Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is still too much heterosexuality.

9 Nov

“There’s no time to be sad! We’re going to the Moon!”

Can I come to the moon too?

Why exactly can they only travel there when it’s full? How is it only going to be full in three days when it’s like, the tiniest crescent right now? Jeeeez.

Why is Usagi’s dad always weird and patriarchal?

I mean…fictional dads tend to be the worst. Except for like a handful.

This seems overly complicated and weird.

Also christ why is there a sword in a stone I’m so??? Time for the queen of exposition to exposition everything.

I’m still confused about the mythology wherein the senshi are still in senshi uniforms forever but Usagi/Serenity always changes her clothes. I’m also confused about why in this flashback


But yes why in the flashback it appears to be set in the French Revolution?

“Well it looks like it’s gonna be morning soon down on Earth. We should go back.” That was really anticlimactic.

“I never knew there was a staircase down here.” People say dumb things in this version. And I REALLY do not like all of the Four Kings being alive at the same time. That’s stupid.

“Before the Four Kings of Heaven can remember their past lives.” Their past lives, where they were apparently knights in the service of Endymion representing various virtues. Aw, shit.

What the shit.

“I’ll transform Tokyo into a frozen desert.” …………

OH YEAH I think there was some bullshit about each of the inner senshi OH MY GOD YES SHIT


The Four Kings of Heaven were once knights that were banging the inner senshi or some shit. HETERO NONSENSE AHOY

I am allergic

“You’re about to be killed by the men you once loved” oh…so…I can’t even make a joke about this tbh

This is upsetting and stupid.

Although it explains why Zoisite and Kunzite aren’t all gay with each other all the time.

–your fangirl heroines.



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