Music Monday :: my thoughts on I’m Alone, No You’re Not

22 Aug

“fitting stylistically alongside fellow sister acts like First Aid Kit, Haim, The Staves and Lily & Madeleine” yes please I’m ready for Joseph. They are girls.

“Canyon.” Oh goooood this sounds old and so nice and the First Aid Kit thing is right on. OH MY GOD harmonies. Fresh harmonies are really exciting to me, you guys. Also these guys are PNW and that makes me happy. There’s also a bit of Delta Rae up in here and that’s nice.

“SOS (Overboard.)” “Lately I’m haunted, these shadows hold me here” well that’s. Oh! I think this was in a movie or something? This is more Haim and it’s really cute.

“Blood and Tears.” Oh. Oh this is Delta Rae too. “I will stay, I will stay, I will stay to the end of the line, would you carry, would you carry, would you carry these troubles of mine” oh no. This is all mine thanks friends.

“Hundred Ways.” “Don’t know what to say, don’t know what to do, [?] a hundred ways when I’d really like to follow you” good freaking grief this might be the death of me. “These are the times when growing up is not a straight line.

“Planets.” I feel like hearing this song live would be a religious experience? I’m kind of getting chills.

“I Don’t Mind.” Mm, very pretty. “Nothing can keep us apart, I walk through walls into your heart.” That’s so pretty.

“Whirlwind.” “Let me breathe you in now” and it’s getting some nineties strum and I’m so? This is evoking a great longing in me, or heightening a longing that’s perpetual in me, maybe. I’m not sure. It’s nice. “Have you opened up the skies above you” GOD.

“White Flag.” “Noises closing in from all sides” her voice just did a really cool thing I don’t know how to describe but it’s the cool thing I almost always mean when I say the “cool thing” voices do. It’s like a flip, of sorts?

“More Alive Than Dead.” This is close-knit and yet it’s so expansive. I am really into it.

“Honest.” Title phrase! Repeatedly, beautifully.

“Sweet Dreams.” OH MY GOD give me this Gothic Americana vampire werewolf nighttime spooky shit. I just got a whiff of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” and there’s some Mirel Wagner and holy shit this is… I’m just going to sink down in this, please? May I? This sounds as epic as they wish the James Bond songs were.

–your fangirl heroine.



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