Music Monday :: my thoughts on Heads Up

26 Sep

I am ready for Warpaint’s girl rage tonight.

“Whiteout.” Oh it’s got like, electric twang. Très grindhouse gothic trash but it’s not actually trash, if that makes any sense? Just that it belongs in that kind of place.

“By Your Side.” This feels like disjointed clubbing. Hot damn this is like the Bronze. I can just see the lights and the leather pants. “Love you for days, I’m not alone, you’re the place that I belong, got my girls, I’m not alone.” Heart stabs.

“New Song.” This is the one from before and it’s really nice and tranced out.

“The Stall.” Oh gosh. “The only way to be brave is to give up the strong things” this is the lyric given me by a website anyway and I like the general idea even if I’m not sure that’s actually the words entirely.

“So Good.” This is peaceful. I’m glad. It has been a day.

“Don’t Wanna.” I’m like, completely spacing out but right now that is a good thing.

“Don’t Let Go.” I like that this is a little bit raw. It’s right for this moment.

“Dre.” This is ambient in the best way.

“Heads Up.” Oh, it’s getting a little faster. Grindhouse gothic car chase goodness now, kind of. Or like, the dance scene before the car chase. “And it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay” thank you for reminding me Warpaint I need that.

“Above Control.” Ooh it’s robot music!

“Today Dear.” A little strummier. This is just… it’s calm. I’m glad.

–your fangirl heroine.



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