Whimsy Wednesday :: in which nothing makes any sense and Artemis is a huge dick for some reason.

26 Oct

Ah. Since this is more a la manga, Venus has a nonsensical belt.

Holy shit Queen Beryl’s tits.

Also this one has made the girls all have significantly more defined waists and tiny ribcages.

Artemis shut the fuck up no she’s not

Wow Artemis better get better quick lol I kind of hate him now

Seriously. Original anime Artemis was kind of a goofball and he had weird crushes on humans all the time, but……… he was harmless. He wasn’t a dick.

Also i literally cannot imagine Luna calling Usagi her “mistress.”

Her tiara changed again. What the fuck.

I am allergic to whatever Bad Het drama this is going to cause lol

“I’m proud of you,” Sailor V(enus) says, tossing her hair.

Wow she pronounced her name really American.

I was just gonna say…

Her voice is really high-pitched and strange. Or. oh my god you know who she sounds like, Elle Woods. Which is not a bad thing just a thing.

Fun story: every time someone mentions history repeating itself I think about this really pretentious play I was in in middle school that was like, a human slideshow of atrocities about people hating each other and being mean historically. And at one point our director had us all stand around the theater in strange places and someone was like “history” and then we all stood around saying “repeats” over and over in a round and then someone said “itself” and it was supposed to be really deep.

So is Minako pretending to be the princess until Usagi realizes she’s the princess? Is that what I’m getting?

Mamoru is a problem.

Luna agrees. Luna is upset.

“To reduce the burden you had to bear, part of your memory was sealed and kept from you” sounds like a real dick move, Artemis



My boycat notwithstanding, but in fairness he too is kind of a butthead sometimes.

Also is it just me or have they skimmed the Zoisite/Kunzite gay in this one?

They all just wanna hang out with the Princess.

“Tick Tock, my dear Moon Princess. Time’s almost up.” Christ Kunzite.

“I don’t have it and I won’t give it to you!” Um.

“CRESCENT BOOMERANG!” Why the goddamn boomerangs

“How dare you steal our light, and force our Princess to fight you! That’s awful!”

OH MY GOD I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING this is like, a watered-down version of what happened on last night’s SHIELD

Why the fuck can Tuxedo Mask fly though

–your fangirl heroines.



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