Music Monday :: my thoughts on At Swim

29 Aug

Lisa Hannigan is on Spotify. This album is not brand new, but I’m thirsty.

“Fall.” This is calming and folksy and that’s good because I had a day. Shades of many girls, several of whom are in her related artists.

“Prayer For The Dying.” Oh this is nice. Has a kind of vintage record quality, which is one of my musical aesthetics. So.

“Snow.” This is nice. This is soothing and introspective. I’m not going to be particularly verbose tonight, but this is calm.

“Lo.” There’s a sort of like. Mirel Wagner-y journeying quality to this. Like, Irish Gothic, also. Which is cool.

“Undertow.” Oh, hello! This is… Iron Islands lesbian Gothic. I’m into it.

“Ora.” Soothing. Yes.

“We, The Drowned.” Speaking of Iron Islands. This is somewhat morbid, of course, but it’s nice.

“Anahorish.” Mm, okay. Just singing.

“Tender.” Yes I’m deep in this. This is aesthetic and lovely. I’m just. Yes Lisa Hannigan you’re nice.

“Funeral Suit.” I forgot that Damien Rice noped out on you and now I’m glad I never really cared about him. This is cooler.

“Barton.” Hee. I mean. This is nice though!

–your fangirl heroine.




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