Sarcastic Saturday :: dear neurotypicals (the second)

26 Nov

Dear neurotypicals,

Do you know how grating conscious wackiness can be?

I’m not talking about when people have quirky interests or crack a few stupid jokes to lighten a tense mood. I’m not talking about having moments every so often where you put on a show for a specific reason (although that can be annoying too, in its way). I’m talking about when they have, clearly consciously, built themselves a persona that is more akin to a mediocre recurring skit on SNL than an actual human being. When you hear them tell the same two jokes with slight variations every day, when they snort and wheeze like Rick from Pawn Stars at every funny thing they say or do and most of the unfunny ones too, when they tease everyone around them and then drag themselves, when they mug and sing and laugh and guffaw and perform so constantly that even if they weren’t making twenty negative audiovisual stimulations to contend with every hour you’d get exhausted being around them.

I can’t explain how one can tell the difference between unconscious and conscious wackiness, and I might not always be accurate in my judgments, but while I’ll admit people have unconscious quirks that can really irk me (more so depending on the day) it’s the ones that are clearly, constantly put on for the supposed benefits of others (?) that truly irk me.

The reasons I am addressing this to neurotypicals are threefold. Sometimes it is really annoying, especially from the point of view of someone who conceivably could be taken as weird by societal standards, when someone seems to be trying to be Wacky!!!! to get attention. Sometimes the things that seem annoying to most people can strike neuroatypical folks as especially annoying, to the degree that it is legitimately hard for them to deal with not flipping out about how annoyed they are. And sometimes these feelings of frustration linger enough until they can be ranted about, and neurotypicals need to be understanding and not just argue about how the ranter is unable to get along with anyone. That’s the thing. As per two, many of us can get along with people, but only barely, and that neurologically imposed double life is in itself exhausting.

So yeah. It’s another situation where the solution is to be more mindful.

–your fangirl heroine.


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