Music Monday :: my thoughts on Jessica Rabbit

21 Nov

I think I’m in the emotional space for Sleigh Bells this week.

“It’s Just Us Now.” This is like a girl pop band sung over Green Day and therefore oh it’s luscious. “And when you die I wanna die, I wanna die with you, lay us down for good, lay us down for good” ughhhh delicious.

“Torn Clean.” This feels like I feel when I look at collages of screencaps from Twin Peaks (which I have not actually seen, but which I admire the screencaps of regularly).

“Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold.” I think this album is overall a bit less… trance than previous Sleigh Bell efforts? Which I love in the right place, but these lyrics are a little bit more coherent. “I was dreaming on the dead-end street that we used to run down.”

“I Can’t Stand You Anymore.” “Who died and made you boss?” This whole thing is great because I love fuck-off songs.

“Crucible.” I’m just smiling. This is oddly pleasant. I like Alexis Krauss’ voice a lot.

“Loyal For.” This is a bit more like their usual, I think. Repeating and eerie but with a side of “atomic deals like a waterfall over us all.”

“I Can Only Stare.” “Why are we sharing the breath till there’s nothing left but carbon dioxide” goddamn y’all you’re killing it tonight.

“Throw Me Down the Stairs.” Oh look another fuck-off song literally. “Fuck you people, I’ve had it up to here.” It sounds like the girlpunk rage music I tried to embrace in my adolescent angst phase, and I mean that nicely.

“Unlimited Dark Paths.” Is this about emo Daisy? I think it is. This is angst pure and simple.

“I Know Not to Count On You.” This is some video game delight. 8-bit beauty.

“Rule Number One.” Ass-kicking!!!

“Baptism by Fire.” My jam!!!!

“Hyper Dark.” I’m getting into the zoning out part of the listening experience but I like that.

“As If.” Well, I’d like to stay here.

–your fangirl heroine.




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