Music Monday :: my thoughts on Wild Things

18 Jul

I like Ladyhawke pretty well and I need something cute. This is from last month but I don’t care.

“A Love Song.” The fact of “this is what a love song sounds like” fascinates me. It’s so chipper but it’s… it’s so? Against things that are fucked up? I’m delighted. “this could be my life but it’s only words to make me right when the meaning’s blurred, you’ve opened my eyes to the oldest tale of time, this is what a love song, love song sounds like” I’m feeling.

“The River.” “Something in the river, it has taken me, all across the oceans” and na-na-nas I’m. This feels like beautiful fuck you music.

“Wild Things.” “There’s a fire in the heartland” “we dance together like we’re wild things in the night” this is so. This is cheery and it’s helping. Thank.

“Let It Roll.” “Let it roll like a newborn soul” oh my goodness, Ladyhawke. My buttons, they have been gently pressed. I’m into this. I’m not even sure what buttons those are but it’s the right kind of thing for me right now and it’s the right kind of thing for summertime.

“Chills.” “All the people around they know that you wear a crown” wow you want me to use you on a fanmix don’t you don’t you “this is love this is love this is everything” “you started fires and you’re giving me, giving me chills

“Sweet Fascination.” Such synth. Many cheer. I’m zoning out but I need to right now.

“Golden Girl.” “I’m lost to rhymes that made me.” Yes? This? Tiny baby happy Myrcella sunbathing on a Dornish beach splashing around with her foster cousins, who have never tried to kill her?

“Hillside Avenue.” This just is a big happy fuck you album. I like happy fuck you music.

“Money to Burn.” “She’s just a girl with her eye on the world” yesssss give here. Could this be gay?

“Wonderland.” “This is another type of loving place” oh that’s nice. This is nice. It’s not even that happy lyrically but it’s upbeat.

“Dangerous.” SO MUCH SYNTH so much everything.

–your fangirl heroine.



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