Music Monday :: my thoughts on La La La

14 Nov

I like Priscilla Ahn and I am not in the headspace for the new Sleigh Bells tonight so here. Twee little songs.

“Body Sounds.” Is this an album of songs for children? I feel like it could be but also this is really soothing so I’m fine with it.

“Elephant.” This is also very cute. This is different than the songs of hers that I’m more familiar with, which are more clear and delicate and wistful-melancholy.

“All by Myself.” This is a little closer to that, but better.

“Forever and Forever.” Oh. This is the right thing.

“Vampire.” Hee this is probably cutesier than it’s got any right to be.

“Leaves.” Yes. This is pastel.

“Des Jeunes Filles Et Des Fleurs.” The young girls and the flowers! That’s a nice thing that I would like to stay in please.

“Dust Bunny.” I’m so??? Why is this so charming I don’t know I made a good choice tonight. Thank you Priscilla Ahn this is good.

“Little Boat.” Soothing. I’m staying with that.

“In My Bed.” I think I’m just going to stay here forever.

“Desert Lullaby.” Nice good thank.

“Oyasumi.” This is is Japanese for “good night.” This is gentle as fuck and I love it.

–your fangirl heroine.



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