Music Monday :: my thoughts on One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore

16 Aug

Okay, Slow Club, let’s go. This concept (end of a relationship, alternating POV) seems not unlike The Last 5 Years. Except not in a weird timeline.

“Where the Light Gets Lost.” This also sounds like Alabama Shakes. That was my first thought. This is moody and melodic but I’m… ready for the girl-voice.

“Ancient Rolling Sea.” OH. Well, then, this has a nice bluesy vibe to it at start. I find this more appealing, not that the first wasn’t nice but, yeah. Also, “always be by your siiiiiide” that’s something. “You got your battles and they rage like ancient rolling seas over and over I tried to understand think I’m getting there finally” …… well, I just. Oh dear.

“In Waves.” Well this is lush! “The pages of the shit you’ve missed.” Oh that bit on “waves” is country soul. All of this is nice! Also her accent is cute.

“Silver Morning.” This is more classic, more… Juno soundtrack, sort of?

“Come On Poet.” And more of that! I like. She’s anguished but in a nice way.

“Sweetest Grape on the Vine.” Hm. Weird sentiment, kind of. It’s cute enough as a tune though.

“Give Me Some Peace.” Ohhh this has a nice 1960s girl ballad vibe. I’m into that.

“Rebecca Casanova.” Aw, this is also feelings. I like this a lot but in short bursts.

“Tattoo of the King.” And we’re back to the nostalgia. This is clearly that, given that “the King” does probably mean Elvis.

“The Jinx.” I keep getting sidetracked, but this is a nice listening experience. A little much guy for my tastes, but it’s nice. This is breathy and whispery and melancholy. I like. “Leaving my heart here” okay.

“Champion.” Oh! It’s so cute!

“Let the Blade Do the Work.” This is cuter than it has any right to be by its name.

–your fangirl heroine.



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