Music Monday :: traversing through singles released recently on Spotify

8 Aug

The theme here is… ladies. Cool.

“Cool Girl” by Tove Lo.  She just rhymed platonic and ironic. I like this. “Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy.” I appreciate this sentiment.

“Carry On” by Norah Jones. I’ve always been peripherally aware of her but I’ve never really listened that intently to her. Regardless, I find this very pleasant.

“SOS (Overboard)” by Joseph. This is really three girls and I clicked on it at random but there’s guitar and I’m feeling… this feels familiar? Wow it started really like, folk and then the chorus got all cute and harmonic and nice in a whole other way.

“Something About You” by Taylor Buono. This is poppy and breathy but not bad. Not my number one of things, but it’s got its merit!

“Gemini Feed” by Banks. “You’re passive-aggressive, hey” I just… I groove on Banks’ weird like, sort of dark tone.

“Gravel to Tempo” by Hayley Kiyoko. Well, this has been all over my tumblr dash the last couple of days, so I’ve already heard it. I’m just here to revel in this beautiful sapphic gloriousness. We love you girl.

“New Song” by Warpaint. I zoned out to these guys during one of my part-time jobs last year, the memories are fond. It’s girly technopunk and I like it. Also, “wash away the rain” that’s a nice thought. Ooh this is groooovy.

–your fangirl heroine.



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