Whimsy Wednesday :: in which all of the Three Lights are assholes and Usagi’s lesbian moms know best.

13 Jul

Oh noes everyone knows everyone’s secrets what will happen.

“But Taiki is still Taiki” yes Mako the fact that they’re genderqueer and shout about gentle uteri doesn’t change anything about them, like the fact they’re giant assholes.

“What are you doing in the dark?” Brooding, obviously.

WOW that’s actually a discussion about how the Sailor Scouts could be a good distraction. Seiya finally does one thing that’s not a jerk move in saying that’s fucked up.

Why is there a grid in their space void.

Sailor Tin Nyanko the frightening squeaking kinky cat girl???

“Trash will always be trash!”

She’s getting worked up because Aluminum Siren was her girlfriend obviously.

I am uncomfortable

“This is problematic” yes Rei you’re right

Her advice isn’t terrible, actually. Be sincere. The setup is just. Why.

I cannot help but say, heteros????


“Now care to read some postcards set to requested songs?” That sounds ridiculous.

Usagi, friend, this is a boy who won’t leave you alone despite you repeatedly saying you have a boyfriend. Why are you worried about hurting him.

Well this is awkward

WOW MAN Taiki and Yaten are making up for Seiya being marginally less of an asshole this episode in spades.

Felled by a pop can.

What the hell is this monster

And why does that radio DJ wear a sweatshirt and basketball shorts? And yellow glasses?

oh no did he die. how sad.

“Haruka and Taiki won’t let me see Seiya.” Damn, he’s not dead, but also listen to Haruka.

“But we might use her” and Uranus goes on the offensive and all of them are about to go on the offensive until Seiya shows up, injured, to intervene. Seriously y’all. You’ll be fine. Just peace out from each other a while.

Bless Ami, making up lies about cake to cheer Usagi up. Bless Mako, playing along.

“A live rehearsal” as opposed to?

A dead one!

That’s what Seiya should be having, alas.


I mean, agency interference is dumb and I don’t like it, but.

I’m still so confused about why she wants to talk to him so bad? He’s a douchebag?

“Siren used to love amusement parks” JUST ADMIT YOU’RE GAY CROW


He just almost passed out from trying to put a guitar on he should be in bed

I like that Chevron sponsors a ferris wheel apparently.

This is literally they only song they ever play


And then he collapsed everyone is horrified I am struggling to give a shit.

I’m sorry but no sensible lesbian would do this shit

Sensible and lesbians are almost anagrams

“I won’t allow you to attack people who came here to enjoy themselves!” oh my god it’s the meme

Goddddd Sailor Moon you had better thank your lesbian moms

“Don’t get the wrong idea. We didn’t come to save him.” same

Good she said thank you

“Anyway, we will protect this planet ourselves!” Damn skippy you will

All I’m saying is the Three Lights would be 100x more interesting if they were just openly gay for each other

–your fangirl heroines.



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