Whimsy Wednesday :: in which the mysterious princess finally shows up and Seiya continues to be the actual worst.

3 Aug

“The delicious smell [of the cake] must have lured Saiya and the others here…” I don’t think that’s how smell works

They made… maid uniforms.  Why?

Lead Crow’s gay photomemories with Aluminum Siren oh my .

“If I knew it was the end, I would have smiled.”

Why is Galaxia hallucinating swarms of glowing red butterflies?

Lol maybe it’s just the speed of playback on the animation but it looks like Seiya’s drumming isn’t matching up with the audio.

Seiya’s sunglasses are probably polycarbonate!

Why are they being worn at night though.

“You sure are a weirdo!” Preach, Usagi.

“Guys who peer into girls’ rooms at night are called perverts!”

Why is Ami not partaking in this nonsensical maid cafe?  She’s in their class, isn’t she?

“That incense burner belongs to the princess!”  So obviously the grown men have to bully a two year old for it.

“It’s a mistake to treat women and children differently.” Says the woooooorst.  I’m glad Mako could kick his ass.

They’ve stopped a billion apocalypses you.  They can stop you.

Her bracelet produced a black hole. That’s hardcore.

Tin Nyanko just unleashed the black hole oh shit oh snap what the fuck the black hole just EXPLODED

Usagi is floating and Chibi-Chibi has the magical incense burner what the fuck

Then the princess caught Usagi and carried her back down to earth goddamn that gay

“She’s beautiful and has gentle powers” sounds like a ship to meeeee

The Sailor Wars oh boy.

Galaxia is the Chaos?

Oh Neptune and Uranus.  Bless.

“Simmer down!”

I love it when the subtitles read “yes ma’am” even though all they said was “yes.”  I see what you did there.

“Shall I warm you up?” Michiru says upon Haruka describing herself as chilly. SO LESBIANS


Mamo is the worst boyfriend.

What the fuck is this

Is Seiya making himself into a love triangle with Kakyu the princess and Usagi


But clearly Kakyu and Usagi should just go off together. They’re princesses.  Mamo can be their sperm donor.

They’re building Usagi an alarm pack.  Shit.

This reminds me of the beginning of Zootopia when her parents are handing her fox repellant and a fox taser and shit

Oh Rei. So concerned about your girlfriend Usagi.

I feel like “Gravity” should be playing during Seiya’s mental montage.


The woooooooooooorst

So she half reformed?

And now Usagi is crying in the rain about Mamo and Seiya get yo hands off “Can I take his place?” SHUT THE FUCK UP DICKWAD


–your fangirl heroines.



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