Music Monday :: my thoughts on In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit

12 Sep

Finally more than one song at a time released by Lolo, aka Lauren Pritchard, aka my beloved Ilse of Spring Awakening.

“Heard It From A Friend.” There’s kind of a built-in southern grindhouse gothic to her stuff, which both is and is not because she’s from there. She’s got that dusky retro soul thing to her voice and “when you gonna tell me you fucked me over.”

“The Devil’s Gone to Dinner.” I’d like to stay in this awhile. “Rather be a victim and have someone to blame” augh this is raw.

“Shine.” Inspirational ballad! I’m okay with this. I like imagining her cheering me on.

“The Courtyard.” Harmonizing with herself??? Or harmonizing with someone else. “Mama I’m trying to figure it out” just gonna leave that here.

“Not Gonna Let You Walk Away.” Aw, this is cute, in a weird way? I like the background oohs and also the premise. “Not gonna let you walk away without saying you’re sorry.” Good call, darling.

“No Time For Lonely.” And this is just cute in the regular way. It’s a big happy blue-eyed soul jam.

“I Don’t Wanna Have to Lie.” “I’m a big girl but big girls get hurt too” I understand baby. Can I make it better?

“Dandelion.” This is just soft and smoky and sunshine and temperate weather that doesn’t suck either.

“Relatively Well Dressed.” “You got your pants pressed, it doesn’t mean you’re getting into mine” I’m just leaving this here because it’s perfect okay.

“Johnson City.” I’m just smiling guys. I’m really happy.

–your fangirl heroine.




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