Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Sailor Moon is a lot gayer than you remembered.

14 Sep

Wow. Nephrite’s voice sounds exactly the same though.


I’m still not 100% sure… why this has all happened. I’m not complaining, but, y’know. In the scheme of the world it is a mystery.

I still hate this theme lol

Ah yes the Demon Bus. I’m glad they’re keeping that particular little-bad because it’s hilarious.

Why is the cat at school. Why.

“If you do, you might get to catch a glimpse of a really pretty girl.” WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS SO EXPLICITLY GAY


“Don’t stare at her like that!” With literal hearts in her eyes.

“Did you get off here just to chase after that girl?” “She’s so beautiful!”


“Is there something more to this girl?” FUCK GODDAMMIT

Oh look the arcade gave them matching bracelets. I assume communicators is what they’re going to be, because that arcade game gives them important things.

“I’m wearing mine too. How cute, we’re matching!”

“She’s definitely pretty enough [to be our missing princess!” USAGI PLS

OH OKAY Mamoru is in high school they realized him being in college was fucking weird

It continues to be absolutely hilarious how Usagi keeps insisting on describing Rei as “beautiful” every time she talks about her

So Usagi hops onto the demon bus to save Rei as Tuxedo Mask catches her cat. Keep it classy.

“Why did you change into a flight attendant? How will that help?” same

Wow Ami’s computer is way less awesome.

And Ami clearly does not have anti-reflective coating on her polycarbonate lenses.

Was Jadeite just creeping on unconscious Rei yes he was.

Oh my god Rei just recognized that Usagi was Sailor Moon and they’re having the world’s most awkward conversation about it. And Rei is fighting Jadeite. “I’m not an ordinary human.” DAMN SKIPPY

“[affirmative grunt]” “[giggle]”

So far Mars gets the best music.

“I’ll chastise you!”

Wow her attack was literally just “Evil Spirit, be gone” ? that’s so dumb.

“We’ve been needing someone like you.” How the fuck

In the next time segment: “Usagi! They’re gonna display the royal treasure of D at the masquerade ball!” so……..they want the D…….is what you are saying……

–your fangirl heroines.



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