Whimsy Wednesday :: in which we fell asleep because it was so boringly heterosexual.

2 Nov

“Someone is calling to me” is it the spirit of heterosexual bullshit?

Wait who the fuck is Endymion?

That’s Mamoru’s like, Silver Millennium Prince Of Earth name. They mentioned it like once in the original.

Sailor Moon screaming just made Sailor Venus’ crescent moon symbol turn into a tiara. Now Usagi is the princess and everyone is like WHAT THE FUCK

I am also like WHAT THE FUCK

“It’s running backwards…like it’s turning back time” uh, thanks?

Much flashback very hetero wow

Well this is outrageously cheesy.

“People from the Earth and the Moon are not allowed to be together. It’s forbidden. It’s the will of the gods.” I feel like there was a movie like this recently and it was considered stupid? The problems they have to invent for heteros.

Also why in the actual hell is the Earth trying to conquer the Moon that doesn’t…

I’m asleep

Also, she cried the Silver Crystal I’m so.

Maybe this is more like the manga but it’s still too heterosexual and dumb.

They completely skipped the entire thing with rainbow crystals that made the silver crystal. Completely.


They brought her a special fancy princess pillow to cry on.

Once again, I point out that technically Millennium is… a measure of time.

“The Earth went to war with the Moon, and everything changed.” …when the Fire Nation attacked!

Many exposition wow

“I’m just a girl in love with a boy” CHRIST ALMIGHTY

I have hives from this episode

“We’ve searched his entire body” UHHHHHH

None of the four kings are dead???? They’re all just standing there staring at ~Endymion’s comatose body?

Also is it just me or is there still not enough gay between Kunzite and Zoisite there needs to be gay

Hey Luna, apologizing to Usagi is all well and good, but do it maybe not just in your internal monologue.


“The Usagi I know is stronger than that!” Listen to all your girlfriends Usagi!

Group hug! Let’s just stay in the group hug and not give a shit about Mamo.

I also like that they’re all somehow surprised that Luna suggested they go to the Moon. Like. You didn’t see that coming?

“I will not be a tragic princess!”

–your fangirl heroines.



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