Television Tuesday :: well, I promised.

9 Nov

Guys, I feel sick.

But I promised you pictures of our costumes from this Halloween, so here.


So I’ve since realized the draping bits need to be rearranged, but here’s mine. Same old wig and bracelet and ring. The pattern for this dress, which is incidentally split in the skirt (because Dany needs to be able to ride her horses and dragons thank you very much), was adapted from several other patterns by my mother and fine-tuned to my strange proportions. The belt is from Goodwill, covered in shiny silver stuff. It needs modded. The fabric is incidentally very dark grey, not black.

God, I’m having trouble even motivating myself to type this. But I promised.


Drift partner has the belts etc. from last year’s costume, with the trim on this year’s made of the remainder of the fabric. The pattern for her dress was again a mod of multiple different ones,  mostly with extra pleats added, and the fabric is brocade. Her wig is new because her last wig was crap and this one is closer to her natural hair color anyway, which is closer to Nym’s hair.

Good luck, my friends. This world pretty much sucks and my chill is gone but I hope the best for you.

–your fangirl heroine.



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