Music Monday :: my thoughts on Citrine

7 Nov

So okay, it’s been a few weeks since this  came out, but it’s been some busy Mondays.

“Gravel to Tempo.” As before, beautiful and luscious. “Thinking I’m a monster in disguise.” Someone attributed this to Daisy Johnson on a gifset and is there anything more perfect right now? Also the meta upon meta from tomboy-butch queer girls about the music video, which I don’t exactly relate to being femme as fuck but which I appreciate wholly.

“Ease My Mind.” This is downright funky. I don’t know. Hayley Kiyoko just makes me really happy. It’s not always entirely perky stuff but I just have such a nice feeling about it.

“Pretty Girl.” Obviously, this song is so outrageously gay. It’s really interesting, because from a boy this could be weird, overbearing and sketch, really posturing, maybe because we know better than to expect most boy singers are that earnest, but Hayley Kiyoko is so self-effacing and Sapphic and wonderful so it’s really cute! Also, c’mon we all know this feel.

“One Bad Night.” So I’m just going to put this here. “We play with fire, these yellow marks get glowing, ember on the wire, I’m burning with you on this black tar road, when it feels this good, you don’t let go.” Yes good.

“Palace.” Yes, I’d like to be inside this. “So this is where I leave you” this is yes. This is glorious and “on a bed of roses” makes me think of Margaery, of course it does, and Margaery also likes girls and that’s wistful and boy, it’s so nice Margaery kisses girls and is definitely not dead. That is a rousing tune, Hayley Kiyoko. A+.

–your fangirl heroine.



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