Things in Print Thursday :: naughty comics.

17 Nov

Which is to say, this is me evangelizing about Sex Criminals, a series by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. I have read the first three trades in the last year and I just… I love it?

This is what I told Matt Fraction at Rose City this year: I, like his female protagonist Susie, am a librarian (or, well, an aspiring librarian). I am not used to seeing genuinely cool librarians in fiction (well, with the exception of my beloved Giles, and even he errs on the side of traditional in a lot of ways). It’s funny, because there’s actually a pretty prevalent “cool librarian” culture on the internet and in the right circles; alt librarians, “lesbrarians,” etcetera. But Susie is someone I honestly could have gone to school with. I wouldn’t jump to say she’s me, quite, our personalities aren’t the same, but she feels like a real person and a cool one at that.

It’s sort of silly that this is one of the things that’s stuck with me, but honestly, I first picked up the comic because I knew Susie was a librarian and I felt compelled to read it. And Matt Fraction said he definitely worked consciously to make Susie a cool librarian, which is just so nice.

Anyway. Then you go into the fact that the premise is “they stop time when they orgasm, so they decide to rob banks to save the library” and it’s just so high-concept and weird but I mean, it’s actually a very elegant solution to that particular problem. Of course, things get complicated in about twenty different ways, but that’s what makes it a story.

This ended up being one of those really nice “come for the [], stay for the []” situations, wherein the latter [] is a sense of humor that was not unlike mine. There are witty asides, there are sarcastic jokes, there is a fair helping of people learning from their problematic mistakes, there is a candidness about sex. There is actual cause for the phrase “Sailor Poon” to be used. Etcetera.

I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s definitely worth a read, you guys. It’s small and weird, but it’s my kind of small and weird.

–your fangirl heroine.




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