru love story in the original anime where there is tons more development even though it’s dumb, let alone in this version where it’s like “who is this boy on the bus” “oh I’m passed out in his bed” “we know each other’s secret identities now” “cool” “I love you”????? That is not love.

What the fuck?

I liked that sentence better before it ended, when it was just “I have all the energy.”

“Even if she should one day be reborn” wow you had a contingency plan for this bullshit Queen Serenity. That’s fucked up.

Well, that series of still shots of the Scouts was awfully silly.

“I need to go to the Chamber of Prayer in the Moon Castle.” Ok cat.

She’s not a very good queen, probably, if all she is is a glowing light.

Also I like that these people draw scratches and injuries like a child. They are literally just black scribbles on them.

“[Attacking Grunt]”

Jesus Christ this is all so dramatic

And yet it’s still not as emotionally wrenching as the finale bits in the first season of the anime?



(eels = lesbians)

“Ridiculous! Sailor Moon is inside me!” PFFFFFT

So they’re putting their power in the sword to send to Sailor Moon, who is not visible, thus killing themselves? I mean, ow, but the one-by-one dying in the original is so much more dramatically satisfying. It’s brutal. It shows and doesn’t tell.

I mean, it tells a little. But still.

His pocket watch stopped her from stabbing herself. Now Sailor Moon is cry and shadow babies are zombie-moaning at her.

“Such a beautiful cacophony of bitterness and malice” I didn’t know Queen Metalia invented the internet

I feel like it might be more effective if they didn’t say “Legendary” every time.

Also she needs to quit saying “inside me” lololol

Mamoru inadvertently summoned the force ghosts of the Four Kings of Heaven? Or just of Kunzite, apparently.

Nope there’s the others. Wishing happy heterosexuality before they poof.

So what I want to know is, Sailor Moon was like “I need to be back with my friends” and now Tuxedo Mask expects he can replace all four of them? Christ.

She literally hasn’t even had a moment to mourn them. She’s just gone “I need them” and then gotten busy doing other things


–your fangirl heroines.


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