Things in Print Thursday :: Goodreads for the month, part 2

14 Jul

Once again. The game tonight is: of the second 25 most popular books shelved “PTSD” on Goodreads, how many have protagonists with PTSD (0) instead of supporting characters (1), how many have female protagonists (2), how many have mentioned-in-the-summary-or-cover-to-be-nonwhite protagonists (3), how many have war-related PTSD (4) vs. otherwise-related PTSD (5), how many have PTSD actually mentioned in the summary by name (6), how many are for all intents and purposes romance novels where the PTSD is helped by heterosexual love (7) or homosexual love (8)? And (9) for nonfiction.

0: 14

(About the same as last week.)

1: 5

2: 6

(Maybe more women had PTSD but boy howdy the summaries didn’t show it.)


(o i c)

4: 9

5: 8

(A bit more evenly split this time.)

6: 6

(An improvement, I guess.)

7: 10

8: 12

(This was the half where the m/m romance dominated. 11 of those were m/m and only one was f/f.)

9: 4

–your fangirl heroine.



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