Things in Print Thursday :: Goodreads and character descriptions in summaries

18 Aug

Specifically on the top 30 of a Goodreads list of Latinx/Hispanic YA, referring to the Latinx/Hispanic character(s).

And a bonus tally of how many are actually by Latinx/Hispanic authors: 22

And how many have female protagonists: 22

a gang member from the other side of town

“he wants to keep living on the edge, and carve his own path

a good boy who doesn’t live with the angst that his big brothers… have always lived with

Enigmatic but gorgeous, [he] is almost too good to be true.”

[he] is an angry teen with a brother in prison. [he] is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world.”

Prim and proper middle school teacher

“[He’s] tall and skinny. Even though he’s not built, his arms are long enough to give his pitch a power so fierce any college scout would sign him on the spot.”

“[She] thought she’d always live with her family on their ranch in Mexico–she’d always have fancy dresses, a beautiful home, and servants.

meticulous and professional

“the daughter of an American diplomat

“[she] is on a desperate journey far away from home

“[She] appears to be a smart, sweet girl, with a normal life, but as depression clutches at her, she struggles to feel normal.

Unattractive, ravenous, and rude, [she] has managed to turn herself into any story’s antagonist.

“[she] has street smarts, the ability for perfect recall, and a deadline

“in the months after his father’s suicide, it’s been tough for 16-year-old [male character] to find happiness again

a Panamanian boy and a Mexican girl: teenagers living in an apartment block of immigrant families like their own.

a shy artist, who was afraid to blossom into the beautiful flower she was meant to grow into

“even though [she] was born in Mexico, she’s spent most of her life in California”

“an award-winning Mexican-American poet

“[she] faces every teenager’s biggest nightmares

“[she] has a power that she can’t contain, and it’s killing her”

lately, her head has felt anything but clear

Summaries that don’t accurately describe the protagonist: 8

–your fangirl heroine.



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