Whimsy Wednesday :: in which your childhood dies and endless nope.

17 Aug

Welcome to the second-to-last pair of episodes of Sailor Moon, which I’m preemptively dubbing Fuck You Up City.

I shouldn’t have laughed at the dramatic slowly-falling mask.

“Mamo, Rei and the others” – I see where your priorities are friend.

Also, Uranus is upset the others sacrificed themselves she’s just not saying anything because she just… doesn’t do that.

Aw little Saturn with an… inspirational call to arms?

“Maybe when we’re alone together” LESBIANS

This is the gayest crap I’ve ever seen

Whooooa single staff work on the parts of Saturn and Pluto hot damn nice

Chibi-Chibi has somehow reminded the others it’s time to fight still.

Galaxia revived Nehelenia in order to reawaken Saturn aw shiiiiiit.


This is fucking dark.

“Subservience or death? Which will you choose?”

……..what the fuck is going on some gay shit and tricky shit and I know they’re just fucking around ????

“As long as I can be with you, I wouldn’t mind selling my soul to the devil” GAAAAAAAY

What the actual tits is going ooooon

Well this isn’t good

What the aaaaactual fuuuuuuuuuuck

“I refuse to believe this is happening” same Sailor Moon

Now Usagi is hallucinating they’re tall talking to her lightheartedly and there’s her husband and daughter god fucking dammit no fucking wonder they didn’t broadcast this shit in the US I’m fucking exhausted

Punching with actual fists

A World Shaking/Deep Submerge portal was created into the sky??????? And now they’re all on the roof???

I feel like maybe I took some acid. That’s another reason why they probably didn’t want American kids watching this lol

“The entire galaxy pretty much belongs to me” I don’t know why I find that “pretty much” so hilarious but I do?

Okay but hypnotism eyes?

Ha ha yikes

SURPRISE BITCH they just attacked Galaxia instead and also SURPRISE BITCH it didn’t work because she is a soulless robot or something

Jesus christ they’re milking the tragedy of this for all it’s worth

“I can withstand it as long as I’m with you” shit goddammit

Wow Seiya you piece of shit NOBODY ASKED YOU

What the fucking

Oh my god I am actually crying at Sailor Moon what the jesus fuck is wrong with me I am 25

WELL at least they went out happy I guess

And they’ll be back in awhile…….


“Why is this happening?” same Sailor Moon

Okay did the entirety of Tokyo just explode good grief.

SURPRISE BITCH Galaxia has all the chaos in the galaxy inside her?????? What the I mean. Okay it makes sense, Galaxia -> galaxy but

Wow okay

Well that episode was just a stone-cold bummer

–your fangirl heroine.



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