Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is a video game tournament for some reason and also a Miss United States pageant.

20 Jul

Maybe Mamo would cheer you up if Mamo ever wrote back.

Chibi-Chibi is catching magical light butterflies? Chibi-Chibi is stepping in the magical light lake? Chibi-Chibi is Rainbow Brite?

What in the fuuuuuck

The Lights can see the magical butterflies too??????? What the fuuuuuuuck

AW, shit, Galaxia can also feel the butterflies.

Chibi squared, her slippers say. That’s cute.

So the Three Lights are still being dicks. I am not surprised.

Why is he at a video game event? That doesn’t make any sense.

Because celebrity????

Oh my godddd they’re cosplaying

Ami doesn’t wanna cosplay she’s shy but she can science the video games!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ami has to do it for all their sakes!!!  WHAT THe fuCK IS shE WEARING I LOVE HERRRRR

“I’ve never lost to a girl” WELL HE IS GONNA

Clearly this man has never heard of 3 Jigglypuffs Kill Link which is totally possible in SSB even though Jigglypuff is the worst character, I have done it


Oh my goddd she’s dressed up like god-Mercury adorable

She’s gonna talk serious whether HE LIKES IT OR NOT because he’s being a jackass and she’s not going to allow that “she’s a kind-hearted girl who brings joy to everyone” she’s so intense.

Oh no, you don’t say, the random internet celebrity is being targeted?


The fucking Tardis has been appearing every time to take all of them away.

Sailor Mercury is gonna do this thing she’s gonna do it all by herself.

Meanwhile, Chibi-Chibi is delivering the mystical peace teapot to Usagi.

BABY not wanting to be a burden wanting to fight baby

Oh there’s a serious moment. They’re having an identity crisis or some shit.

“Sailor Moon is literally a light of hope to you all.” NO FUCKING SHIT?

Minako’s gonna be in a talent contest. This is definitely not going to end poorly.

Except… not yet.

Because she’s worried about the universe.

“I thought I smelled the princess” that isn’t creepy at all bro

“I was sure I smelled her” STOP

Meanwhile the girls are all telling Minako to go for it because they’re such damn good friends.

Nyanko: “A Japanese slang term roughly equivalent to “kitty” or “kittycat” in English.”

Yaten is pissed at Minako for doing this thing. Minako insists her friends told her to come. Yaten doesn’t understand because he’s a dickbag.

The outfits worn by the talent competitors are confusing.

Minako’s included.

You know, I’m sure this song is lovely in Japanese…

Now they’re having a rave??? To judge the girls’ dance skills? This seems like a bad idea.

Now they’re having a swimsuit competition? With Q&A?

“That’s a hard question. I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!”

“I wonder if we’re lacking something.” Yeah, like positive personalities?

“Cat! Take care of the three-year-old.”

“Do re mi fa Boom Boom!” WHAT

Also the Star Lights’ powers… don’t make sense… Fighter has the Gentle Uterus, Healer has the sensitive Inferno? That doesn’t…

Also, the toddler is chasing the cats around. Why don’t the cats just jump up onto something?

That is a damn good question.

–your fangirl heroines.



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